Handan Trailer Repair Backs Edwards & Young Once Again In 2018!


Our great sponsors, Handan Trailer Repair, are on board for another year! Thank you John & Kimberly Collecchi for your support again in 2018!

We are very excited to once again be sponsored by such an outstanding company! Kimberly & John have sponsored our four-car team starting in 2015!

They are also on Facebook hereChris Young

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2017 Winter Progress Reports

Originally posted on September 23 — Updated January 28, 2018:

We’ll be discussing our plans for the 2018 season on this page throughout the off-season.

TENTATIVE Pacific Raceways Schedule as of 12/8/2017: 

See more information available from Pacific Raceways


71 Chevelle:

On the Chevelle, new wheelie bars are on the wish list. The old bars are too short and the spring rate is too low for controlling the rate of rise and height of the front end on the launch. This is a priority upgrade for 2018. With better control the car will be quicker. 

October 7, 2017:

We checked the 1.550″ PacAloy 1225 valve springs, all checked good between 230 – 245 lbs. on the seat. Spring run count: 128.

Please note our Buxton on-head spring tester reads 30 lbs. less than our Rimac bench tester. These are Buxton readings.

We will need new lash caps on the intakes because of the slight rocker misalignment with these heads. 

January 20, 2017:

Today Chris got his new S & W Race Cars wheelie bars mocked-up on the Chevelle which are 9-inches longer than the old bars. Now they are out to Bill Parsons to get the x-braces welded. We’ll see what happens the first time out.

January 28, 2017:

Bill Parsons did an excellent job on the wheelie bars and they are now installed on the Chevelle.

Bill Parsons doing his magic on the new Chevelle wheelie bars


Completed wheelie bars


57 Chev:

On the ’57, we’ll be pulling the bellhousing and removing a slight amount of lever weight from the new Ram clutch we ran for the first time in August 2017, and we’ll be testing all the valve springs in the motor and general maintenance. Plus some electrical modifications to add a 3-step rev control to take advantage of our new clutch. [We currently have a 2-step].

September 30, 2017:

Thanks to Chris & Paul for a lot of hard work, we got the clutch adjusted. 980# base pressure, 3.3 grams of lever weight (down 1-gram). Next to test the valve springs.

October 7, 2017:

We checked the 1.625″ PacAloy 1224 valve springs, all are good between 290 – 300 lbs. on the seat. Spring run count: 25

Please note our Buxton on-head spring tester reads 30 lbs. less than our Rimac bench tester. These are Buxton readings.

January 21, 2018:

Today Pam helped me replace the broken hub bolt, stop and missing spring from the damaged sprung-hub Ram disc from our old clutch. So now we have a usable flywheel & clutch assembly for the ’57.  Pam is now officially part of the clutch team! This is the damaged disc we found last summer:

Damaged disc, note missing dampner spring and missing stop bolt


Next on our ’57 checklist is to wire in a switch to deactivate the launch RPM limiter during our burnouts with our new clutch. 

Paul’s ’85 Mustang:

No major issues at this time! Many of the bugs have been worked out over the past two seasons including rebuilding the transmission for 2017 since Paul purchased the car. The Mustang ran well this year with very few issues.

We will be installing an in-line fuel filter prior to the fuel pressure regulator to address the regulator and needle & seat issues we had early this season from small particles from the old fuel tank.  [Fuel filter ordered on December 7th].

Torri’s ’66 Tempest:

We may have surprises coming for the Pontiac which will likely be a long-term upgrade. We’re in the discussion phase at this time! More details in the future. 


Thanks to Our Great Sponsor…

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Site Change Coming In 2018

In June this year I wrote an article, What Does the Future Bring discussing my feelings about the importance of our racing site.

In April 2018 Pam and I will be starting a new chapter as she retires and I’ll be focusing more on our time together. Throughout the years I’ve attempted to make our racing site informative, educational and present a positive image of Edwards & Young Racing, our sport and our sponsors.  


Therefore with Pam and I beginning new adventures in the Spring of 2018, I will be posting fewer updates, less pictures and video productions. Videos are very labor intensive. 

