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A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry

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Updated: 18 August 2009



Spur Articles, Poems

Republic of Vietnam...Crossroad of Culture
Courtesy of fellow Spur, Bill McCalister

WAR by SFC David H. Plenge - Sept 70
Courtesy of fellow Spur, Bill McCalister

One Perspective...The Early Days (1966-1967)
Courtesy of fellow Spur, Glynn Decoteau

68 Hawk Magazine Articles
Provided by Spur, Bill McCalister

Spur OH-58 #68-16935 still flying!
Provided by the Spurs & Sunshine Helicopters, Inc.
[Updated 20 May 14]

Spur Night Hunter Operations
Provided by Spur 38, Dave Tela

Night Hunter Operations by Captain Richard C. Keehn
Submitted by Chuck Oualline - U.S. Army Aviation Digest - May 1969

The Dog Who Flew With Silver Spurs
By Spur William L. McCalister, Jr.

The Firefly of the Silver Spurs
By Spur William L. McCalister, Jr.

"3/17th Squadron. -- Looking for Trouble!"
by SP/4 Wood - Hawk Magazine
(Courtesy of Dan Murphy)

Squadron Specific
"Bethany Orphange"
by Aug '69 Hawk magazine
(Courtesy of Ed Conger)

Vietnam Relived...
by Dan Sutherland

Spur LOH, "Luckey Lady" Still Flying!

S.C. Jones' Poem Collection,
by S.C. Jones

Poems by and for fellow Silver Spurs
[Updated: 15 Jan '04]

by Dan Sutherland, Anonymous Silver Spur,
Charlie Black, Darrell Morgan, Larry "Tank" Carson
& Jerry Samuels

"Lest We Forget"
by Terry Shulze

Meeting at the Wall
by Chuck Oualline

My Personal Journey to the Wall
by Roger Young

The Fall of Saigon
by Roger Young

"Cambodia Incursions"
Ongoing report compiled by
Young & Sutherland

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"
by David "Benny" Bonello

"Willing and Able"
by Bob Himrod

"In Remembrance of 1Lt. Sharon Lane"
by Roger & Pam Young

"Operation Baby Lift"
by Roger & Pam Young

"Vietnam Wall Experience"
by Roger & Pam Young

"A Soldier's Christmas..."
by the Silver Spurs

Christmas poems submitted by fellow Silver Spur
Randall Meredith

[Updated: 12 Oct '08]

"One in a Million"
by H. Morgan Miller A/3/17 Cav
Courtesy of VHPA site

[Posted: 27 Feb '09]

"American Soldier"
by Roger "Bear" Young
[Posted: 15 Apr '09]

Granite Falls Veterans Day Parade 1997
by Roger "Bear" & Pam Young
[Re-posted: 18 Aug '09]