Silver Spur Video – Sound of Silence

Produced in February 2018. Video footage by Sgt. Phil Taylor & CBS News. In Honor of our Fallen Troopers.

Music by “Disturbed.” – Roger “Bear” Young

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Traitors or patriots? Eight Vietnam POWs were charged with collaborating with the enemy

Brought to my attention by Spur 3, Chuck Oualline:

Traitors or patriots? Eight Vietnam POWs were charged with collaborating with the enemyWashington Post

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Activities of the 3/17 Air Cavalry

Silent film footage brought to our attention by fellow Silver Spur, MG Dennis Kenneally found in the National Archives:


Source: National Archives and Records Administration

ARC Identifier 33957 / Local Identifier 111-LC-56185 1970

Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 – 05/15/1984). Summary: VS, soldiers repair AH-1Gs and UH-1D helicopters. CU, sign on AH-1G. VS, soldier installs mini-gun on AH-1G. VS, flight of UH-1D landing. an, helicopters on ground. MS, soldier refuels OH-6A Cayuse [OH-58A Kiowa] helicopter. VS, OH-6A [OH-58A] takes off. VS, soldiers refuel UH-1D. AVs, countryside. Air to air, UH-1D in flight. LS, OH-6A [OH-58A]  and AH-1G in flight. VS, soldiers and civilians distribute toothbrushes to children in front of school. Int, girl explains dental care to children. Air to air, UH-1D in flight. VS, troops on patrol in jungle. They check hootches. VS, troops board M-151 jeeps. VS, soldiers at mail call.

Uploaded by Public.Resource.Org
DVD Copied by John T. Williams

Identifier gov.archives.arc.33957

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Silver Spurs Honored in June 2018 VHPA Calendar

I want to thank my fellow Silver Spur, Paul Clergy (Scout pilot), for sending me the 2018 VHPA calendar. June 2018 features pictures taken by our late fellow Spur Scout, Scott Evans (pilot) at or near Quan Loi, only a few miles from the Cambodian border. And it is in tribute to Jerry “Moose” Gillett (observer) & William T. Wallace, Jr. (pilot) that perished inside Cambodia on June 4, 1970. When I started the Silver Spur site in 1997 it was to honor our fallen Spurs from the Vietnam war. VHPA played a vital role in compiling the list of the entire 3/17th Squadron that perished. The etching in the calendar was taken by me in 1996 at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Thanks Paul for getting me a copy, you have no idea what this means to this fellow Silver Spur. God bless & Merry Christmas! – Bear

Mike Law of VHPA was the responsible party for putting together Scott’s collage and the tribute for June.

Click on image for full size photo

Caption reads:

A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry (A/3/17 Cav) OH-58s at Quan Loi – 1971. VHPA Member (deceased) Scott Evans gave most of these photos to the Silver Spur Association. Webmaster and former Scout Platoon line chief Roger ‘Bear’ Young provided them to VHPA. This collage is dedicated as a tribute to WO1 Wallace and SP4 Gillett, who perished in #68-16945 on 4 June 1970.

The 2018 VHPA calendar is available via Acclaim Press here

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Take A Knee…My Ass!

Brought to my attention by Spur 3, Chuck Oualline:

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Medal of Honor recipients lay wreath at Arlington’s Tomb of the Unknowns in 2016

Video submitted by our Silver Spur President, John “Waldo” Pepper:


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Charlie Horse in I-Corps & Laos

In 1971, Charlie Horse 3/17th Cav was operating in I-Corps and on paper, merged with D Troop, 3/5th Cav. More on this merger is explained on the D Troop, 3/5th Cav site.

Art “Artie” Bonevich served as a Scout platoon Observer NCO with both the Spurs and Charlie Horse, and sent me these videos. They also participated in Lam Son 719 into Laos where U.S. ground forces were not allowed, but U.S. helicopter units supported the ARVN thrust and they paid dearly delivering such support.

