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1 February 2013:

Effective 28 February 2013, both the Spur website and Spur blog will become a static archive. What has been posted since Pam and I founded the Spur site in September 1997 thru 28 February 2013 will remain for future reference purposes. There will very few additional updates, announcements, corrections or additions except for the following:

1) If the remains of Sgt. Gregory Antunano were recovered and returned from Cambodia!

2) I will provide updates for our upcoming Silver Spur Reunions for the Troop as they become available from the reunion committee.

3) Our President's Corner will be updated as messages become available from our Silver Spur President.

After over 15 years it is time for this old Spur to hang up his Stetson. I sincerely thank all my fellow Troopers who have contributed to make our Spur history possible and available for all who visit our Spur site. And a very special thanks to all the Spurs that have organized our reunions and Waldo who produced our Spur Memorial Service videos. It has been a combined effort by many dedicated Spurs. Links to the Spur pages and contact information are provided below.

Pam and I wish all of you the very best!

Roger "Bear" Young
Spur Scout C.E. - 1969-1970


11 March 2015:

Effective this day, I've reopened the Spur site for limited revisions and updates as time permits.

Roger "Bear" Young
Spur Scout C.E. - 1969-1970



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