Supporting our “transformed” military

Newsletter comment: Where are our Generals and Admirals on these important matters? Have they lost their voice along with other body parts? Do they care about their soldiers, Marines and sailors? Or have they all become nothing more then politicians in uniform?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to support our modern military as it is being “transformed” throwing core traditions and values in the trash like yesterday’s newspaper while the brass sit there in silence. – Roger Young, co-editor

Proposed Army manual tells G.I.s not to insult Taliban, speak up for womenFoxNews – 12 Dec 12

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VFW slams Pentagon’s drone medal, complains it would outrank Purple HeartFoxNews – 14 Feb 13

“…John Hamilton, the VFW’s commander-in-chief, said in a statement that his organization ‘fully concurs that those far from the fight are having an immediate impact on the battlefield in real-time,’ but added that ‘medals that can only be earned in direct combat must mean more than medals awarded in the rear’…”

Newsletter comment: And people wonder why I’m backing away my support of this modern PC military? How can any war veteran who has served in our military support this PC transformation we are witnessing almost weekly! This is outrageous and makes a mockery of all past military awards in a combat zone! – Roger Young, co-editor

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About Roger Young

Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav "Silver Spurs" as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from '69 - '70.
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18 Responses to Supporting our “transformed” military

  1. avatar Bob Himrod says:

    It does indeed make it hard to witness the demise of our military and our nation. I suspect the feelings I have, of what is going on, is the same feeling a Centurion had as he witnessed the fall of the Roman Empire. I continue to fly my flag as an American. I still retain the core values, of what my nation was founded upon. I do not go along, to get along. There are limits to what Patriots will tolerate. Those that trespass those limits, would be wise to heed the warning, “Don’t Tread On Me”.

  2. avatar Roger Young says:

    For me the alarm bells went off when the President and Gen. Casey classified the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood as “workplace violence.” Over three years later and Maj. Hasan’s trial is still in limbo.

    This PC nonsense is destroying a once great military in my opinion. And now our Chaplains are under attack for their religious beliefs, the very matter our country was founded on!

  3. avatar Allan La Grange says:

    Bear and Pam and Bob,

    I am so sad to see the changes that have damaged our troops ability to defend us and to accomplish the missions we have charged them to complete. I feel for the many soldiers and sailors that are forced to accept these changes. Most of all I am dismayed by the indifference of the American people to the steady march toward collapse of the greatest Nation the World has ever seen. I pray that the leaders and public may yet change course and save this great Nation and offer hope and an example to the rest of the World. Al La Grange, Rifles Squad Leader 68-70

    • avatar Roger Young says:

      Like all of us, I truly feel for the brave Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen that have shown extraordinary courage in serving our nation. I only wish the top brass and their civilian leadership showed the same amount of courage and would defend our Constitution.

    • avatar Pam says:

      I concur, Al. The silence by the American people, while very disturbing indeed, is not surprising. Their past track record has been most disappointing over the years. And, our nation’s moral compass has been compromised quite awhile ago. Yes, I have hope, and even keep our nation in prayer, that America’s leadership and its citizens will wake up and restore our nation to its founding principles. But then, I also am cognizant of the Scriptures, to know that that may not be possible.

  4. avatar Chuck Lawrence says:

    I agree with all your comments. The dilemma I find myself in is the idea its not the fault of the troops in general, its the Senior Command Leadership. The other thing is not PC at all but here it goes. I do not like the idea of my tax dollars going to things I disagree with, like supporting Abortion. In the same vein I do not want my care package going to the LGBT side of the military. I can’t support anything that opposes my values and morals. Each of us have to look within ourselves and draw our own line I guess.
    Ft Hood speaks for its self.
    Propagandizing / indoctrination of our troops before sending them into harms way is insane. Sensitivity towards an enemy that acts like animals and have no place in civil society is insane. I was raised, like most all of you, to protect the elderly, women and children not sit back and allow animals to abuse them at will in the name of religion. That is a value stripped of our military today.
    Ordering people to act against their values and morals is dictatorship and reprehensible. Especially when it concerns the military which once had a long history of morals and values.
    The sexual aspects and activities demanded by a special group is beyond comprehension.
    I do not know or understand today’s military.
    The PC

    • avatar Roger Young says:

      Well said Chuck. I fear our once proud military is being reshaped into an arm of the State Department, which has had a liberal slant for many years.

      Nor do I believe our military is well suited for nation building. And looking the other way while our so-called “allies” in Afghanistan abuse their fellow citizens is certainly no answer. Nor is blaming the Soldiers & Marines for the green on blue attacks because of a lack of sensitivity on our part realistic. In fact, I believe it is an attempt to shift the failure of the Karzai government and our current policies on the backs of our brave troops. A scapegoat for failed policies set by our current civilian and military leadership.