I’m proud of my sons and what we’ve been able to accomplish together over the years and they have played a vital role in maintaining the ’57.  And I’m equally proud of this site I created and our 95,000 visitors per year confirms that this site is still relevant.

I wish all of you a blessed holiday season and safe travels with your family & friends and I look forward to seeing you in the Spring at the track!  


Roger & Pam Young



Roger Young – roger@northwestvets.com

2017 Winter Progress Reports


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Pacific Raceways 2017 in Pictures by Robert Fedyk

As always, a great production by Robert Fedyk. Can you spot the Edwards & Young cars?

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Catch A Falling Star!

Video dedicated to my loving wife, Pam. Thanks for all our wonderful adventures with many more in the future!! Love, Hubby

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Last Lap – Dale Earnhardt Jr

I picked this up today for my grandson, Isaak, who is a BIG Junior fan and loves NASCAR. Full of articles on Junior including those when he was young with his father, this is a special retirement tribute by Sports Illustrated!

This issue is a real keepsake!



Tribute to Junior:

Tribute to Dale Sr:


Thanks For The Memories!


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10,000+ RPM Dart LS Next Pro Stock Engine

This is absolutely wild! See the entire article and dyno pull video courtesy of EngineLabs at the link here! 1160 horsepower from 400 cubes naturally aspirated with more yet to come from this Aussie Pro Stock motor! – Roger


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Our 2017 Racing Season In Review

Video/slideshow from our 2017 season:

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West Coast Grudge Racing

Hello Race Fans,

I had a blast a few Sundays ago [September 10th] as I took the Mustang out to Pacific Raceways for a special event that featured the junior dragsters and the West Coast Grudge Series. We had a great turnout of over 30+ juniors battling it out for trophies & very special prizes and 100+ cars for the grudge series.

The grudge series was 1/8 mile only and I ran 7.43 on the test hit which is a new record for the car. I raced Tyler Botdke in his Mustang 2nd pass and ran 7.45 but he just nipped me at the stripe by .02 even though I treed him.

The final pass of the day against Derrick Shumsky in his Dart I ran 7.46 and once again got nipped at the stripe.

It is a no pressure all fun type of event where you can pair up with your buddies and looks like it will continue to grow in 2018 so come check it out.

Hope to see you all at the track! – Paul Young


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Woodburn Divisional

September 15 – 17th 2017:

Courtesy of NHRA Division 6


JML Motorsports – Joe Loch – Top Sportsman:

Launching the Camaro. Photo by Tony Hutchison


Edwards & Young Racing – Chris Young – Pro Bracket:

Tony Hutchison photo


Friday Update:

Joe Loch set a new personal best in the Q2 session, topped 213 MPH! 6.568 @ 213.11 MPH once again giving the JML Motorsports team the top spot in Top Sportsman qualifying!



1) Joe Loch, Renton, Wash., ’14 Camaro, 6.568 seconds, 213.11 mph
2) Mike Williams, Tilley, Alb., ’09 GXP, 6.883, 200.31
3) Paul Gladden, Tracy, Calif., ’70 Mustang, 6.910, 198.50
4) Craig Blaisdell, Anderson, Calif., ’14 Camaro, 6.975, 198.41
5) Don Sefton, Port Orchard, Wash., ’12 GXP, 7.010, 196.33
6) Terry Wilcox, Sumner, Wash., ’17 Camaro, 7.051, 197.10
7) Bobby Ray McMahan, Lodi, Calif., ’70 Cuda, 7.092, 193.96
8) Shawn Herbst, Selah, Wash., ’68 Firebird, 7.100, 195.35
9) Mike Ferderer, Buckley, Wash., ’06 Grand AM, 7.172, 188.60
10) John Tiegen, Grand Praririe, Alb., ’11 Cobalt, 7.227, 187.03

Saturday Update:

Chris ran a 10.55 @ 125.13 on his last qualifying pass. Joe went 6.59 @ 213.16. Now on to eliminations.

