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Courtesy of the Silver Spurs
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Contact: Roger Young -- Silver Spur webmaster



The Tradition Lives On!
Current 3-17th Cavalry Websites!

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3-17th LightHorse Patch


Active-duty, unoffical personal 3-17th Cav sites:

UPDATE: In Nov 04, the Diamondbacks became A Troop, 3-17th Cavalry and have chosen to adopt our old call sign, Silver Spurs. Their site will reflect such changes in the future.

Apache Troop, formerly A Troop, 3-17th Cavalry was absorbed into another unit after it returned from a long tour in Afghanistan in 2004. Please see: March 2004 VFW article on Apache Troop


3-17th Lighthorse Cav Honor Roll
In Remembrance of those Troopers who have fallen in
Operation Iraqi Freedom
[Hosted by the Silver Spurs]




3/17th Air Cavalry (Vietnam) Squadron Websites!

Courtesy of Mark Aaron, HHT


In Remembrance...
3/17th Vietnam Squadron Honor Roll

Courtesy of the Squadron

[Now includes those fallen brothers from the 334th AHC from
2Nov70 when they were attached as E Troop to the 3/17th]


Vietnam, 1970-1971, A Troop, 3rd of the 17th Air Calvary, U.S. Army by Dan Cannon


A-Troop Silver Spurs -- Host of this page.


D Troop "Light Horse" 3/5th Cav Site
Courtesy of Don Callison. C Troop, 3/17th merged on paper with D Troop, 3/5th! A great work in progress!


New location on the web - March 2011

D-Troop Blue Tigers
Courtesy of Bill Nevius.

One of the very best 3/17th sites! Bill Nevius is now back in the saddle hosting the site for all of us. His site contains very valuable information for the entire squadron! - Roger "Bear" Young


E-Troop (334th AHC) Documentation

[Note: It would appear as of 2Nov70, the 334th AHC - "Playboys," "GangBusters" etc., were attached to the 3/17th as various units were being consolidated. An exact time frame cannot be determined at this time. Perhaps in the future, more detailed information will become available as official records surface.]

"Nov/Dec `71,they took several of us from each troop as Scouts and Slick Drivers and put us with The Playboys (Snakes) at Phu Loi. Ratso, Richardson and I from A Troop. They called us the 334th but we were really E Troop. After about 2 months, they disbanded us and sent us all back to our original units." - Paul Clergy, Spur 13.

F Troop Information

Here's some more important information on the 334th and F Troop from Steve Borden:

"I was with the 334th in Vietnam from 4/71 till we stood down 3/72 minus a small vacation with a Cav Troop. I actually spent 5 years 1 month and a few days with the unit on three continents. I might be wrong, but the 334th was only referred to as E troop. It was "attached" to 3/17, but the name was never changed. However, as an attachment, it was still part of the history of the 3/17th.

"Here's something else for you. When the 25th Division (Tropical Lightening) stood down and returned to Schofield Barracks, HI, They left a Cav troop behind. It was D Troop 3/4 Cav. This troop had it's designation changed to F Troop 4th Cav "Centaurs" and it was attached to 3/17th also. They were in Lai Khe when 3/17th HHT was at Phu Loi. That's the little "vacation" I took from 6/71 to 9/71. You might want to mention the "Centaurs" on your web page. Their Snakes had the best looking teeth in all of III Corps, well, in my opinion anyway. :-)

"Please also see a site dedicated to the 334th at:



Steve Borden
Playboy 19, Raider 29, Centaur 29


On-Line 3/17th Cav Forums

Message from Arthur C Bonevich:


I'd like to invite you to join the '3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry (1960s-Present)' homepage on Military.com. The page is a great way to post updates, share photos, plan events, and more.

Just click on the link below, Then click the 'Join This Group' button.


If this does not work because your email software does not support this hypertext link, please copy the URL above, paste it into your browser address area and press enter.

Military.com is the online home for anyone who has answered the call to serve, and the family and friends who support them. Come see for yourself.

Join the page and keep up-to-date on group news.

Arthur C Bonevich




"1970 Spur Excerpts from the Redhorse Review"

Courtesy of the Bluetigers!


More 3/17th Hyperlinks!

Squadron Related Article:

Bethany Orphanage

From Aug '69 Hawk Magazine

[Courtesy of Silver Spur, Ed Conger]


C Troop Related Article:

3/17 Air Cav Rescues
Soldier Held for Year

From Hawk Magazine

[Courtesy of Silver Spur, Ed Conger]


Attention C Troop!
[From the Jan, Feb, Mar '99 VHCMA Newsletter}

OH-58A -- #68-16893

OH-58 #68-16893
[Photo courtesy of VHCMA newsletter]

This aircraft, an OH-58, is a Vietnam veteran having flown with C Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry. It was shot down in June of 1970 and returned to the United States for a complete rebuild. It also served again in the Gulf War. It was declared excess and signed over to the Brevard County, Florida Sheriff's Office. As tribute to the vets of these wars, it still wears its original military colors. A proven combat veteran, it still serves its country in the war against crime.

