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Robert Fedyk photo Paul, Chris & Roger

Robert Fedyk photo
Paul, Chris & Roger


Based in Seattle, WA., this is a family based team that has competed in drag racing since the late ’60’s.

We once competed in Modified Production with our ’57 prior to switching to bracket racing. The ’57 150-series business coupe is still basically in Modified Production trim running a 331 cubic-inch (327) with Weiand Pro tunnel ram and dual 660 Holleys for many years. In 2015 we replaced our trusty 331 with our prepared 350 using the same heads, cam, intake & carbs off the 331. We still run the Doug Nash 5-speed coupled to a Ram clutch and roll the Long shifter like the old days. The Strange 9″ Ford has 5.83 gears with the 331 and 5.67’s with the 350 and 35-spline Strange axles. [We switched to Mark Williams 35-spline axles in late 2017 machined for our Strange spool]. Car weighs 3633# with driver.

The cam is BIG:

Lunati #50128 roller RRA-288-294 (small base-circle cam for rod clearance)

Intake: .690″ lift – 288 deg. @ .050″ with 1.5 rockers

Exhaust: .704″ lift – 294 deg @ .050″ with 1.6 rockers (.660″ with 1.5’s) – 108 deg. lobe separation.

This is the camshaft we prefer for the ’57. We are currently running 1.625″ PacAloy valve springs and use 3/8″ pushrods.


[Since making the video above, we’ve updated the Ram clutch in late 2017]

Our ’71 Chevelle wagon was virtually rebuilt over the winter of 2008 with a new 406 cubic-inch small block replacing our old 350. Driven by Chris he has poured his heart and soul in this car and had great success in having a runner-up finish at a National Open in 2006 in Super Pro.

We are using our Comp Cams #12-970-9 (small base-circle cam for rod clearance) initially with the 406. This cam was designed for the 3.75″ stroke. A Jesel belt drive drives the cam.

Intake: .700″ lift – 279 deg @ .050″ with 1.55 rockers
Exhaust: 690″ lift – 286 deg. @ .050 with 1.6 rockers – 108 intake lobe center line.

His Chevelle features a Hughes Performance TH-400 with a trans brake and delay box (when in Super Pro) and a 9-inch Ford rear end with 4.71 gears. Bill Scribner fabricated the custom rear end housing with a Strange center section & uses Moser 35-spline axles. Car weighs 3725# with driver. 

Both the ’57 & Chevelle have ladder bars and rear coil-over suspensions.

Torri and Paul have shared the driving in her ’66 Tempest which is a work in progress. This car has run in the very low 12’s and is a true street/strip ride! Torri’s Tempest features a 400 c.i. Pontiac engine, TH-350, and a Moser 12-bolt rear. Paul drove to two Sportsman Track Championships at Pacific Raceways in the Tempest! 

In 2015 Paul purchased a ’85 Mustang from well known local Mopar racer, Bill Cadle. The car features a stroked 302 out to 347 cubic inches, a well prepared C4 transmission, and a 9″ Ford rear with 4.11 gears and has Strange adjustable struts in all four corners. The car has run into the high 11’s but we’ve slowed it down to run 12.0’s for Sportsman bracket at Pacific Raceways. The car weighs 3300# with driver. 


Contact us:

  • Roger Young – Owner/Driver of ’57 Chev, webmaster
  • Chris Young – Owner/Driver of ’71 Chevelle
  • Paul Young – Co-driver of Torri’s ’66 Tempest thru 2014! Stat guy for the team! Owner of the ’85 Mustang in 2015!
Mike Gardner photo, B.C. Super Shifter Race, June 2015 @ Pacific Raceways

Mike Gardner photo, B.C. Super Shifter Race, June 2015 @ Pacific Raceways


Another GREAT shot of Chris' wagon by Mike Gardner!

Another GREAT shot of Chris’ wagon by Mike Gardner!


Paul in Winner’s Circle at Pacific Raceways on July 16, 2011


Robert Fedyk photo

Paul’s Mustang, Robert Fedyk photo


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