Military Tech Innovations: Hybrid Stealth Motorcycle

shutterstock_161609639The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working with Logos Technology to develop a near-silent hybrid-electric motorcycle for military use. This technology could not only create a stealthy weapon for the military, but also a new way to combat greenhouse gas emissions for everyday riders.

These hybrid motorcycles could serve a multitude of uses, but the main reason they are being developed is to be as compact and silent as possible — they would be able to cruise into hostile territory virtually undetected. Though not much is known about the motorcycle as of yet, there is some exciting speculation on the plans that have been revealed so far.

The Technology

The bike will likely be based on the BRD RedShiftMX Electric Bike, a true electric machine. Not only will it run on electricity and gasoline, but it will also utilize other fuels like diesel, JP 8 (jet fuel), and more. This multi-fuel strategy will enable soldiers to use any available fuel source when in the field, a massive advantage in rural areas far from base. The bikes will be two wheel drive, which maintains far better control and traction in difficult conditions, like the winding mountain roads of Afghanistan or places where a lot of rain falls.

The goal is to reduce the noise level of the motorcycle to 55 decibels while running only on electric and 75 decibels while running normally. This noise output compares to just below a normal conversation to just below a telephone dial tone.

The RedShiftMX that this motorcycle is based on currently has an electric running time of two hours and can reach a maximum speed of 80 miles per hour.

The Future

This motorcycle opens the door for more silent and compact military vehicles in the future. Military technology often makes its way into civilian technology. For example, things you may see or use every day that were originally developed for the military include GPS, duct tape, the microwave, and even cargo pants!

Once this technology hits the consumer market, manufacturers and parts makers will need to adopt entirely new parts standards. Even though the bikes are being developed, it’s only a matter of time before civilian and private pursuits start outfitting motorcycles with similar aftermarket parts to modify and improve these incredible vehicles.

With prototype production slated to begin in a few months, the developments of these hybrid-electric motorcycles will be entertaining. We don’t know how long it’ll take to perfect what the United States military is looking for, but we know one thing for sure: It’s going to be an awesome piece of machinery that’ll make us proud.


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Roger served with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav "Silver Spurs" as a Scout Crew Chief in Vietnam from '69 - '70.
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