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Silver Spur Photo Gallery

Feature Photo Courtesy of VHPA!


John Waldo Pepper’s 67-15584 on the cover of the July/August 2017 VHPA Aviator, courtesy of Mike Law of VHPA

Important notice before sending me your pictures:

I’ve had several Troopers who have sent me a storage device with up to 6 duplicates of the very same picture. This makes my efforts to put together your photo gallery for viewing far more complicated and very time consuming. Send me only ONE copy of each photo you want on display and make my life a little easier. It would be greatly appreciated!

Roger “Bear” YoungSpur Scout C.E. & volunteer webmaster.


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Photos by Spur 3, Chuck Oualline:

Photos by Spur 17, Scott Evans:

Also see: Scott Evans Video


Photos by Spur 37, Morgan Miller:

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Photos by Byron “Buzz” Dennison, Rifle Platoon:


Photos by Spur 39, Ed Marzola:


Dan Sutherland, Lift Door Gunner – Into Cambodia 1971:


Roger “Bear” Young, Scout Crew Chief

575th Maintenance by assorted Spurs:

They kept us operational along with the 812th Avionics section!


To Other Silver Spur Photos!


1971 3/17th HHT photos taken around Phu Loi
by Ken Watson, Door Gunner, watsok@gmail.com

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5 Responses to Silver Spur Photo Gallery

  1. avatar Bill Jennings says:

    Served with sister troop “Bravo” in the Delta 68-69

  2. avatar JC Moss says:

    Thanks, Ed, for the foresight to photograph some of the scenes and people from our stint
    in ‘Nam.

    • avatar Terry Shulze says:

      Moss? Were you a captain that took over the gun platoon in 1970? I seem to remember a bloke named Moss that took it over.

      Terry Shulze (Spur 34/14)

      • avatar bear says:

        Terry, I believe you are correct but I’ve forwarded your message to Morgan Miller. Our early roster does indicate he was the Gun Platoon Leader from sometime in 1969-1970.

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