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In Honor of Sgt. Gregory Antunano
KIA-BNR Cambodia, 24 July 1971



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575th TC Detachment

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Valorous Unit Ribbon
Valorous Unit Ribbon

Defense of Saigon & Long Binh - 1968 TET
Cambodia Incursion - 1970






Created by John Waldo Pepper
Created by John "Waldo" Pepper


Ratpack Patch
Scout Platoon "Ratpack" Patch -- 1969-1970
Courtesy of Walter Adams, Scout C.E.



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Flying Slick.Gif
Flying Slick courtesy of Mark Aaron, HHT




Above The Best.Gif

Ft. Rucker, Army Aviation Crest
Courtesy of Roger Young



WELCOME TO "CAV COUNTRY" and the Silver Spurs & a warm "Welcome Home" to all who served in Vietnam! -- Welcome Home to all the current 3-17th Troopers serving our nation back from Afghanistan! We welcome the "new" Silver Spurs who served in Iraq & Afghanistan, and are honored they have adopted our call sign!




U.S. Historical Document Sites
Submitted by Dan Sutherland

The Bill of Rights

The Constitution of the United States

Declaration of Independence

The Federalist Papers




1967 Rifle Platoon
Spur Rifles - 1967
SFC Billy Barber in center,
Cpt. Decoteau is looking at pictures
Courtesy of Bill Barber - CSM (Ret.)


Jeff Anthony Photo
A Troop, C-model Gunship, 1968
Courtesy of CWO Jeff Anthony


Tom Runkle Photo
Spur Lift Resupply of ARVN Operation out of Soc Trang
IV Corps - Dec '69 - Apr '70
Spurs took heavy fire outbound from LZ

Courtesy of Tom Runkle -Crew Chief - Spur Lift Platoon


Tom Runkle Photo
Spur Lift/Aero-Rifle Operation out of DiAn in III Corps
Spur LOH in background

Courtesy of Tom Runkle - Crew Chief - Spur Lift Platoon


Super Snake
"Super" Snake!
Quan Loi - 1970

Courtesy of Larry "Chance" Hughes
FAC Pilot, 19 TASS, Rash Fac
Quan Loi 1970
"Raiders" Platoon of the 334th (E Troop 3/17)


Courtesy of Bill McCalister


Spur mascot, "Wopa" in full dress uniform!
Wopa often flew with the Lift & Rifle platoons.

Courtesy of Bill McCalister

Related story:

The Dog that flew with the Silver Spurs
by Bill McCalister



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