Pro Stock legend Bill ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins dies – March 29th 2012

Pro Stock legend Bill ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins diesNHRA – March 29, 2012

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NHRA Bill Jenkins Memorial Video:

Farewell to the grumpy one by Phil Burgess – NHRA – March 30, 2012

“…I’m going to go out on a limb and risk offending some of the many drag racing legends whom I call friends, but I’m going to say that I feel that, strictly on a historic perspective, the loss of Jenkins is the biggest one the sport has ever suffered…”

Bill Jenkins, 81, Drag Racing Driver and Innovator, DiesNew York Times – April 3, 2012

Video submitted by Butch on June 21, 2012:


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Driver of our '57 Chev, Vietnam veteran (A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry Scout helicopter Line Chief and later Cobra Periodic Inspection team leader), retired ASE rated automotive mechanic. Roger became involved in drag racing during his high school days and after his stint in the Army ran E & F/MP [Modified Production] here in Division 6 before switching to bracket racing when the '57 became obsolete for class racing. He often raced at Puyallup, Kent-Pacific Raceways, Bremerton, Portland & the original Mission, B.C. track.
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3 Responses to Pro Stock legend Bill ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins dies – March 29th 2012

  1. avatar Roger says:

    Jenkins is truly one of the great legends in drag racing who I will truly miss…

  2. avatar CHRIS YOUNG says:

    Grumpy was one of the masters of every aspect of the car mechanically!

  3. avatar Roger says:

    Certainly some of the technology from Jenkins lives on in our ’57. Many of the modifications on our 660 carbs came from an old article Grump wrote many years back regarding recontouring the throttle linkage ramp to delay the opening of the secondaries so you could stage the car and drive around the pits on the primaries alone. There are many more examples but this one in particular comes to mind.

    He also had a heavy influence on tunnel ram technology back in the days of Modified Production and the small-block Chev’s in Pro Stock.

    Grump was a true legend like Lee Shepherd that perfected the SBC.

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