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"Tell them we gave our todays,
For their tomorrows"





Updated: 29 March 2008


Now includes those fallen brothers from the 334th AHC from
2Nov70 when they were attached as E Troop to the 3/17th.



Wreath at the Wall
"3/17th Wreath at the Wall" -- 2000 D.C. Reunion
Courtesy of Pam Young




Day is done, gone the sun,
From the hills, from the lake,
From the sky.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.

Fades the light; And afar
Goeth day, And the stars
Shineth bright,
Fare thee well; Day has gone,
Night is on.

Thanks and praise, For our days,
'Neath the sun, Neath the stars,
'Neath the sky,
As we go, This we know,
God is nigh.

The History of Taps

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Gettysburg Tribute.Gif

From Gettysburg National Cemetery -- Cemetery Hill

Rest in Peace our Fallen Brothers...



Line                                                          Acft   Tail
No. Rank Name                       Duty Unit                 Type   Number
--- --- ----------------------------- --- -------------------- ------ --------

	Incident Date 671215    Panel 31E
096 SP4 Oscar Aguayo, Jr.            CE  B/3/17               UH-1C

	Incident Date 671215    Panel 32E
004 PFC James Louis Reichelt          G  B/3/17               UH-1C

	Incident Date 671219    
025 SSG Willie C. McNair  (Not on VHPA List - From A Trp, 3/17 History)
025 PFC Richard E. Mehl   (Not on VHPA List - From A Trp, 3/17 History)

	Incident Date 680102    Panel 33E
019 WO1 William Thomas Jacobus        P  C/3/17 CAV           UH-1D  66-16036
021 PFC Ernest James Nichols, Jr.     G  C/3/17 CAV           UH-1D  66-16061

	Incident Date 680106
056 Sgt Kenneth Beryl Berry           I  B/3/17 CAV

	Incident Date 680201    Panel 36E
048 WO1 Raymond Lester Conway         CP B/3/17 Cav  Lost while retreiving a prisoner.

	Incident Date 680218    Panel 39E

079 1Lt Jerry Dean Adams               P  C/3/17 CAV (Was originally listed from A Troop by VHPA)

	Incident Date 680410    Panel 49E
007 SGT Daniel Leverne Ackerman       I  D/3/17 CAV
	Incident Date 680513    Panel 60E
004 SGT Edward Eugene Stroud (Not on VHPA List - From A Trp, 3/17 History)

	Incident Date 680522    Panel 65E
001 SP5 John Harold Tomey                HHT/3/17 CAV (From Morris Miller's Records)
006 SGT Lionel Timothy Clover            HHT/3/17 CAV (From Morris Miller's Records)
011 SP4 Steven Gary Hicks                HTT/3/17 CAV (From Morris Miller's Records)



Incident Date 680530 Panel 62W 002 SGT John Robert Sinnock I D/3/17 CAV (Ambush at Ben Muong) Incident Date 680723 Panel 51W 038 1Lt Douglas Dale Chaney (Not on VHPA List - From A Trp, 3/17 History) 041 SP5 Francis David Leo Johnson (Not on VHPA List - From A Trp, 3/17 History) 044 CWO James Douglas Smith (Not on VHPA List - From A Trp, 3/17 History) 046 SP4 Bruce R. Wenban (Not on VHPA List - From A Trp, 3/17 History) Incident Date 681008 Panel 41W 028 SP4 Harry William Anderson, Jr. OB A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 67-16204

Memorial Service for Harry Anderson
Spur Memorial Service for Harry Anderson - John Hays Photo
Camp Frenzell-Jones (the 199th's) at Long Binh, Vietnam