Chris won his 1st round peddling the car to take the win, Joe Loch broke out by .02 running a 6.580 @ 212 MPH with a .032 light in Top Sportsman ending his effort. On to Sunday eliminations as night fell on the track!

Sunday Update:

Chris lost in the 2nd round this morning when his competition cut a better reaction time. Chris ran an excellent 10.528 on a 10.52 dial, Paul did a good job with the dial-in considering it was the first hit of the day and racing into a headwind. Now to load up and get home safely! – Roger 

Woodburn ResultsNHRA


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Clutch Testing – August 26th 2017 – Pacific Raceways




August 26th 2017:

This was our first time out with the new Ram clutch and I will admit there was some anxiety on my part. Did we have our initial settings reasonably close [980 base pressure, 4.3 grams lever weight] or were we way out in left field? Was I going to let the clutch out at 5900 RPM and kill the engine after leaving for years at 7400 to 7800 with the old clutch? Or being set too light and driving thru the new clutch. I had some sleepless nights!

The first hit answered that question, we left the starting line at 5900 RPM and the car left well turning the rear slicks a couple revolutions and recorded a very solid 1.432 60-foot time and ran a 10.504 @ 127.97 MPH! Strangely with the new clutch, it felt like a much slower run because the launch was much smoother as were the shift points.

New Ram Sintered-iron fully adjustable clutch for 2018 with aluminum wheel


On our 2nd hit, we ran a 10.578 @ 127.20 MPH. We expected it to slow somewhat as the clutch disc seated. 

After this 2nd hit we looked closely at the Racepak data and lowered the base clutch pressure from 980 lbs to 920 lbs and went into the 1st round of Pro Bracket, and it responded well to our adjustment. We ran a 10.535 on a 10.56 dial, lifting at only 122.13 MPH. I thought I had scrubbed enough at the stripe but that wasn’t the case. Paul looked at the data and said it was on another 10.50 pass! Clearly it liked the lower base pressure. 

Ed Garfield, the Drag Strip Manager at Pacific Raceways, allowed us another time-only run to finish the day but I missed my shift points slowing to a 10.604 @ 126.02 MPH.

Nonetheless it was a very successful outing with the new clutch, in fact we recorded the quickest and fastest passes of the year on two hits! The new clutch is showing excellent potential

Over the winter we’ll increase the base pressure back to 980 lbs and reduce the lever weight by a gram to slow the lock-up a bit on the initial hit of the clutch and should be near perfect. We’re barely spiking the tires going into high gear so we’re very close! We’re looking for just a bit of slippage going into high. The data shows the clutch is locked up now at 6250, we would like to get that up to 6400 – 6500 RPM. 

My thanks to Chris, Paul & Pam for all their hard work this season! We had some breakage which took us out of races the past three years, but we hope with the new clutch it will be much easier on parts! The ’57 is done for this year but there are more races for the team yet to come in 2017!

My best,




1st hit with our new Ram clutch – Jim Doyle pic

3rd hit with our new Ram clutch after reducing base pressure 60#. First round of eliminations – Jim Doyle pic

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Division 6 Race at Pacific Raceways – August 2017

Chris had his ’71 Chevelle out for this weekend in Pro Bracket and Paul was giving him a hand. Plus they were helping with Joe Loch’s Top Sportsman Camaro.

Sunday morning Pro Bracket was first out and the air was excellent. Chris ran a solid 10.507 @ 125.83 MPH on a 10.49 dial. Unfortunately, Chris went red by .004-seconds.

There is a curious observation from this weekend, in the left lane Chris had reaction times of .047 & .034.  In the right lane he recorded reaction times of .004, .003 and the -.004 in the first round. Question, is the roll-out equal in both lanes?

Great shot by Robert Fedyk at the August 2017 Divisional at Pacific Raceways


Joe Loch qualified #1 in Top Sportsman again negotiating a tricky track on the top end. In the first round he recorded a personal best MPH running a 6.573 @ 211.73 MPH on his first round bye run! Joe was eliminated in the 2nd round when he was tardy on the tree.

Next out is our ’57 for clutch testing on August 26th. – Roger 


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