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3/17th Crossed Sabers



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Squadron Reunion.Gif
1990 -- The First 3/17th Squadron Reunion
Gary Allen Collection
Bobby Marcum was the one who got the reunions started

Squadron Reunion.Gif
1992 3/17th Squadron Reunion
John Dungan Collection

Squadron Reunion.Gif
1997 3/17th Squadron Reunion - Dayton, Ohio
Roger Young Collection

Squadron Reunion.Gif
1998 3/17th Squadron Reunion - Killeen, Texas
John Dungan Collection

1999 Squadron Reunion.Jpg
1999 3/17th Squadron Reunion - Ft. Knox, Ky.

Pictured front row... left to right

Ken (Bear) Williams, Tom Anderson, Gary Lee Allen, Otho G. Elliott,
Al Shirk, Nathan Holley, Mitchell Myers, Lewis Runyon
Kneeling., Bill Thomas, Jerry Currey

Second row..

Brian Piggott, Bill Smith, Charles Beck, John Connor, Larry Penrose,
Nick Hlywa, Bobby Marcum, Joe D. Wilson, Phil McCluskey, John Dungan

Third Row...

Zare Garcia Hurn, Don Lucier, John Marley, Harry Hazlett,
Bill Jennings, Eddy Tongate, Woody Hakes


2002 Squadron Reunion at The Wall
2002 3/17th Squadron Reunion at the Wall - Washington, D.C.
Honoring our fallen brothers...




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