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On December 27th there was a glitch here on our racing blog which impacted the following pages:

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To make a long story short, I had to change the web address for those specific pages to get them to be available again. This is only a problem for you if you have a hotlink to those specific pages. If you enter our racing site by its home address, http://northwestvets.com/blog2  you won’t even notice the changes!


Roger Young



Do you compression your motor at the end of the run to slow your car down? You might want to read an important article by David Reher. See our newsletter posted here.



I’m in the process of having my entire website files since 1997 & WordPress blogs moved to a new server. My old host provider is no longer supporting WordPress or allowing security updates for WordPress so our racing blog and others I host are in danger of crashing. If that should happen all the posts would be lost, forever.

It will take some time to migrate all that I have posted at northwestvets.com to the new provider based in Texas. You may experience some interruptions until the process is fully completed.  Also be aware of once the transfer begins, I will not be able to make any updates until fully completed. I apologize for any inconvenience during this transition process.


Update: As of October 2, 2017, the transfer process is now completed!



Clutch Update – [Example of our Insider E-Mail Newsletter]



The new Ram clutch is going into the ’57 this weekend, my thanks to Chris & Paul
for their help. We hope to have the car out for testing on August 26th to do
some testing and get some much needed data on the new clutch.

For more on the new clutch and the Racepak Sportsman data logger we’ve
installed, please see:


This past weekend saw some good racing at Pacific Raceways during the NHRA
Northwest Nationals. Even in the heat the track held up well and the track crew
provided two equal lanes of racing! Not an easy task in the high heat our region
has been seeing which brought track temps on Friday of nearly 135-degrees.
Fortunately it did cool down a bit for the final rounds on Sunday.

JML Motorsports had a personal best and qualified #1 in Top Sportsman with a
6.58 @ 210 MPH with an OUTSTANDING .987 60-foot time. Unfortunately there was a
problem with the delay box in round 1 on Saturday and Joe went red but the car
went 6.587 @ 211 MPH on that hit. Needless to say the team was disappointed
losing in the first round,  but are VERY pleased with the performance of Joe’s
new Camaro! Remember, Joe’s Camaro is powered by a 777 ci Sonny’s,
naturally-aspirated Chevy EFI Hemi motor and has been running stronger each time
out this year with subtle changes to the tune-up. GOOD JOB GUYS! Jerry Haas who
built the chassis was on the starting line with the crew and was very pleased
with the performance!

Be well,




Congrats to all of the winners and finalists at the NW Nats at Pacific Raceways. Big shout out to Larry Emil for making it to the big show on Sunday along with Darral Petitt and a many others. It looked to me like a great crowd this year even though the weather was so warm, kudos to the racers and fans.

I would like to bring up a sore subject as it seems like some people never have anything good to say about Pacific Raceways even though they don’t patronize at their facility more than a few times or none at all this year or in the past. My family has spent a huge amount of $$$ over the past 40+ years racing there and yes we don’t always like how things go at times but I feel we love the sport so much as we get to spend quality time with our family and fellow racers so it makes it all worth it. We have attended racers meetings and worked with track management in a constructive way to see how we can make things even better and it has improved over the last few years. In my mind we should take advantage of what we have here locally but some of you think you are above all of us bracket racers and the track stinks, why?????

What makes you better than us and what makes our track so inferior?????

Paul Young

Paul, PR doesn’t offer all the amenities of many of the other national event venues, but it does offer a great, two-lane track in a beautiful setting. And with the declining amount of spectators the past few years at weekly drag race events, I have to wonder how much investment should the track make for a once-a-year event?  The present track crew has been doing an outstanding job of track prep through a wide range of weather conditions the past several years with our safety always in mind. – Roger





Just my 2-cents, seems like everyone is out to kill Pro Stock, yet how many different winners have there been this season? [Currently 9 in 13 races thus far]. Pundits killed Modified Production, Pro Stock Truck and now Pro Stock is in their sights. I don’t like seeing just Camaros either, but the category performance wise, is still very competitive in my opinion and entertaining. Or could it just be that NHRA and the fans today don’t care for gear shifted cars? – Roger

An informative read, how current rev limits took out the Mopar’s:

2016 Pro Stock Problems, Solutions, and the Future by Thom Taylor – February 2017



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