Incident Date 681031 Panel 40W 062 SP4 Lawrence Gilbert Bourne CE A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16033 064 SP5 James Melvin Gheer G A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16033 065 PFC Charles Ruiz Lemus, Jr. PX A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16033 066 1LT Milton Dale Pate AC A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16033 066 SP4 Tomas Reyes Mesa PX A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16033 070 1LT Ronald Alan Wolter P A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16033 Incident Date 681116 Panel 39W 074 WO1 Eddie Wayne Brown P C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 66-07836 074 SGT Ernest Craig Homer CE C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 66-07836 075 SP4 Jorge Luis Nieves G C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 66-07836 Incident Date 681125 Panel 38W 056 SP4 Michael Peter Cusick I B/3/17 CAV Lost investigating enemy bunker. Incident Date 681213 Panel 36W 015 SP4 Robert Randy Fregia CE C/3/17 CAV Incident Date 690106 Panel 35W 042 1LT Daniel Bernard Cheney P A/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15582 043 WO1 Walter Norman Koslosky AC A/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15582 Incident Date 690120 Panel 34W 045 1LT David Earl Taylor P A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 66-07872 046 MAJ Richard King Zimmerman P A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 66-07872 Incident Date 690221 Panel 32W 069 PFC Grover Cleveland Bowen CE C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 66-17823 070 SFC Harold E. Carter OB C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 66-17823 Incident Date 690318 Panel 29W 066 1LT Hardy Eugene Calloway P B/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15580 070 WO1 Willard Spencer Lund AC B/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15580 Incident Date 690416 Panel 27W 096 1LT Peter Clark Little P C/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15864 097 WO1 Robert W. Satterfield AC C/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15864 Incident Date 690501 Panel 26W 093 1LT Kenneth Edward Ross AC B/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15558 Incident Date 690502 100 SGT Jerry Roger Meadows G C/3/17 CAV Posthumously promoted from SP4 to SGT Incident Date 690511 Panel 25W 047 WO1 James Michael Gilbert P A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 67-16599 Incident Date 690511 Panel 24W 020 SGT Paul Irving Roderigues OB A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 67-16599 Incident Date 690601 Panel 23W 036 PFC Robert William Getz I C/3/17 CAV Killed in firefight 038 SP4 David Lee Mills G B/3/17 CAV Killed by sniper while on Medivac mission Incident Date 690613 Panel 22W 041 WO1 Stephen John Kinghorn P C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 67-16357 Incident Date 690916 Panel 18W 094 CW2 Robert F. Daley AC A/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15584 094 1LT John Fletcher Goodlett P A/3/17 CAV AH-1G 67-15584 Incident Date 690917 101 WO1 Gary James Davis AC B/3/17 CAV AH-1G 68-15061 106 WO1 Theodore Van Skiles CP B/3/17 CAV AH-1G 68-15061 Incident Date 691021 Panel 17W 103 WO1 Martin Yale Namer P 1 AVN BDE (A/3/17 CAV) Incident Date 691202 Panel 15W 020 SSG Jonathan Townsend I D/3/17 CAV Killed by explosive device Incident Date 691227 098 WO1 Michael Randall Earl P C/3/17 CAV AH-1G 68-15065 112 SSG Richard Paul Stotsbery TO C/3/17 CAV AH-1G 68-15065 (Lost on test flight) Incident Date 700102 119 SSGT Willie James Hayes I D/3/17 CAV (Long Khanh Province - KIA 120 PFC Barney McCoy Smith I D/3/17 Cav while on patrol by 4 or 5 NVA hiding in a bunker) Incident Date 700116 Panel 14W 037 CW2 David Keith Aeschliman P B/3/17 CAV OH-6A Incident Date 700209 117 SGT Oscar Joe Gomez OB B/3/17 CAV OH-6A (Aeschliman's Observer) Incident Date 700421 Panel 11W 031 CW2 Anthony Wayne Manstis P B/3/17 CAV OH-6A? Incident Date 700429 067 CW2 Willard Sparks Cannon III P C/3/17 CAV OH-58A 68-16844 Incident Date 700604 Panel 09W 007 SP4 Jerry Cecil Gillett OB 1 AVN BDE (A/3/17 CAV) OH-58A 68-16945 011 WO1 William Thomas Wallace, Jr. P A/3/17 CAV OH-58A 68-16945 Incident Date 700608 029 SP4 Clark Franklin Rogers I D/3/17 CAV -- Jeep accident between DiAn & Tay Ninh Incident Date 700630 101 CPT Calvin William Binder II P A/3/17 CAV, 3 PLT AH-1G 104 CW2 James Freeman Elkin P A/3/17 CAV, 3 PLT AH-1G Incident Date 700704 118 WO1 Mark Thomas Jernigan P C/3/17 CAV AH-1G 120 WO1 Frank Edwin Stearns AC C/3/17 CAV AH-1G Incident Date 700822 Panel 08W 130 SP4 Robert Leon Dunaway, Jr. OB C/3/17 CAV OH-58 69-16089 132 SP5 Paul Ward CE C/3/17 CAV OH-58 69-16089 Incident Date 700915 Panel 07W 064 SGT David Franklin Freeman OB C/3/17 CAV OH-58 68-16912 064 PFC Lee David Meadows CE C/3/17 CAV OH-58 68-16912 Incident Date 700926 091 WO1 Thomas Martin Barnett P A/3/17 CAV AH-1G Incident Date 701016 Panel 06W 004 PFC David Alan Moore D/3/17 CAV Drowned while crossing a river in Gia Dinh Province Incident Date 701020 011 WO1 Byron Mark Hannah P B/3/17 CAV Incident Date 701118 068 WO1 Thomas Allison Knopik P C/3/17 CAV UH-1H 69-15565 068 CW2 Benton Lewis Miller IP C/3/17 CAV UH-1H 69-15565 Incident Date 701207 112 PFC Harold Norman Flieger 0B A/3/17 CAV OH-58 (Perished on his 20th birthday...) Incident Date 701208 114 SSG William Harold Martin D/3/17 CAV Incident Date 701224 Panel 05W 007 1LT Joseph C. Spence, Jr. AC A/3/17 CAV AH-1G 68-15171 007 CW2 William Henry Yount, Jr. P A/3/17 CAV AH-1G 68-15171 Incident Date 701230 014 PFC Howard Wayne Bramlett, Jr. CE B/3/17 CAV OH-58A 68-16964 015 SP4 Steve Spencer De Nike OB B/3/17 CAV OH-58A 68-16964 015 1LT Brian Anthony Horinek P B/3/17 CAV OH-58A 68-16964 Incident Date 710215 109 SP4 Tagipo Vaoga Tauala I A/3/17 CAV Incident Date 710218 128 CPT Robert Eugene Decelle II P A/3/17 CAV OH-58A Incident Date 710224 Panel 04W 002 WO1 Thomas Evans Bennett CP A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16038 002 WO1 Clarence Dean Hakes PP A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16038 002 WO1 Steven William Goelz P A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16038 002 SP4 Vernon Andrew Green CE A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16038 003 CPT Joseph Michael Wilsher PP A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16038 003 SP5 Craig James Jakel PX A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16038 003 SP4 Michael Henry Keys G A/3/17 CAV UH-1H 66-16038 Incident Date 710226 007 SGT Michael William Langnehs I D/3/17 CAV Known as 'Jarhead' & perished at Nhon Trach from explosive booby trap. Incident Date 710331 096 SGT Raphael Lorenzo Collazo I C/3/17 CAV MIA - Body returned 19 May 93 Official date of loss: 17 Mar 68 Incident Date 710423 Panel 03W (CAMBODIA) 018 SSGT Patrick Oreilly Orr OB A/3/17 CAV OH-58A 68-16946 Lost near the Chup rubber plantation Incident Date 710527 (CAMBODIA) 056 1LT Thomas William Knuckey P A/3/17 CAV, 12 CAG OH-58A 68-16888 056 SGT Philip Charles Taylor OB A/3/17 CAV, 12 CAG OH-58A 68-16888 Incident Date 710705 101 CWO Edward Lewis Mortimer, Jr. P F/4th CAV -- Temp. attached to the 3/17th Incident Date 710723 112 SP4 Margarito Rodriquez Gomez I D/3/17 CAV Recon patrol between Rung La & Dai Mai off of Route 1 Incident Date 710724 (CAMBODIA) 113 SP4 Randall David Dalton G A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 68-17257 114 SGT Gregory Alfred Antunano OB A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 68-17257 Incident Date 710831 Panel 02W 007 PFC Frederic C. Saunders I D/3/17 CAV Grenade accident near Lai Khe Incident Date 710907 011 CPT Bruce Alton Cannon P C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 011 SP5 Jimmie David Hinton OB C/3/17 CAV OH-6A Incident Date 710913 015 WO1 Robert Gene Fortin P B/3/17 CAV OH-6A Incident Date 710915 023 SP4 Charles Egbert Jaquins G A/3/17 CAV OH-6A 68-17175 Incident Date 710927 027 PVT James Franklin Bishop G C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 67-16629 028 CPT Hershel Gale Rogers P C/3/17 CAV OH-6A 67-16629 Incident Date 711023 049 SP4 Robert Harrison Clifton I HHT/3/17 CAV KIA in drowning accident Incident Date 711110 064 CW2 James Patrick Delaney AC 334 AHC** UH-1H 66-16036 064 SP4 John Michael Clark G 334 AHC** UH-1H 66-16036 065 WO1 Francis James Klassen P 334 AHC** UH-1H 66-16036 065 SP4 Henry Floyd Dellecker CE 334 AHC** UH-1H 66-16036 065 SGT Dennis Michael Higgins TO 334 AHC** UH-1H 66-16036 Incident Date 711130 081 SP4 Bert Otto Lawrence C/3/17 CAV Truck Accident 081 SP4 Joseph Bernard Ziel C/3/17 CAV Truck Accident