The Sheriff's department of Brevard County would like to find any crewmembers who knows about this aircraft. Please contact:

Rick Shields
7635 Turkey Point Drive
Titusville, FL. 32780




Upcoming 3/17th Reunions

[Posted when available on our Silver Spur Reunion Page]



A Note on Reunions:

As the internet increasingly becomes a tool for more troopers finding one another, reunions are naturally becoming a way to get back together and share our unique experiences in brotherhood. Various squadrons are also interconnecting as we continue to move forward.

Regardless of which reunion you might attend, I encourage all troopers at some point to take advantage of a reunion! In 2000 the 3/17th ACR had it's annual squadron reunion in Oklahoma City. The Spurs hosted a mini-reunion during Veterans Day in D.C. that same year. In 2001 the 3/17th Squadron Reunion was held in Tampa, FL.

Jose Martinez graciously invited 3/17th troopers to the 7/17th 2001 Reunion in St. Louis and the 1st Royal Australian Regiment also invited 1968 Spurs to their 2001 reunion in Australia! Of course their are annual reunions by national organizations such as the VHCMA, the VHPA and other organizations at different times and locations throughout the year.

All such reunions are encouraged and of value. Many cannot afford to travel across the country or make the many different reunions now available. Having reunions at different times and at different locations affords more troopers to fit a reunion into their personal schedule and finances. And I personally want to thank all that organize such reunions and appreciate their hard work and personal sacrifice to make these reunions a very memorable experience!

My best,

Roger Young - Spur webmaster



Past 3/17th Reunion Photo Links


3/17th ACR Squadron Reunion Pics!
Courtesy of the Silver Spurs website.


2000 D.C. Mini-Reunion!


1999 3/17th Squadron REUNION WAS IN

[For additional information about the 3/17th ACR, contact: John Dungan
Secretary, 3/17th Air Cavalry Reunion Assoc.]

Messages from the 3/17th ACR Association
[from the April 2000 3/17th ACR Assoc. newsletter]

1999 Squadron Reunion.Jpg

Pictured front row... left to right

Ken (Bear) Williams, Tom Anderson, Gary Lee Allen, Otho G. Elliott,
Al Shirk, Nathan Holley, Mitchell Myers, Lewis Runyon
Kneeling., Bill Thomas, Jerry Currey

Second row..

Brian Piggott, Bill Smith, Charles Beck, John Connor, Larry Penrose,
Nick Hlywa, Bobby Marcum, Joe D. Wilson, Phil McCluskey, John Dungan

Third Row...

Zare Garcia Hurn, Don Lucier, John Marley, Harry Hazlett,
Bill Jennings, Eddy Tongate, Woody Hakes



From Delta Troop to the Squadron... We have all enjoyed getting together again. Hope to see all of you at the next Reunion. Each time we meet we see a new (old face).

Thanks to Roger (Bear) Young, Skip, Nevius and Fernando. If it were not for you guys and the web, we would still be 30 years behind in finding someone we knew.

Thanks for all your help.


    John Dungan and the Air Cav Reunion Assoc.
    Delta Troop 3/17th






Closely Related Links:

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QUAN LOI WEB SITE! -- Courtesy of W. J. Palmer - Quan Loi ATC 1968 has vanished! Any ideas where fellow troopers???? Spur webmaster

Crusaders - 187th AHC

The Air Cavalry -- Informative link on helicopters used by air cavalry units! Located by fellow Spur, John Dostal.

History of the 1/17th Cavalry Regiment -- Very interesting, link found by Bluetiger Scout, John Dungan.

Site of the B Troop, 2/17th Air Cavalry "Banshees" -- Very comprehensive, link found by Stogie, Skip Davis.

BLUEGHOST 23 -- Features great pictures and stories from "Talons of Fire" by Mike Austin & Don Dunnington.

Jim Henthorn's "Jolly Green" Vietnam Vet Page -- THIS IS ANOTHER MUST SEE! This site is dedicated to the brave men of the Jolly Green's who extracted many downed aircrews throughout the Vietnam War. Includes massive and highly detailed maps of South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia!

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (VHFCN) -- Web-Site dedicated to Vietnam pilots and flight crew members! These site features newsletters, articles and links to units, VHPA and VHCMA!

Vietnam war Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) - Website dedicated to Vietnam pilots and how to join!

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA) - Web-site Dedicated to Flight Crew Members and how to join!

TLC Brotherhood - A great site linking many of the brothers who served in Thailand, Laos & Cambodia! A MUST see!

199th Infantry Brigade, "Redcatcher." -- Brought to our attention by Bob Himrod, 199th Inf. Scout Dog Handler. Bob worked with A Troop in 1968 when the troop was supporting the 199th!


K-9 Sites

Brought to our attention by Bob Himrod, 199th Inf. Scout Dog Handler
Bob worked with A Troop in 1968!



Army Aviation Museum
Army Aviation Museum at Ft. Rucker, AL.

Above The Best
Ft. Rucker, Army Aviation Crest
Courtesy of Roger Young




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