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The South Under Fire

28 Jun 2015: I find the recent flap over the Confederate battle flag as a direct attack on the South and it’s heritage. I served with many Southerners in Vietnam and the warrior ethos is in their DNA. Today 40% … Continue reading

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Supporting our “transformed” military

Newsletter comment: Where are our Generals and Admirals on these important matters? Have they lost their voice along with other body parts? Do they care about their soldiers, Marines and sailors? Or have they all become nothing more then politicians … Continue reading

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Sad State of Affairs

19 Jul 2012: Just a short personal observation that I’ve never seen our country in such a sad state of affairs. We have a Congress that only adds to the uncertainty and anxiety that is paralyzing our economy. They can’t … Continue reading

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A Frustrated American

I can’t speak for others, but I am one frustrated American. It appears with each successive administration, We the People lose more personal freedoms supposedly protected by our Constitution. To make matters worse, our Congress apparently can’t agree on anything … Continue reading

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