Not Paying the Families of our Dead Heroes a National Disgrace!

UPDATE: Statement by George Little on Death Gratuity PaymentsDoD – 11 Oct 13

UPDATE: Obama signs bill to pay death benefits to families of fallen soldiers  – FoxNews – 10 Oct 13

UPDATE: Congress votes to restore death gratuitiesArmyTimes – 10 Oct 13

UPDATE: Statement by Secretary Hagel on Death GratuitiesDoD – 9 Oct 13

Shame on You President ObamaThomas More Law Center – Posted 9 Oct 13

Our fax to Speaker Boehner: Not paying the families of our dead heroes a national disgrace! – 9 Oct 13

Military foundation steps up to cover ‘disgusting’ delay in payments for families of fallenNBC News – 8 Oct 13

Shutdown halts death benefits for military familiesArmyTimes – 8 Oct 13

Newsletter comment: According to Col. Oliver North, the president could have corrected this matter by simply signing an emergency appropriations bill. – Roger & Pam


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Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav "Silver Spurs" as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from '69 - '70.
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3 Responses to Not Paying the Families of our Dead Heroes a National Disgrace!

  1. avatar Roger says:

    This despicable action has crossed our “red line” in the sand. We’re thankful that Fisher House is picking up the tab for the families of our fallen Heroes, accomplishing what our President, DoD & Congress wouldn’t do.

    Despite what Fisher House is doing, we still want the President, SECDEF Hagel and the Joint Chiefs held accountable for their disgraceful lack of action. It is truly a shameful day and speaks volumes regarding the lack of both civilian and military leadership in our country! Just as the lack of military support for our fellow Americans under attack in Benghazi was!

  2. avatar Roger says:

    10 October 2013:

    The news today that the President may not sign the bill passed by both the House & Senate to restore death benefits to the families goes beyond any rational reason.

    Clearly this President has broken faith with the very military he commands and I have to question his mental health.

  3. avatar Roger says:

    Copy of my fax this afternoon to Senators Murray & Cantwell – 10 October 2013:

    Subject: White House suggesting that the President may not sign the death gratuity bill

    Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell:

    As you both certainly know, both the House & Senate have passed a bill, unanimously, to fund the death gratuity for the families of our fallen heroes, both now and for the foreseeable future until the federal government shutdown is resolved.

    However, during a White House briefing today, Jay Carney basically reported that the President may not sign the bill because it is “not necessary,” due to the fact Fisher House is picking up the tab for the time being. Fisher House is a wonderful charity that both my wife and I have contributed to over the years. Fisher House cannot continue to pay these death benefits for an extended period of time.

    I’m absolutely stunned by this recent revelation from the White House! In my opinion our C-I-C has now completely broken faith with the very troops he commands. In fact at this point, I must seriously question how rational our president truly is and his mental health. I fail to understand if he vetoes the bill how that will help our military, their families, the Democratic party or our Republic.

    I urge you both to do everything within your power to encourage the President to sign this authorization without further delay and unnecessary drama.


    Roger Young – Vietnam veteran

    UPDATE: We just learned this evening that the president has signed the authorization bill. BFD comes to mind, this should have NEVER been an issue and is a disgrace for the President, the DoD and the Joint Chiefs. Even the MSM that usually carries the president’s water thought this was absolutely disgraceful. I’m convinced that it was the veterans of this country with the help of the press that made a difference here for those serving our country today.

    I believe this slap in the face to the families of our dead heroes has exposed our President, his administration, the Joint Chiefs and SECDEF that lick his boots for what they truly are; “men” who broke faith with the military they command! Without new leadership the trust has been broken!

    Therefore, I still call for the resignation of SECDEF Hagel and the Joint Chiefs who stood by and watched this tragedy unfold. And if I had my way the president (lower case) should be impeached for dereliction of duty! – Roger