The Benghazi Nightmare Revealed

The Benghazi Nightmare Revealed

Opinion by Roger Young
September 19, 2013


Today I have been listening to portions of the latest House hearings on Benghazi. What I’ve been hearing brings me to the conclusion that the State Department and administration completely and repeatedly misjudged the security situation in Benghazi letting their liberal agendas give the false appearance of all was well in Libya following our military intervention, rather than dealing with a rapidly deteriorating security problem or recognizing that the anniversary of September 11, 2001 would perhaps be a good time to enhance security in that troubled region of the world.

Then after everything started going sideways that fateful night, they immediately switched into a CYA mode and the lies about the video were created in hopes it would deflect blame for their massive incompetence. A rescue mission likely never crossed their minds as the panic set in leading to our President and Hillary Clinton standing before those flagged draped coffins and their grieving families, and telling us and the world a complete fabrication.

Kind of reminds me of when MACV asked to remove the sheep-dipped Air Force radar technicians from Laos (Lima Site 85) knowing a NVA attack was imminent, and Ambassador Sullivan for the sake of international neutrality appearances refused to authorize the removal of the radar team with similar tragic results. And that tragedy was cloaked for many years from the families because it was a highly classified operation. But I digress.

Perception with the liberals appears to be a much higher priority than dealing with reality. A thinking process that is doomed from the very start. Today we have an electorate that continues to elect unqualified people to the highest levels of government based on their looks, swagger, clothes and gift for gab rather than substance, so this is what you get: complete incompetence.

Unfortunately, the most qualified people want no part of modern day politics. They know they would be devoured by their slick opponents and the press. I saw it done here locally to a very good man that happened to be a Korean War vet and patriot years back running for mayor. By the time our liberal press got done with him they made him come across as some nutcase. And he was anything but.

Common sense, morals and hard work has been replaced by some utopian culture that truly believes “dreams can come true” by simply closing your eyes and clicking your ruby red slippers together. And when they wake up from that dream, which in reality is a nightmare, they run and hide like the cowards they often are.

When the calls came that the consulate was being overrun, their illusion of ‘all is well in Libya’ had become their personal nightmare. And like children they hid under the covers hoping the boogie man would not see them. And when any crisis comes along, our President simply ‘can’t deal with it’ and heads for Las Vegas, the golf course, a fund raiser or best yet, an expensive taxpayer funded vacation. He and his likeminded appointees are absolutely pathetic human beings, in my opinion, and certainly not my vision of “public servants.”

What I am witnessing is an administration that appears to devote every waking moment to how they can cover up such gross incompetence from Fast & Furious to the recent Syria debacle. And why he won’t submit a real budget or write legislation to address the myriad of serious problems we face as a nation, including the many problems with the Affordable Care Act. That takes a thoughtful person, working with his opposition in Congress and simply a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. Why bother! It’s simply not much fun…

If nothing else comes from the tragedy in Benghazi and the blundering with Syria, it exposes this President and his administration for what it truly is: this emperor has no clothes…


About Roger Young

Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav "Silver Spurs" as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from '69 - '70.
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3 Responses to The Benghazi Nightmare Revealed

  1. avatar Chuck Lawrence says:

    Well stated Roger!!!! This is what we get when we have an ideolog rather than someone with real executive, management, or military experience. All we have in office today is arrogant ideologs, and someone completely out of his league. At a time America needs leadership the most, we have none! We have a CIC that learns of various issues, scandals, and crisis from press conferences with the media rather his own staff or cabinet appointees. How out of touch is that. One that constantly promisies to look into this and that issue and NOTHING ever comes of it.

    Instead of dealing with the issues of the nation this administration wastes far too much time as you stated playing CYA games. I am still furious with the lies over Beghazi. Its sickening..

  2. avatar Roger says:

    As you recall this tragedy took place before the election. The President and State Department were promoting the nonsense that AQ was on the run and that they had eliminated Bin Laden and helped rid Libya of the tyrant Khadafi. The last thing they wanted to admit was Libya was still in a civil war and Benghazi was a real hot spot for AQ in the country. So despite multiple requests by the U.S. security experts and Ambassador Stevens in Libya concerning the reduction of security at the consulate, their requests were repeatedly denied and security was actually reduced. I call that massive incompetence at its very best.

    After listening to Admiral Mullen and Ambassador Pickering yesterday it became immediately very clear that both the President and then Secretary of State Clinton had placed very effective firewalls at lower levels to take the hit if things went badly. And the very obscure video on YouTube which few even knew about or saw, gave them a convenient out.

    We’ll never know the full truth about what was taking place in Benghazi. That is crystal clear. But we do know that four brave Americans lost their lives due to massive incompetence and repeated failures to recognize realities. May they Rest in Peace and know that some Americans will remember them and their sacrifices for our nation.

  3. avatar Allan La Grange says:

    Roger and Chuck, You are both on target. The American voters are like a zombie army. They can not think clearly or judge character. They are numbed by a media that any thinking person would see through immediately. I am amazed at our citizens lack of critical
    thinking. I am concerned that the Nation will collapse. Keep up the fight to inform and provoke thought on these vital issues. Pray for sanity to return to our people.

    Al La Grange, Rifles