Sad State of Affairs

19 Jul 2012:

Just a short personal observation that I’ve never seen our country in such a sad state of affairs. We have a Congress that only adds to the uncertainty and anxiety that is paralyzing our economy. They can’t even agree to extend or amend the Bush tax cuts before the November elections! We just move from one election cycle to the next with little getting done in D.C. to help move our country forward.

“Leadership” appears to be a lost commodity from either party. In my opinion, our politicians are THE major problem preventing any real economic recovery. And it is the American citizen that is being shortchanged by the political games in play.

Roger Young, co-editor


About Roger Young

Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav “Silver Spurs” as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from ’69 – ’70.

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