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Scotty Lee Keyes
CPL / U.S.M.C.
Died - 9/1/67
Age - 22
25 E 78
Arlington, TX.




'HONOR' by Joyce Daugirda

"HONOR" created by Joyce Daugirda



To Scotty, With Love


I touched your name on a polished black stone wall,

In the reflection, I saw your laughing, smiling face.

It was graduation day,

Arlington High School,

Class of '64



We were happy, full of hope and dreams for the future.

That is how you still live in my heart and soul,

and war will not find you there.

That is where your laughter still rings,

And your hopes and dreams still shine in your eyes.

© Joyce Daugirda
Vietnam-Era & Desert Storm
U.S. Army



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