Shooting at Ft. Hood

Updated 28 August 2013:

12 Dead, 31 Wounded in Shootings at Fort Hood in Texas FoxNews – 5 Nov 09

Events are unfolding as we post this.  God Bless all our troops and their families at Ft. Hood… Roger & Pam Young

Obama: Fort Hood Shooting a ‘Horrific Outburst of Violence’ FoxNews – 5 Nov 09

Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 31 on Fort Hood DefenseLink – 5 Nov 09

President Orders Flags to Half-StaffDefenseLink – 6 Nov 09

Details on Fort Hood suspect emergeArmyTimes – 6 Nov 09

Female Police Officer Credited With Stopping Fort Hood Massacre, Hailed a HeroFoxNews – 6 Nov 09

Fort Hood shootings: The – 6 Nov 09

Army leaders pledge support to Fort Hood – 6 Nov 09

Fort Hood tragedy: How you can – 6 Nov 09

Suspect in Hood shootings remains in coma ArmyTimes – 6 Nov 09

Muslim Veterans Group Says No Reports of Harassment of Islamic SoldiersFoxNews – 6 Nov 09

Opinion: Fort Hood’s 9/11 by Col (Ret.) Ralph Peters

Hood community gathers to mourn victimsArmyTimes – 7 Nov 09

Cleric: ‘Something wrong’ with Hasan ArmyTimes – 7 Nov 09

George, Laura Bush visit wounded Hood soldiersArmyTimes – 7 Nov 09

2008 FBI review: Hasan did not pose threatArmyTimes – 10 Nov 09

Hasan Charged With 13 Counts of Premeditated Murder in Fort Hood MassacreFoxNews – 12 Nov 09

Editorial: When the shooter becomes the victimVictimology gives Maj. Hasan a pass – The Washington Times – 12 Nov 09

Obama asks Congress to delay Fort Hood probeArmyTimes – 14 Nov 09

Funerals for Some Fort Hood Victims Held on SaturdayFoxNews – 14 Nov 09

FBI data on Fort Hood suspect scrutinizedArmyTimes – 16 Nov 09

Senate Committee Postpones Fort Hood Hearing At Request of White HouseFoxNews – 16 Nov 09

Obama National Security Team Will Coordinate Congress’ Briefings on Ft. HoodFoxNews – 17 Nov 09

Newsletter comment: It would appear that the Army’s CID is being pushed aside. Why is that?

Gates Names Officials to Lead Probe of Fort Hood ShootingsWSJ – 19 Nov 09

Hasan Won’t Plead Guilty, May Use Insanity Defense, Lawyer SaysFoxNews – 23 Nov 09

Panel Leaders Tour Rampage Site, Describe MissionDefenseLink – 24 Nov 09

Republicans Accuse White House of Sitting on Fort Hood ReviewFoxNews – 9 Dec 09

Newsletter comment:  Another review by the White House.  How’s that for the promised “transparency” made during the election campaign. This White House is losing all credibility.  Six months to review their Afghanistan policy.  Will it be another six months before Congress gets to see this report?

Suspected Fort Hood Shooter Out of Intensive Care UnitFoxNews – 16 Dec 09

Congress puts Fort Hood shooting probe on holdArmyTimes – 17 Dec 09

DoD review: Hasan superiors ignored concernsArmyTimes – 11 Jan 10

Ft. Hood Report Finds Shortfalls in Countering Internal ThreatsDoD – 15 Jan 10

“…Gates said he would forward to Army Secretary John McHugh the review’s recommendations on how to hold accountable the Army personnel responsible for supervising Hasan. According to reports, Hasan had displayed behaviors before the shooting that suggested sympathies toward radical Islam, possible red flags that could have derailed the shootings…”

Read the report: Protecting The Force; Lessons From Ft. Hood – Jan 2010

Officers May Be Punished for Fort Hood RampageFoxNews – 15 Jan 10

Hood massacre report gutless and shameful by Ralph Peters – 17 Jan 10

Evaluations Matter, Fort Hood Panel SaysDoD – 20 Jan 10

Army will delay mental evaluation of HasanArmyTimes – 28 Jan 10

Ft. Hood Attack Publicly Called “Terrorism”FoxNews – 24 Feb 10

Hasan to be moved from hospital to jailArmyTimes – 1 Mar 10

Gen. Casey, Rep. Wilson and the Jackson Five By Chet Nagle – 1 Mar 10

Gates Asks Entire Department to Reinforce TrustDoD – 3 Mar 10

Hood massacre suspect being moved to jailArmyTimes – 1 Apr 10

Interim Fort Hood Recommendations ApprovedDoD – 15 Apr 10

Gates Approves Tighter Gun Restrictions After Ft. Hood ShootingFoxNews – 15 Apr 10

