2017 Winter Progress Reports

Originally posted on September 23:

We’ll be discussing our plans for the 2018 season on this page throughout the off-season.

TENTATIVE Pacific Raceways Schedule as of 12/8/2017: 

See more information available from Pacific Raceways


71 Chevelle:

On the Chevelle, new wheelie bars are on the wish list. The old bars are too short and the spring rate is too low for controlling the rate of rise and height of the front end on the launch. This is a priority upgrade for 2018. With better control the car will be quicker. 

October 7, 2017:

We checked the 1.550″ PacAloy 1225 valve springs, all checked good between 230 – 245 lbs. on the seat. Spring run count: 128.

Please note our Buxton on-head spring tester reads 30 lbs. less than our Rimac bench tester. These are Buxton readings.

We will need new lash caps on the intakes because of the slight rocker misalignment with these heads. 

57 Chev:

On the ’57, we’ll be pulling the bellhousing and removing a slight amount of lever weight from the new Ram clutch we ran for the first time in August 2017, and we’ll be testing all the valve springs in the motor and general maintenance. Plus some electrical modifications to add a 3-step rev control to take advantage of our new clutch. [We currently have a 2-step].

September 30, 2017:

Thanks to Chris & Paul for a lot of hard work, we got the clutch adjusted. 980# base pressure, 3.3 grams of lever weight (down 1-gram). Next to test the valve springs.

October 7, 2017:

We checked the 1.625″ PacAloy 1224 valve springs, all are good between 290 – 300 lbs. on the seat. Spring run count: 25

Please note our Buxton on-head spring tester reads 30 lbs. less than our Rimac bench tester. These are Buxton readings.

Paul’s ’85 Mustang:

No major issues at this time! Many of the bugs have been worked out over the past two seasons including rebuilding the transmission for 2017 since Paul purchased the car. The Mustang ran well this year with very few issues.

We will be installing an in-line fuel filter prior to the fuel pressure regulator to address the regulator and needle & seat issues we had early this season from small particles from the old fuel tank.  [Fuel filter ordered on December 7th].

Torri’s ’66 Tempest:

We may have surprises coming for the Pontiac which will likely be a long-term upgrade. We’re in the discussion phase at this time! More details in the future. 


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About Roger

Driver of our '57 Chev, Vietnam veteran (A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry Scout helicopter Line Chief and later Cobra Periodic Inspection team leader), retired ASE rated automotive mechanic. Roger became involved in drag racing during his high school days and after his stint in the Army ran E & F/MP [Modified Production] here in Division 6 before switching to bracket racing when the '57 became obsolete for class racing. He often raced at Puyallup, Kent-Pacific Raceways, Bremerton, Portland & the original Mission, B.C. track.
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6 Responses to 2017 Winter Progress Reports

  1. avatar Christopher Young says:

    The Pac Alloy valve springs are the only way to go. Have held up very well on the wagon with a pretty big camshaft.

  2. avatar Paul says:

    I am glad to see they are holding up well on both cars!

  3. avatar T Kelly says:

    Are you guys running titanium valves in either motor? And are you running 1.55 springs on both int and exh on both motors? Just an old guy interested 🙂

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