PC Nonsense a Threat to Us All

In the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack – yes a terror attack – I think it is long past time that the American people put the PC nonsense behind and quit making excuses for young men in our society that apparently have declared open season on their fellow Americans. From Columbine to the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre to the Boston Marathon, to the killings yesterday in Federal Way near Seattle which claimed five lives including a disabled military veteran, these atrocities have all been committed by young men in their late teens or 20’s. Clearly there is a major problem which the mainstream media, lawmakers, our liberal school systems and coddling parents will not address for the sake of not wishing to offend one group or another or in fear of injuring little Johnny’s self esteem. Frankly I’m offended by what has nearly become a daily assault on the American people across the country and the excuses made. Like the bombings in Saigon that took many innocent lives during the Vietnam war, people that carry out these acts are an enemy of all free citizens. They are acts of Evil, pure and simple.   

I offer the following opinion piece by Jay Sekulow as a place to start. In my opinion, it is long past time that our so-called leadership start addressing acts of terrorism as just that. Not classifying the Ft. Hood massacre as “workplace violence” or blaming the Benghazi attack on some obscure YouTube video when it in fact was an attack on the U.S. in Libya. The attempts to understand extremists and their “religion of peace” in hopes they will like us more has been an utter failure and endangers our very freedoms.

I urge you all to read: Boston Marathon bombing lesson – political correctness kills by Jay Sekulow

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Newsletter comment: There is also other breaking news being reported that the Justice Dept against the wishes of the FBI, shutdown the interrogation of the younger brother and issued him his Miranda rights prematurely.

As with Fast & Furious, Benghazi & now the interrogation of the younger brother, very high level officials within our own government – in my personal opinion – are once again obstructing justice. I await the day when some official or Congress starts legal proceedings against our President, AG Eric Holder and former Secretary of State Clinton and other administration officials for such obvious obstruction. – Roger, co-editor.

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Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav “Silver Spurs” as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from ’69 – ’70.

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5 Responses to PC Nonsense a Threat to Us All

  1. avatar Allan La Grange says:

    Bear, Thanks for this comment and link. I fear that soon we will be like Israel with bombs going off constantly and losing hundreds or even thousands of citizens with no way to even begin to handle one before the next one strikes. I hope that this does not happen but I know it is possible and the weaker we appear the more likely it is to happen. The American people need to wake up and demand that we face this problem head on and stop making excuses and covering up our lack of action to prevent and respond to these attacks. Al La Grange, Rifles Squad Leader , A Troop 3/17th Air Cav 68-70

  2. avatar Chuck Lawrence says:

    I totally agree with this opinion peace. Overwhelmingly throught the world terrorism has one primary and dominating component. It is conducted by Muslims. Our CIC is in denial in my opinion and fears using the words like War, Muslim Terrorist and the like. He believes that Usama Bin Laden has been killed the war is over. He does not want to deal with the reality that it continues under different names and different titled organizations. This denial is at the Peril of the Nation he is Sworn to Defend.
    I am sick of the calls for respect diversity and other nonsense. We have CAIR (Council on Arab and Islamic Relations) a front group that is nothing more than a propaganda machine of the muslims. CAIR has a very tight relationship with the White house it seems. there is nothing about the Muslim culture I can find to respect. It is a stoneage mentality that wants all non-believers in their faith dead. Its that simple. We ought to cut them off and let them rot in their own cesspool called sharia law. No other religious group in the world conduct themselves like Muslims do. All Muslim’s in this country going to school should be sent home immediately. Especially any that have over stayed their visa. Why are we teaching their young people Nuclear Physics? So they can go back to their home country and develop a nuclear bomb? Why are we teaching them computer science so they can go home and hack our government and corporate entities? What is going on here?
    Sorry but there is no empathy or respect for diversity here for the Muslim world in general. Where are the voice of condemnation from local Mosques? The silience is deafening. Where is the outrage by groups liek the Muslim brotherhood? Ooopppssss I forgot they are a part of the problem despite the fact we support them. Where is CAIR oh yes they are unindited coconspirators in providing aid and assistance to terror organizations. Why are they even in this country and active as an organization? Oh that’s right they are good buddy’s with our President. Trust me its not all on the President. Our worthless congress can’t do anything but knee jerk reactions when something goes wrong. Always behind the 8 ball it seems.
    Maybe one of these days people will wake up and stop making the excuses. I find it amazing how christian and Jewish principles and such are banned in our educational system. Yet promoting Islam is acceptable. Can anyone say indoctrination.
    This is all sickening and hiding from the realities the end result is not going to do much good. I the mean time our paniced politicians are praying that a really major incident does not occur on their watch. I do fear what is coming. Boston was just a small example of what could come. Imagine 5 – 10 – 15 or more Bostons happening all at once all across the country. WOW talk about panic. Its not an unreasonable possibility. But, we must respect diversity and understand a culture that has declared war on us and wants us all dead. I refuse to accept the respect diversity and understanding arguement. what is so hard about grasping that simple fact those people want us dead. They will take and take from us as long as we provide for them, but their end goal is our destruction.. This make no sense on our part and it demonstrates weakness to them.
    We are so screwed up as a nation I wonder if there is any hope in the future. Hitler wanted to destroy us and the rest of the world and we put a stop to that. Muslims want to destroy us and non-muslim world and we play silly social feel good games make excuses for those that want to destroy us. Something is way out of whack!