Senate Committee Subpoenas Administration for Fort Hood DocumentsFoxNews – 19 Apr 10

DoD Agrees to Submit Some Fort Hood Documents to SenateDoD – 27 Apr 10

Hollow-point bullets OK’d for post policeArmyTimes – 17 May 10

Military to add terrorist screeningArmy Times – 20 Aug 10

“In the wake of the deadly shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, last year, the Pentagon is devising new methods to identify terrorists or other dangerous people working inside the military community, according to a new report…”

Senate report on Ft. Hood shooting criticizes FBI, ArmySeattle Times – 3 Feb 11

Opinion: Major Hasan, ‘Star Officer’WSJ – 16 Feb 11

Every branch of the military issued a final report on the Fort Hood massacre. Not a single one mentioned radical Islam.

Army reprimands 9 officers in Hood shootingArmyTimes – 10 Mar 11

Accused Fort Hood Shooter to Have Military Trial, Will Face Death PenaltyFoxNews – 6 Jul 11

Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Fort Hood Massacre by Scott Swett – February 27, 2012

Judge considers delaying Hood shooting trialArmyTimes – 10 Apr 12

Justice for the victims of Maj. Hasan? by Lee DeCovnic – 6 May 12

Survivors of Fort Hood massacre tell of fearing shooter would ‘finish the job’FoxNews – 15 Jun 12

Outside review of massacre at Fort Hood to be filed soon, calling for change at FBIFoxNews – 6 Feb 12

Fort Hood report shows FBI ignored warning signs on Hasan, lawmaker saysFoxNews – 19 Jul 12

PDF: Final Report of the Webster Commission on Events at Ft. Hood, Texas, on November 5, 2009FBI – 19 Jul 12

Judge refuses to further delay Fort Hood trialArmyTimes – 14 Aug 12

Hood shooting trial on hold over Hasan’s beardArmyTimes – 15 Aug 12

Questions raised over feds’ consistency on ‘terrorism’ definition in wake of shootingsFoxNews– 16 Aug 12

“…A recruitment center shooting in the summer of 2009 by a man who described himself as an operative for Al Qaeda in Yemen was not handled as a terrorism case. It was prosecuted in an Arkansas state court.

“And the Fort Hood massacre in November 2009, when 13 were killed and more than 30 wounded, has never been described officially as an act of terrorism even though the alleged shooter shouted ‘Allahu Akbar,’ or God is great, when he opened fire…”

Judge orders Fort Hood suspect be clean-shavenArmyTimes – 6 Sep 12

Comment: Now Maj. Hasan gets to appeal this decision? What a friggin’ bad joke!! – Roger

Comparison between WWII Nuremberg Trials and Maj. Hasan’s Trial – 7 September 2012

VE Day: May 8th, 1945
Nuremberg trials begin: November 25th, 1945
First 10 executions of German high-level major war criminals begin on October 16, 1946. Goering committed suicide on Oct 15th. 
Today’s Military Justice
Ft. Hood Massacre: November 5th 2009
September 6th 2012: Military judge rules Maj. Hasan must be shaved to stand trial. Appeals board currently reviewing that decision. NO REAL TRIAL DATE IN SIGHT!! – Roger

Court to hear Fort Hood suspect shaving appealArmyTimes – 3 Oct 12

Fort Hood shooting suspect can be forcibly shaved, US court rulesFoxNews – 19 Oct 12

Hood suspect appeals forcible-shaving rulingArmyTimes – 8 Nov 12

Judge removed from Ft. Hood massacre trial due to fear of lack of impartialityFoxNews – 4 Dec 12

New judge appointed in Fort Hood shooting caseArmyTimes – 4 Dec 12

Hood suspect to appear in court for hearingArmyTimes – 18 Dec 12

Judge: Hasan beard OK for Hood shooting trialArmyTimes – 18 Dec 12

Hood shooting suspect wants death penalty outArmyTimes – 24 Jan 13

Fort Hood Hero Says President Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other VictimsABC News – 12 Feb 13

Fort Hood shooting trial set for May 29ArmyTimes – 28 Feb 13

Ft. Hood suspect may plead guiltyArmyTimes – 1 Mar 13

Defense Department says giving Purple Heart to Fort Hood survivors would hurt Hasan trialFoxNews – 30 Mar 13

