Edwards & Young Report – August 11, 2017 – Pacific Raceways


Good Evening Race Fans!

This past Friday I took the Handan Trailer Repair sponsored Mustang out to Pacific Raceways to check out what the West Coast Grudge deal is all about and see if I could go some rounds against my buddies in Sportsman.

In Sportsman I was able to pull out the 1st rd win in a rematch of the race prior to great driver Casey Reed.  But, unfortunately in the 2nd rd I lost to the newly crowned Sportsman track champ Kenny O’Keefe as he crushed me on the tree so my 12.01 on 12.00 dial was no match for him. 

We had an awesome turnout for the West Coast Grudge group as over 40+ cars joined the fun and fun it was.  You get to pair up with fellow racers whom you think are fairly close ET wise in 1/8 mile and run on an instant green tree with no times listed on the board.  I got the win in 1st race and in 2nd race treed my opponent but he ran me down by a fender. I was paired up in 3rd race with Sean Butler but unfortunately he had some issues with his car so made a solo pass of 7.51 which was best of the night for me.  

I think we may have something new and exciting with the West Coast Grudge deal as seems like people are enjoying the camaraderie that comes with running with this group and hopefully it will continue to grow in the future.

See you all out at Pacific Raceways – The Place To Race!  

Paul Young


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Edwards & Young Racing "Stat Guy" who also races the sister-in-law's 12.40 street driven '66 Pontiac Tempest aka "Blacky." 2011 Sportsman Track Champion at Pacific Raceways
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  1. avatar Roger says:

    Having fun on my 68th birthday!! 🙂

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