What I Love About Nostalgia Races

I wrote this in July 2013 but still feel the same way today – Roger:

July 17th 2013:

Jim Doyle photo


Regardless if it is the annual Langley Loafers race at Mission, or the 1st Annual Wild West Nostalgia Race at Pacific Raceways, they are always very special races for me. Those that participate and come out to watch LOVE drag racing and are there to have a great time! They are a special breed that you don’t always see at the weekly races.

We made some new friends this weekend with Bob M. & Kristin hanging out with us as we got the broken shifter repaired and back in the car. We had old friends stop and visit like Jim Burns and Tom Warnke and we reflected on bygone days. We loaned some tools to a few racers so they could get their buggy down the strip. And that’s the main theme I get from such races, that those participating like myself are there to enjoy going down the 1/4-mile and enjoying the friendship, the car show, and watching the old hot rods from the past. And these nostalgia races indeed have that flavor from the past when we used to head out to Puyallup Dragways on a Friday night for grudge racing. Not for prize money or trophies – there was none – but just to enjoy “run what you brung” down the strip and perhaps see some match racing like Don Garlits vs Jerry “The King” Ruth.

I was upset when the shifter handle broke on Saturday mainly because I wanted to watch the AA/Supercharged cars make a hit and visit the Bracketstars Car Show. But my wife Pam had my back and while Chris and I headed back to the shop to weld the shifter (and got rear ended along the way) she took video from the stands. So you see because of excellent team work, we got the old ’57 back in the show for Sunday and I didn’t miss a thing! And Chris got some outstanding pictures with his new Cannon Rebel camera which are part of our videos on our racing blog. I think Chris missed his calling! [See our 2013 Wild West Nostalgia Race Report].

As I said, I love these races. Drag racing at its very best! My sincere thanks to my entire family who make running the ’57 still possible. The old heap still throws some curve balls at us now and then, but together we manage to persevere and still have a great time!


Roger Young


About Roger

Driver of our '57 Chev, Vietnam veteran (A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry Scout helicopter Line Chief and later Cobra Periodic Inspection team leader), retired ASE rated automotive mechanic. Roger became involved in drag racing during his high school days and after his stint in the Army ran E & F/MP [Modified Production] here in Division 6 before switching to bracket racing when the '57 became obsolete for class racing. He often raced at Puyallup, Kent-Pacific Raceways, Bremerton, Portland & the original Mission, B.C. track.
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5 Responses to What I Love About Nostalgia Races

  1. avatar Christopher Young says:

    Nostalgia races are cool unfortunately the racers up here do not seem to be interested unless they are running for points. So I believe that in a few short years you will not see these type of races unless you travel to Mission, Woodburn or the Hotrod reunion…..

    • avatar Roger says:


      Sadly you are correct, despite many efforts by PR to host such a race over the past four years, few spectators show up to support the show. The Nostalgia Funny Cars did better this year than the AA/Supercharged cars but future races are in doubt.

  2. avatar Paul Young says:

    I agree 100% as most regular racers don’t seem to care about these races for some reason. It is sad but with the paltry turnouts it doesn’t make sense for Pacific to continue having them.

  3. avatar Paul Young says:

    I agree 100% as the local racers don’t seem to have much interest in these races even though you get more bang for your buck. It doesn’t make much sense for Pacific to host these again unless they can have the Nostalgia race somehow include the Funny Cars, Front Engine Dragsters and such but probably too expensive to get them to come out?

    • avatar Roger Young says:

      Paul, from a business angle it would make more sense for PR to host another Hondafest event than continue with a Nostalgia race. I hate to say that but local support just isn’t there nor will it be. I thought after a few years it would catch fire like the Langley Loafers race at Mission, but it won’t. Even when they had the AA/Supercharged cars at the Nostalgia race the spectator and local car count was dismal.

      Sadly it is the end of an era…

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