      And how the LGBT crowd is suddenly dictating policy for our Chaplains has crossed a red line – our first amendment to the Constitution – in my opinion.

  5. avatar Roger Young says:

    I recommend that all read the following Army pamphlet Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

    On page 3 the following is stated in part:

    Does repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell affect the religious rights of chaplains?

    No, Chaplains will continue to have freedom to practice their religion in accordance to the tenets of their faith. In the context of their religious ministry, chaplains are not required to take actions that are inconsistent with their religious beliefs (e.g. altering the content of sermons or religious counseling, sharing a pulpit with other chaplains or modifying forms of prayer or worship)…

    So, what happened? Why are our chaplains now being told to get with the program or get out?

  6. avatar Roger Young says:

    I want to thank Bob, Al, Chuck & Pam for commenting on this important subject.

    The next big issue is rapidly approaching where VP Joe Biden has suggested that President Obama can use Executive Orders to reform gun control without the approval of Congress.

    I have to ask if our elected officials and military leadership believe in the oaths they took to support and defend our Constitution? Or is it now a worthless document they feel they can just simply ignore or alter without a constitutional amendment? We may know shortly…

    U.S. Army enlisted oath:

    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

    U.S. Army Commissioned Officers oath:

    I, _____, having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)


  7. avatar Bob Himrod says:

    If the government and it’s elected officials don’t follow the law and the Constitution, then, I’m not obligated to obey the law either.

  8. avatar Roger Young says:

    You can read more on this subject at Chaplain Alliance

  9. avatar Roger Young says:

    For the record I posted this today, 25 January 2013, on General Dempsey’s (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs) Facebook page under his proud announcement of their decision allowing women in the combat arms yesterday:

    “Sir, as a Vietnam veteran & old 3/17th Cav Trooper I think it is a very poor idea. And fear that the physical requirements will eventually be lowered to accommodate the women for the sake of making our Army more ‘diverse.’

    “The women that supported us in Nam both in-country and stateside did a exceptional job in the vital roles they filled. Especially the nurses.

    “My heartfelt thanks and respect to all of you serving our nation today!”

    Many of the male soldiers posting there were expressing their frustrations & valid concerns with this command decision also. But I doubt anyone is listening.

    • avatar Allan La Grange says:


      I agree that the decision has been made and it will be very difficult for the military command to back off this poor decision. I served for 27 years as a police officer, walking a beat in one of the toughest areas of Baltimore, as a Davenport, Iowa officer where the Swat Team was who ever was on duty at the time, Often alone. and at the Rock Island Arsenal as a civillian Police Master Sergeant. Altogether 27 years. I saw the introduction of Uniformed (Street) Women Officers and a very few actually did quite well B U T !! They are different than men and they and many tlhink this difference is good but in many cases they could not meet the physical , and especially the mind set to act quickly and if needed agressively even if they had the physical strength to do so. There were social costs as well and I could name many other serious problems due to the different views of how to complete the mission. The idea that the “Criminal” would take it easy on them because they are women is at best risky. I believe that placing women in infantry units will be even more disruptive and damage the ability to accomplish the mission with the least losses. I know this is not the PC thing to say but I really believe it to be true. Women can be excellent Police Officers and Military members but the Infantry is not the right place for them to serve.

      Al La Grange , Rifles Squad Leader 68-70

      • avatar Roger Young says:

        Thanks Al for sharing your personal experience working with women in law enforcement. Like you, I don’t believe they belong in infantry units for many reasons. But as they say, this is another “done deal” for the sake of a more diverse military in my opinion.

        The last Chairman of the Joint Chiefs I have respected was General Peter Pace, USMC. I truly believe he cared for all the troops under his watch.

  10. avatar Roger Young says:

    15 February 2013

    Subject: Distinguished Warfare Medal

    To: President Obama, Senators Murray & Cantwell (via facsimile)

    The announcement by SECDEF Panetta of this award and placing it ABOVE a Purple Heart or Bronze Star with v/device (valor) is the ultimate slap in the face to every veteran who has or is serving in a combat zone.

    There are nearly 58,267 names of veterans on the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. that made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives while serving this nation. Many only received the Purple Heart for that sacrifice. And now the military is going to give an award to those flying UAVs in air conditioned rooms thousands of miles from the battlefield a medal that will be recognized higher then dying in a combat zone?

    YOU ARE ALL NUTS!! I’ve lost all respect for our CIC, the SECDEF and the Joint Chiefs!

    Roger Young
    Vietnam Veteran