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Modified Production

Jimmy Warter


Memories of Modified: The Rise & Fall of Modified Eliminator

Mod Squad by John Dianna

STPETER HERTEL dowty Kelly-McKelvey Cotton Perry



5 Responses to Modified Production

  1. avatar Roger says:

    Of the cars pictured above, only Jim & Ryan Warter are racing their Joint Venture Camaro in the current MP ranks. All the others disappeared when Modified Eliminator was scrapped.

  2. avatar Bob Atchison says:

    Hi great pics brings back great memories, I’m an old time M/P race fan from Vancouver BC,
    I hailed from the old Mission track, where it was common to watch Suddenly, Joint Venture, Jim Warter, Tom Turner, Dick St Peter, Bill Foster, Denny Aldridge Motor Sport Pinto, Kost Vega, Jim vanCleave SR and JR, and the list goes on, not to mention the BC local racers, Jack Mezzomo, Howie Stevens, Gord Zonailo, Keith Winterbottom, Robbie Harrison, Frank Boyaz. Oh I forgot to mention the 64 Funny Car events at SIR.
    I bought my first 12 to 1 Speed Pro pistons from Jim Greens speed shop.
    Small block stick cars for ever!!!

  3. avatar Rory McNeil says:

    Hi Roger, MP was one of my favorite classes to watch at the old Mission track in the 70s.When I saw Don Bowles Super Modified Ford Fairmont at SIR in 1979 at the Fallnationals, I knew I had to build my own Fairmont. (Been racing it 30 years now, with a stick for the past 17 years.)
    As for Bob Atchison, he was more than a spectator, he used to race a 64 Comet station wagon in , I belive, G/Gas, and later on partnered with Dan Maddaloni in a E/Gas Pinto, which was the ex “Jack Flash” Pro Stock Pinto raced by Jack Mezzomo. (Bob owned the Pinto, Dan owned the Boss 302 engine and Nash 5 speed). It was such a treat to see the local Div. 6 Comp and MP cars when they came to Mission, and watch guys like Tom Turner, Al Falcone, Kenny Finke (Black Ice 57 Chevy), Frizzel Brothers (Suddenly Camaro), Gary Pugh, Ronnie Wong, Bill Hertel, Tom Nolan, Bill Foster, Jim Sibley (VW), even the ultra noisey Mazda Rotary of Terry Hoard, and Butch Balls Turbo 4 cyl. Pinto. Local BC racers included Rob Harrison, Howie Stevens, Kremyr Bros (57 TBird), Gord Zonalio (B/SM Maverick),C/SM Camaros of Jim Ruggles (Catch 22), Stan Sipos (Kid DynOMite), “Rapid Rick Shaw”, and Greg Mercer, and Terry Stevens A/SM Camaro. H/MP 6 cyl. Mavericks of Keith Winterbottom and Morris& Hovey.And although they were from Washington State, Jim Warter and the “Joint Venture” team were at Mission so often, I have to consider then locals! Even saw the Rafferty & Young 57 Chevy at Bremerton around 80 or 81 !

    • avatar Roger says:

      Thanks Rory, you have an awesome memory, thanks for sharing and keep rollin’ the shifter! And none of us can forget the ear-splitting Mazda of Terry Hoard!! We were pitted next to him at one Divisional and it was unforgettable! Pic by Larry Pfister from 1975:

      1975 by Larry Pfister

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