** -- Those fallen brothers from the 334th AHC from 2Nov70 when they were attached as E Troop to the 3/17th.

Please note: The incident date is not always the same as date died.
Duty codes: AC = Aircraft Commander P = Pilot CP = Co-pilot C = Crew Member FE = Flight Engineer G = Gunner OB = Observer CE = Crew Chief IP = Instructor Pilot MD = Medic ME = Mechanic PX = Passenger PP = Pilot Passenger CX = Crew member passenger ME = Mechanic PR = Pararescue Member TO = Technical Observer FM = Flight Mechanic RS = Rescue Specialist FS = Flight Surgeon I = Infantry
IN ADDITION, those lost from A Troop, PRIOR to deployment to RSVN: LISTER, ELIGAN* - COLBY, RAYMOND W.* - BROWN, CARL L.* - MICHON, DAVID E.* - HOLLAND, IRA D.* - CORDER, RICHARD E.* - KNOLL, DENNIS L.* - HORNBERGER, JOE K.* - VAN DYKE, DONALD G.* (*) These particular names do not appear on The Wall. Lists compiled from A Troop Unit Historical documents compiled at the time. These men were killed in a training accident prior to unit's deployment to the Republic of South Vietnam. The tenth man killed in the accident was WO Knoll's brother, SP4 Terry L. Knoll, who was serving with another unit. More on this tragic accident from Glynn T. Decoteau: "My congratulations on putting together a truly inspirational site and a fitting memorial. Initially lift section leader, I became aerorifle platoon commander (vice CPT Jim Taylor) the day before the accident at Fort Knox; it occurred during a demonstration for West Point cadets, etc. which involved two slicks flying side-by-side. Their blades meshed producing the mid-air. My entries in a faded old book indicate the following: Aircraft destroyed: Army 66-16032 and 66-16055. Killed: Hornberger Knoll Colby (had son) Corder (married) Michon Brown Holland Lister Van Dyke (Medic) Knoll (D.'s brother/Army, but not 3/17. He was visiting D. and climbed aboard at the last minute.) Injured: Boughton (Soldier's Medal - see below) Clements (Soldier's Medal - see citation below) Clary Longworth Ruscher (Burns - Sent to Brook Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, TX) Ingram Kitt Cunningham (Burns - Sent to Brook Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, TX) Jay Joyner This incident shook the platoon to its knees, but we got back up in the air shortly after it happened - on purpose. 1LT Raoul Robert was the Lift Section Leader. Glynn T. Decoteau -- 'Devil 26', April 1967 - July 1968."




Soldier's Medals for heroism: Provided by CSM (ret) Bill Barber -- 'Echo 26')

Soldier's Medal courtesy of Karen Offutt

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress,
July 2, 1926, has awarded the Soldier's Medal to:

Private First Class Elden H. Clements, Jr., United States Army

for heroism:

On the afternoon of 28 May 1967, Private First Class Elden H. Clements, Jr., Troop A, 3d Squadron, 17th Cavalry, distinguished himself by heroism while participating as a passenger in a helicopter involved in a firepower demonstration at Dorrets Run Range, Fort Knox, Kentucky. During this demonstration, the helicopter in which Private Clements was riding crashed and burst into flames. After clearing the helicopter, he returned to help evacuate those who were still aboard. Private Clements boarded the aircraft and rescued another passenger who was trapped in the helicopter and severly burned. Private Clements was observed putting out the fire on this individual outside the helicopter. In returning to the aircraft, Private Clements willingly subjected himself to possible serious injury. The aircraft was on fire and in danger of exploding. Private Clements' actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.


Soldier's Medal courtesy of Karen Offutt


The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress,
July 2, 1926, has awarded the Soldier's Medal to:

Specilist Four Elmer B Boughton, US--------, United States Army

for heroism: 28 May 1967




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I have had several requests from other 3/17th troopers for the KIA lists of their particular Troops.

The above list of KIAs for the 3/17th Air Cav Squadron was compiled from various sources, including the VHPA lists, and from 3/17th Troop Historical Records which are available as of this date. My sincere thanks to Gary Roush, Webmaster of the VHPA Website for the vast amount of information VHPA has provided veterans around the world. And a special thanks to "No Quarter" for additional information and research data!

The VHPA information included many those lost from HHT, A, B & C Troops & also includes those fallen brothers from the 334th AHC from 2Nov70 when they were attached as E Troop to the 3/17th.

Information on Delta troop losses has been researched and documented by the Bluetiger troopers of D, 3/17th. My sincere thanks to all in their personal efforts to bring all of our fallen troopers "home."

This page has been made entirely possible by the combined personal efforts of many troopers, family members, friends and loved ones who will never forget them! Without such personal efforts some troopers who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation would have been left off the list. It is therefore vital if you have additonal names of our fallen heroes please share it with us! Help us make this list complete! So that every fallen trooper will be honored.

The above list is provided for the sole information of 3/17th Air Cav members and their family members, and is NOT intended to be used for commercial use or for-profit.

Please send additions/corrections to me for updating at: bear317@aol.com


    Roger "Bear" Young
    A Trp, Dec '69 - Nov '70

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