Pro Stock on Chopping Block?


This makes me absolutely ill… first it was Modified Production, then Pro Stock Truck, now my favorite category on the chopping block. I believe we are witnessing the death of our sport.  – Roger Young

Stunning reversal:

NHRA PRO STOCK FIELDS TO REMAIN AT 16 CARS FOR 24 RACES IN 2018CompetitionPlus – October 29, 2017

Memories of Modified: The Rise and Fall of Modified Eliminator – August 2010

NHRA announces changes to Pro Stock qualifying format for 2018NHRA – October 4, 2017


My e-mail to NHRA – October 5, 2017:

I’ve seen the letter to the Pro Stock teams. Reminds me of when Modified Eliminator & Pro Stock Truck were sent packing and like then, I believe this is a serious mistake.

When you added the rev-limiters it took the Mopar camps out of the Pro Stock program and this has been well documented. It appears to me 2018 will be the final season for the last dedicated automotive manual-transmission professional class.

This is NOT the NHRA that I remember when I started racing in the late 60’s. I ask that you continue to work with the Pro Stock teams to keep the category viable. Pro Stock is not the only professional category that did not feature full fields in 2017. – Roger Young

Email the NHRA


I’ve provided some additional thoughts in the comment section on how the Pro Stock teams might help their situation.  – Roger


About Roger

Driver of our ’57 Chev, Vietnam veteran (A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry Scout helicopter Line Chief and later Cobra Periodic Inspection team leader), retired ASE rated automotive mechanic. Roger became involved in drag racing during his high school days and after his stint in the Army ran E & F/MP [Modified Production] here in Division 6 before switching to bracket racing when the ’57 became obsolete for class racing. He often raced at Puyallup, Kent-Pacific Raceways, Bremerton, Portland & the original Mission, B.C. track.

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One Response to Pro Stock on Chopping Block?

  1. avatar Roger says:

    My guess 2018 will be the last season for Pro Stock with NHRA. In my opinion that is a major mistake. The last dedicated door-car class using manually shifted transmissions exclusively. Yes they have had problems having full fields but so has Funny Car this 2017 season. The letter from the major Pro Stock teams says it all and the fact NHRA will not even discuss their decision with the teams tells me it is a done deal, just like Modified Production & Pro Stock Truck. Sad times in my opinion.

    And I feel the Pro Stock teams could do a better job of marketing their product for the average fan. They are a secretive group by nature, and very few people know what it takes to service a clutch, change transmission gear ratios, how to check valve lash & springs – in short – what makes these cars tick!

    And NHRA could have a short feature video of them doing such maintenance to show just how complex these cars truly are. On KB Racing on Facebook you see the winning headlines, NHRA videos of a final-round run, but NOTHING showing behind the scenes action. The same can be said about Erica Enders, look at her photo gallery here and you won’t see ONE picture of them working on the car or components. Ladies & Gents, human interest still sells!

    Just a thought but perhaps it is too late…

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