3/17 Unit Crest



Crossed Sabres



3/17th Air Cavalry General Officers

Updated 13 April 2010



From A Troop:

MG Dennis M. Kenneally

BG Larry Gillespie

MG Timothy (Tim) Wright

BG Thomas P. (Pat) Barrett

Plus A Troop produced a full ambassador, Michael Lemmon. Except for Wright, these were all members of the original troop who went on the troopship.

Other 3 from the squadron:

GEN Gary Luck with four stars. He led the left hook into Iraq when he commanded that Airborne Brigade, and later commanded all forces in Korea. Commanded our C Troop.

MG Larry Smith

BG Lozano - These last two from D Troop, I think.

Chuck Oualline, Spur 3



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