Charlie Horse in I-Corps & Laos

In 1971, Charlie Horse 3/17th Cav was operating in I-Corps and on paper, merged with D Troop, 3/5th Cav. More on this merger is explained on the D Troop, 3/5th Cav site.

Art “Artie” Bonevich served as a Scout platoon Observer NCO with both the Spurs and Charlie Horse, and sent me these videos. They also participated in Lam Son 719 into Laos where U.S. ground forces were not allowed, but U.S. helicopter units supported the ARVN thrust and they paid dearly delivering such support.

Watch these two videos which go into further detail. Thanks Artie! – Bear


“Profile of D Troop 3/5 Cav ‘Charlie Horse’ in Vietnam during the time frame of Lam Son 719. CWO Wayne Forbes, a scout helicopter pilot profiled in another video, can be heard directing firing on the bank where he observes a pack on a rock. The God of Hellfire brings the pain…”



About Roger Young

Roger "Bear" Young served with the Silver Spurs as a Scout crew chief and Line Chief from Dec '69 through Nov '70. Upon his return to the "world" he served at Hunter AAF as a Cobra Periodic Inspection team leader. He founded the Spur website in Sept 1997.
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  1. avatar Bear says:

    Contrary to popular belief, as U.S. forces were being withdrawn by President Nixon it made life tougher for those who remained in Vietnam after my departure. Those who served after 1970 had less critical support to call when the mission went sideways.

    The 3/17th saw that when they went back into Cambodia in 1971 and the example above in Laos when they were supporting ARVN forces. Helicopter units paid a terrible price inside Laos attempting to extract besieged ARVN ground troops.

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