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14 October 2016:


First, let me say thank you for the awesome website you’ve built. My name is Charles Bottom and I was a member of A Trp, 3/17 AC, 1970-1971, Dian, Quan Loi, and Lai Khe.

I noticed my name, and a couple others I can think of do not appear on the roster. I would, and I believe the others would also like to have our names added to the list, if possible. I can’t remember exact dates, but it was 1970-1971.

Please add the following names to the 3/17 roster:

Charles Bottom SP5 Seattle, WA   AH1-G Crew chief
Ron Beard SP5 San Bernadino, CA   UH-1 Crew chief
John Klingensmith SP5 Carbondale,  PA AH1-G Crew chief
Louie Knight SP5 Ogden, UT  Aircraft electrician

Note: 4 years ago, 42 years after serving together, a tight group of friends managed to get together for a reunion.  We’ve been getting together every year since. I’ve included a before and after picture of the group (see attachment below). We thought it might be interesting to post on the 3/17 website, maybe in Photo Gallery or the Blog, or wherever.

Thank you for your service and for remembering the Cav,

Charles (Charly) Bottom



About Roger Young

Roger "Bear" Young served with the Silver Spurs as a Scout crew chief and Line Chief from Dec '69 through Nov '70. Upon his return to the "world" he served at Hunter AAF as a Cobra Periodic Inspection team leader. He founded the Spur website in Sept 1997.
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  1. avatar Bear says:

    I’ve passed this information to Charles Stutzman, who heads up our Spur Membership Roster -- Bear