Watch these two videos which go into further detail. Thanks Artie! – Bear


“Profile of D Troop 3/5 Cav ‘Charlie Horse’ in Vietnam during the time frame of Lam Son 719. CWO Wayne Forbes, a scout helicopter pilot profiled in another video, can be heard directing firing on the bank where he observes a pack on a rock. The God of Hellfire brings the pain…”


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Aircraft Losses During The Vietnam War

A very interesting read including pictures, although not always period correct, submitted by Spur 6, Bud Smith:


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New Policy on External Links on Spur Static Pages

October 13, 2017:

Fellow Spurs,

I will no longer add new external links to the following Spur pages. It is too time consuming to check the links and remove or find their new locations on the net:

Silver Spur Bulletin Board

Squadron News Links

3-17 Lighthorse Support Page

The worst offenders are DoD and links!


Roger “Bear” Young

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Return of the ‘Ike Jacket’ for the U.S. Army?

I always liked the WWII uniform. – Bear

Poll: Do you like the Army’s ‘pinks and greens’ prototype?DefenseNews – 11 Oct 17

Courtesy of DefenseNews



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Vietnam Era Music Medley 18 Songs & Pics From The Vietnam Era

This video brought to my attention by Rick Lemmons, C Troop, 3/17th Cobra Line Chief. Thanks Rick! – Bear

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Commentary on The Vietnam War by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

Many of us watched the series and there are as many opinions as there are Vietnam veterans. But the commentary below I found of interest. Feel free to comment via the link at the bottom of this post. – Bear



Burning History: The Fallacy of Inevitability and The Truncation of History

Final Thoughts: Paradigm shifts regarding the meaning of unwinnable, and the phrase the war ended, are imperative by John M. Del Vecchio

Veterans angry, disappointed following PBS’ Vietnam War documentary by Tatiana Sanchez

Justifying Betrayal of Vietnam Emerges as the Raison d’être Of Ken Burns’ Film on the War by Phillip Jennings – October 11, 2017

The Vietnam War Documentary: Doom And Despair by Bing West – October 12, 2017

Oliver North: PBS and Ken Burns get Vietnam – and Richard Nixon – wrong, againFoxNews – October 27, 2017



Watch the series: The Vietnam War by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

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Web Domain Successfully Transferred

Fellow Spurs:

As you are likely aware via the Spur e-mail net, I’ve been in the process of transferring my entire domain from Yahoo Small Business because they no longer support WordPress security updates, to HostGator based in Texas with U.S. support. I’m pleased to report that transfer has been successful and the loading speed of my cloud business account is excellent and I’ve been able to install all the latest WordPress security updates that were not permitted on Yahoo.

Please note, due to a technical glitch after the transfer, our page, posts & comment URL’s here have changed to a new format making the old URL’s obsolete. Go to our main page and click on the pages & posts to see the new URL’s in your browser! I apologize for the inconvenience but it was necessary to get this blog working properly.

If you are in need of a solid web hosting service, I strongly recommend HostGator! And our Spur site is scanned daily by SiteLock to make certain there is no malware or spyware across our entire domain!




Site Powered by:


Roger “Bear” Young


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Our Flag vs the NFL

Speaking for myself – Bear


NFL owners considering ordering players to stand during national anthemFoxNews – October 10, 2017

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Sacred Soil Dedication Ceremony

Video submitted by our Spur President, John “Waldo” Pepper from The National Infantry Museum.

“On March 19, 2009, sacred soil from nine battlegrounds was sprinkled on the parade field at the National Infantry Museum by veterans of those battles or their descendants. Some of the soil was also preserved in glass containers and sealed in granite pavers at the edge of the field. The ceremony was narrated by actor Sam Elliott, who played CSM Basil Plumley in the film ‘We Were Soldiers.’ As new US Army Soldiers graduate and pass in review each week at Inouye Field, they march on soil where their Infantry forefathers fought.”

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