Project Gunrunner aka Fast & Furious

Updated: 15 January 2013

Background: Project Gunrunner by Michelle Malkin

May 3, 2011 – Rep. Darrell Issa questions Eric Holder on Project Gunrunner

Oversight Is Delivering Answers on the Administration’s Deadly Project Gunrunner – 14 Jun 11

Why Did Govt Let Drug Smugglers Get Guns, Kill US Border Agent? – CBS News 15 Jun 11

House Panel Slams ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Operation Tied to Border Agent’s DeathFoxNews – 15 Jun 11

Newsletter comment: 16 Jun 11 – What the House committee is finding difficult to establish is who authorized this Phoenix operation to allow the weapons to ‘walk’? The DOJ and BATF, to date, have failed to disclose that information!

Head of ATF Is Likely to GoFoxNews – 18 Jun 11
C-Span2 Video on March 24, 2009:
Newsletter comment: Clearly the video above from C-Span2 indicates that Holder and the President were aware of this operation prior to Holder’s testimony before the House and Committee Chair, Issa ! 

Audio Tapes Reveal More Details in ‘Fast and Furious’ Gunrunner ScandalFoxNews – 21 Sep 11

Republicans Step Up Pressure on Holder as More Details Surface on ‘Fast and Furious’FoxNews – 23 Sep 11

U.S. Government Bought and Sold Weapons During ‘Fast and Furious,’ Documents ShowFoxNews – 26 Sep 11

Letter From Issa and Grassley to HolderFoxNews – Posted 29 Sep 11

Smoking gun?: Documents Suggest Holder Knew About ‘Fast and Furious’ Earlier Than He ClaimedFoxNews – 3 Oct 11

House Republicans Request Special Counsel to Probe Holder on ‘Fast and Furious’FoxNews – 4 Oct 11

Text of Letter Requesting Special Counsel for HolderCourtesy of FoxNews

Justice Department Accuses GOP of Playing ‘Gotcha’ With Fast and Furious MemosFoxNews – 6 Oct 11

Holder Challenges ‘Fast and Furious’ Allegations in Scathing Letter to CongressFoxNews – 7 Oct 11

Holder Letter to Congress on ‘Fast and Furious’Courtesy of FoxNews

Issa Responds to Holder Letter With Matching GustoFoxNews – 10 Oct 11

Issa Letter to Holder dated 9 Oct 2011 – Courtesy of FoxNews

Issa Issues Subpoena to Holder in Fast and Furious InvestigationFoxNews – 12 Oct 11

Holder Agrees to Testify on Operation Fast and FuriousFoxNews – 28 Oct 11

Justice Official Regrets Not Speaking Up About Federal Anti-Gunrunning OperationFoxNews – 1 Nov 11

Memo Shows Early ATF Concern on Fast and Furious Probe Despite ClaimsFoxNews – 2 Dec 11

Justice Department Explains How It Got Fast and Furious Statements WrongFoxNews – 2 Dec 11

Grassley Calls for Top Justice Official’s Resignation Over Gunrunning OperationsFoxNews – 7 Dec 11

Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulationsCBS News – 7 Dec 11

Federal official in Arizona to plead the fifth and not answer questions on ‘furious’FoxNews – 20 Jan 12

In new ‘Fast and Furious’ report, Democrats clear Justice appointees of wrongdoingFoxNews – 31 Jan 12

Issa threatens contempt proceeding against Holder if Justice fails to comply with Fast and Furious subpoenasFoxNews – 31 Jan 12

New report released by GOP lawmakers suggests top Justice officials had extensive knowledge of Operation Fast and FuriousFoxNews – 2 Feb 12

Holder: No cover-up in ‘Fast and Furious,’ no effort to hide details of the operationFoxNews – 2 Feb 12

Former DEA chief says 3 other federal agencies knew about Operation Fast and FuriousFoxNews – 10 Feb 12

Newsletter comment: It would appear everyone knew about the operation except for Holder & Obama if we are to believe the spin from DOJ?

