Silver Spurs

A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry

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In Remembrance of our Fallen Troopers

3/17 Squadron Honor Roll

In Memory of all fallen 3/17th Troopers

[29 Mar '08]

Silver Spur Honor Roll

In Memory of our fallen Spurs

Spurs KIA-BNR Honor Roll

In Memory of Knuckey, Taylor, Antunano & Dalton

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[Updated 8 Jul 2011]

In Memory of Zimmerman & Taylor

Tribute by S.C. Jones & John Connor

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In Memory of Jerry Gillett & William Wallace

Tribute by Tom Runkle, David Jacobs & Roger Young
Updated: 8 Jan '02

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In Remembrance of Martin Namer

by Bob Scurzi, Spur 15

Posted 4 Mar '10

Old Army Friend Reason to Pause on Memorial Day

Feature article by Jeff Anthony

2000 D.C. Reunion

Wreath Laying at the "Wall"

Meeting at the Wall

by Chuck Oualline - Silver Spur 3




Post-War Remembrances

In Memory of Paul Chalet

NTSB info provided by Ed Marzola

In Memory of Frank Bryant

1940 - 1999

In Memory of CSM Bill Barber

In Memory of LTC David Russell, Spur 6

In Memory of William L. Smith, Spur 18

In Memory of Jerry Thiels, Spur 36

In Memory of Tom Runkle, Spur Lift C.E.



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