No delay for trial of Fort Hood shooting suspectArmyTimes – 9 May 13

Report: Fort Hood shooter has drawn $278G in salary since massacreFoxNews – 21 May 13

Fort Hood shooter fires attorneys, tells judge he’ll represent himself in murder caseFoxNews – 22 May 13

Fort Hood suspect to represent himself at trialFoxNews – 3 Jun 13

Fort Hood suspect’s defense: Taliban were in dangerArmyTimes – 4 Jun 13

Judge denies trial delay for Fort Hood suspectFoxNews – 18 Jun 13

Commentary: Fort Hood Justice, Delayed and Ignored by Brent Bozell – 26 Jun 13

Jury selection to start in Fort Hood shooting trialArmyTimes – 9 Jul 13

Hasan sends writings to Fox News ahead of Fort Hood shooting trial – FoxNews – 1 Aug 13

Prosecutor: Hasan wanted to ‘kill as many soldiers as he could’ArmyTimes – 6 Aug 13

Opinion: Fort Hood Court-Martial Madness by Debra J. Saunders – 8 Aug 13 

Judge bars most motive evidence in Fort Hood trialArmyTimes – 19 Aug 13

Hasan passes on closing argument; Hood shooting case goes to jury
ArmyTimes – 22 Aug 13

Fort Hood shooter convicted on all countsFoxNews – 23 Aug 13

Maj. Nidal Hasan sentenced to death for Fort Hood shootingArmyTimes28 Aug 13


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Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav "Silver Spurs" as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from '69 - '70.
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4 Responses to Shooting at Ft. Hood

  1. avatar Roger Young says:

    I can’t believe how some in the press are trying to tie this tragic incident to PTSD and the “stress on our forces.”
    This Major had NOT seen action in Iraq or Afghanistan. He was a shrink who was about to be deployed and reportedly did not believe in our forces being in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    If true, that is NOT PTSD but an ideology difference!
    This PC world is ignoring the obvious!
    If you doubt what I’m saying, just check this Newsweek post only 24-hours after the tragedy at:
    Notice how they connected PTSD, special courts to handle “violent” returning vets, rising divorce rates, domestic abuse, and connected it with the additional troop request for Afghanistan. All neatly wrapped into one nice package to insure, 1) defeat in Afghanistan, 2) dishonoring the veterans, 3) providing cover for the actions of this lunatic.
    Vietnam may have ended for America many years ago. But for many of us that served there we’re watching history repeat itself. The liberal press is very much alive and well. They’ve only become more sophisticated… but their objective is the same – defeat at any cost!

  2. avatar Pam says:

    By justifying Hasan’s motives as due to PTSD, instead of his religious indoctrinations, will without question go far to unfairly malign all military personnel diagnosed with PTSD. Without a doubt, this will allow the justification by future employers to refuse hiring veterans at all for fear they may have erratic violent tendencies, which many veterans know is generally not the case. Not to mention the justification by police enforcement agencies across the nation to “take out” a veteran experiencing a flashback “in order to protect the general public”, instead of attempting to calm the situation by using appropriate measures — which have been most successful. We’ve seen these aggressive actions all too frequently perpetuated upon our Vietnam veterans. This irresponsibility by not only the liberal media but also the PC military will cause great harm to the current troops, as well as impact negatively on future recruits.

  3. avatar Roger says:

    The report that was released in Jan 2010 is a start. The fact remains that the PC attitude that infests our country – including the DoD – allowed this ‘alleged’ terrorist to remain in our military.

    This attitude comes from the top. Just after the shootings and before the Memorial service both the President, Gen. Casey & Gates were deflecting any suggestion that Hasan was a terrorist, or that this was an act of terrorism.

    It is no wonder that officers that observed Hasan were reluctant to bring his actions to the attention of higher authorities. I’m sure they feared such action would end their military careers.

    Therefore, until this mindset changes at the top the threat remains. The PC mentality continues to ignore the fact we are at war. Our enemy is not stupid and will continue to look for weaknesses both in the civilian and military sectors.

  4. avatar Roger Young says:

    The WSJ opinion on 16 Feb 2011 – Major Hasan, ‘Star Officer’ – only confirms to me this entire “investigation” has been handcuffed by PC restraints from the very beginning!

    This HAS to come from the very top and is a complete disservice to our brave young & women serving in our military today.