In Honor Of Vietnam Veterans Day

March 29, 2016:

On this Vietnam Veterans Day, a video I put together to honor all 3/17th Air Cav Troopers, from Vietnam to the present. I believe A Troop is currently deployed in Afghanistan. We have a LONG legacy of Cav Troopers who have served our nation. These are my Brothers which now includes Sisters in the modern Air Cav. I’m proud to have served in such an outstanding unit with brave men and now women. God speed to the current 3-17th and come home safe and sound:


Pam and I put this together also in 2011 to honor all the women who served during the Vietnam War. Pam served in the Navy from 1970-1974 at CINCPAC Joint Command and worked on Operation Homecoming for our POWs held in Southeast Asia. Pam was a YN2 (E-5). So on this Vietnam Veterans Day in honor of the ladies:


I put this together in 2011 for my fellow Silver Spurs. Reposting in honor of Vietnam Veterans Day – Bear:


About Roger Young

Roger "Bear" Young served with the Silver Spurs as a Scout crew chief and Line Chief from Dec '69 through Nov '70. Upon his return to the "world" he served at Hunter AAF as a Cobra Periodic Inspection team leader. He founded the Spur website in Sept 1997.
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