Issa, Chaffetz confirm contempt plans for Holder over Fast and FuriousFoxNews – 27 Apr 12

Issa sends out draft contempt order against Holder, says ‘Furious’ response ‘cannot stand’FoxNews – 3 May 12

Fast & Furious amnesia hits Attorney General Eric Holder during House testimonyFoxNews – 7 Jun 12

Newsletter comment: As I stated long ago, I believe such hearings seldom ever uncover the truth. It appears to me this “investigation” has run its course – Roger Young

Opinion: Attorney General Eric Holder should resign by Sen. John Cornyn – 12 Jun 12

Republicans open door to negotiating with Holder over contempt pushFoxNews – 13 Jun 12

Obama grants Holder request on ‘Furious’ documents as contempt vote loomsFoxNews – 20 Jun 12

Opinion: President Obama, Attorney General Holder and executive privilege by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

House panel approves Holder contempt resolutionFoxNews – 20 Jun 12

Newsletter comment: Executive Privilege might well indicate that the President was fully aware of Fast & Furious. Or he’s just attempting to protect AG Holder which does not justify such privilege. Personally, I would like to see impeachment proceedings initiated immediately by the House. 

Almost every week as we near the November election we’re witnessing matters of national security “leaked” to the press which endangers future intelligence gathering efforts. But we can not get answers on Fast & Furious on who was responsible and certainly none have been held accountable. I believe that would be a “cover-up” in my opinion. – Roger

Commentary: Fast and Furious and OCDETF – Whom is executive privilege protecting? by Andrew C. McCarthy – 23 Jun 12

22 Jun 12: [Posted 25 Jun 12]

26 Jun 2012: Video from the Don Smith Show

Holder in peril as Dems break ranks on contempt resolutionFoxNews – 27 Jun 12

A primer on the “Fast and Furious” scandalCBS News – Posted 29 Jun 12

House votes to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of CongressFoxNews – 29 Jun 12

Justice Department shields Holder from prosecution after contempt voteFoxNews – 29 Jun 12

Justice unseals indictment charging 5 in Brian Terry’s death, offers $1M reward for leads on fugitivesFoxNews – 9 Jul 12

Congressional report blames five ATF employees for Fast and Furious debacleFoxNews – 31 Jul 12

Long-awaited ‘Furious’ report places blame on ATF, JusticeFoxNews – 11 Sep 12

‘Furious’ guns tied to 2010 Juarez massacre, other murders in MexicoFoxNews – 1 Oct 12

Report: ATF review board recommends firings over Fast & FuriousFoxNews – 5 Dec 12

Gun buyer connected to Fast & Furious, Brian Terry’s death gets 57 months in prison by William La Jeunesse – 12 Dec 12

Fast and Furious whistleblower cleared by ATFFoxNews – 15 Jan 13     



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Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav “Silver Spurs” as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from ’69 – ’70.

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4 Responses to Project Gunrunner aka Fast & Furious

  1. avatar Bear says:

    I’ve been watching this situation for months, first initially investigated by Sen. Grassley who being in the minority on the Senate side got very few answers. Rep. Issa is now investigating this matter in the House but so far has received many completely redacted documents from the DOJ.

    The actions to withhold information truly smacks of a cover-up in progress but the facts remain to be revealed. At the very least the House committee is being stonewalled !

    However, past House or Senate committee investigations have almost never uncovered the truth. They often never come to a satisfactory conclusion and usually break down along party lines. Perhaps I will be surprised this time?

    • avatar Mimo says:

      This is just a guess from connecting the aeichvrd News Dots; there was a News Story which broke some months earlier, and then just vanished from the airwaves, which stated that Obama was looking to the UN to pass a resolution that would make it unlawful for private U.S. citizens or gun shows to sell or trade guns. I would not put it past him to deliberately try to create an International incident to further this agenda; if this was the case, then it was there intention for the guns to get into Mexico, but not for anyone to know who, when, or why it happened. Since they would know that the Mexican Government would easily identify where the guns came from, and that would create the perfect International incident for the UN to act upon. Shalom!

  2. avatar Bear says:

    This messed up operation was first disclosed in May 2011, and it only gets worse with each passing day!

    Somebody’s rear should be going to prison! Regardless the repeated denials from Holder of any knowledge of the operation, he’s responsible as head of the Justice Dept.

  3. avatar Ayano says:

    Your podcast was initomarfve, funny and horrifying. I hope the Fast and Furious fiasco wakes people up to what our odious government is doing to innocent civilians in Mexico. Alas, most people, I’m afraid, are willing to accept the most heinous government actions in the war on drugs in order to “save the children” (from their own drug-seeking behavior, presumably). Unfortunately, “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of [their] folly is to fill the world with fools” (Herbert Spencer, English philosopher, 1820-1903).