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Funny Car Summer

I know my sons are far too young to recall this movie which I found clips of on YouTube, but being the old duffer I am, I often think of the early days of drag racing.

Below are the clips from Funny Car Summer which hit the movie theaters in 1974, featuring fireman Big Jim Dunn and the development of his rear-engine ‘Cuda Funny Car.

Obviously this was before reverser’s were required and it was common practice to splash VHT in front of the rear tires prior to your burnout. And please note much of the movie is at a Division 7 race when the Fuelers and Pro Stocks competed at the divisional races.

I can remember like it was yesterday when Kath and I went to see the movie and I hope you enjoy this piece of nostalgia as much as I do. This is the time when racers ran because they loved the sport, before big corporate sponsors and hired guns, and Dunn towing his Funny Car behind his Ford pickup to the next race. Those were good times! – Roger

Movie series hosted by Diamond P:


Update: Here’s a short clip by NHRA on the historic rear-engine Funny Car:



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