  3. avatar Pam says:

    I concur with your comments, those of Mr. La Grange and Mr. Sekulow. I’ve stated emphatically for years now that “PC” does NOT mean being “politically correct” or having “Political Correctness,” but rather meaning something far more sinister and destructive in nature. For me personally, and which unfortunately has proven true countless times over the decades, ‘political correctness’ actually means the “Pernicious Control” of our freedoms — and that is something very Evil and dangerous indeed for the survival of our nation.

    PC began innocently enough, but it truly has morphed into a Trojan Horse. Its very deceptive nature of control absolutely goes completely counter to the sacred fundamentals of our U.S. Constitution and the honorable intentions of our Founding Fathers. The cumulative effect of those in powerful political positions across this nation, at all government levels, in coercing the American people into believing that ‘political correctness’ should be the right thing to do, the correct attitude to have and actions to take, are responsible for the rapid decline of our guaranteed freedoms. Political correctness has been responsible in destroying, in particular, the full power and voice of our freedom of speech. The chosen pathway of those seeking to undermine this once strong and noble nation is the “forceful one-way/one-sided brainwashing-through-coercion guilt trip” levied upon those of weak minds and character who, for whatever reason or excuse, cannot or will not fight and challenge our elected representatives. Too many Americans have lost their voice, given up their vote, and thus their strength to fight, to challenge to uphold our U.S. Constitution, our way of life.

    Unless and until “We The American People” collectively grow spines, find our voice and strength again, and demand once and for all from our elected representatives and our fellow citizens to strive towards integrity, honor, commitment, and moral compass, and do all that is necessary to preserve the freedoms that hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans who have fought and died for — those freedoms which are our birth right will be but a faded memory that our grandchildren and future generations will never know, enjoy and cherish.

  4. avatar Roger Young says:

    For those bleeding hearts that believe Allan, Chuck, Pam or myself are overreacting, I suggest you view the following very graphic photos from the Boston Terror attack. These horribly maimed and injured fellow citizens could be a member of YOUR family, YOUR friends, or YOU!

    Again, the photos are extremely graphic. I’m angry, and you should be also!


    There is another story to witness in these photos. That within seconds Boston police deployed throughout the streets to secure the area, that fire fighters, EMS, National Guard, marathon volunteers and MANY civilians rushed to the scene to remove barriers to get to the maimed, stripped their belts and shirts to stem the flow of blood, and combined through their selfless and heroic efforts saved many of our fellow Americans. That is the true spirit of America, those who rush into the breach to aid their fellow citizens in crisis. Not asking what creed, race, religion or political party they are but driven by a spirit inherit in Americans to help their fellow man.

  5. avatar Paul says:

    I am very heartbroken for all the people that were affected by what happened in Boston and don’t forget Texas too as that was a tragedy too but for different reasons. I wonder though how much our own government should bear the responsibility as we all know they are not very truthful and/or forthcoming with information following these incidents.