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Silver Spur Reunion News & Contact Information

Updated 7 August 2017

3/17th Reunions
Silver Spur reunions are open to all who have served with
or attached to the 3/17th, past & present, and their families as our guests


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Silver Spur Officers & 2018 Reunion Committee:


John "Waldo" Pepper - President

Tom Hennessy - Vice President

Clayton Marsh - Communications Coordinator

Bill McCalister - Treasurer

Bill McCalister - Reunion Chairman

Chuck Oualline - Reunion Co-Chairman




Silver Spur Reunion 2018 Update
[Posted 7 August 2017, Revised 15 August 2017]

Silver Spurs : I will send the Reunion 2018 forms to Bear and Clayton later this week. I'm not technical and rely on them to send you the forms as attachments.....

Hopefully, you have the dates already on your calendar...May 16-19, 2018 in Denver.

This Reunion has major options for you. We will conduct our traditional Memorial Service and have a brief Business Meeting....after that you have beaucoup choices to make !!!

To assist you, I will offer one dozen options. I have experienced all except attending a Rockies baseball game. When you see Pike's Peak most of you will instantaneously recall that in 1893 Katherine Lee Bates went up the peak on a wagon and finally mules to reach the summit....and the view so inspired her she wrote those words we cherish in "America the Beautiful"....so stay tuned....I will get those forms to Bear and Clayton soon.

We have lost seven Spurs since our Reunion 2016....please make plans to attend this one....and spend an extra week or ten days enjoying the "Activity Options" on my list. If you have a question on an activity...check their website or e-mail me and I will help. If you want more then let me know. I did not include some locations (Durango for example, as it is a seven hour drive from Denver, but a terrific area to experience)

Reunion Schedule & Activities
[PDF document]

2018 Silver Spur Registration & Hotel Reservation Forms
[PDF document]

Holiday Inn Hotel Link

Bill McCalister
Silver Spur 24 (1969)
Reunion Chairman




Silver Spur Reunion 2018
[Posted 20 January 2017]

Your Reunion Committee is pleased to announce the site for our Reunion 2018. After considering several factors, including Spur suggestions, central location, costs, and entertainment venues, the Silver Spurs will have an opportunity to experience Colorful Colorado in May of 2018.

As always, all Silver Spurs, other troopers who served in the 3/17 Air Cavalry Squadron, and their guests, are invited.

Reunion Dates:

* Arrival: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
* Departure: Sunday, May 20, 2018

Please plan to be present on Wednesday for the Welcome Reception.

We will be lodging in the Holiday Inn on Quebec Street in Denver. We will have five scheduled activities ; however, there are beaucoup options for memorable experiences ....a sample :

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum ; Coors Brewery Tour ; High Tea for the ladies at the historic Brown Palace Hotel ; Rockie's Baseball ; Visit Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park ; for all the flatlanders....visit Pike's Peak ; visit the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs ; Visit Royal Gorge ; the list will be long....lots of great choices....stay tuned...

Please watch your e-mail for future Reunion Registration info...probably next September.

Bill McCalister
Silver Spur 24 (1969)
Reunion Chairman





April 20 - April 24, 2016
[Reunion Completed]

Those Spurs that made the 2016 reunion happen:

Al LaGrange - President

Tom Hennessy - Vice President

Clayton Marsh - Communications Coordinator

Bill McCalister - Treasurer

Bill McCalister - Reunion Chairman

Chuck Oualline - Reunion Co-Chairman

John Earwood - Reunion Committee Member


September 19, 2016:

Spur 3, Chuck Oualline had this video produced for our 2016 Silver Spur reunion in Branson, Missouri. Thanks Chuck!


June 28, 2016:

2016 Reunion After-Action Report
by Chuck Oualline, Spur 3

March 16, 2016:

Spurs, Here is a post that is beyond the normal type and deserves notice to those that make Reunions Possible for us Troopers. Al LaGrange, Spur President



April 8, 2015:

Inspired by Silver Spur 3, Chuck Oualline, a Spur slideshow leading up to the 2016 Silver Spur Reunion in Branson, Missouri in April 2016.

These pictures take you from the Troop loading on the USNS Walker in October 1967, to the Troop's arrival in Vietnam and setting up operations, thru 1971 when the Troop was once again conducting operations inside Cambodia from Quan Loi near the Cambodian border. In short, a quick pictorial of our Troop's history in Vietnam. - Bear






April 23 - April 27, 2014
Reunion Completed



by Chuck Oualline - May 13, 2014


Silver Spur Branson Reunion Video/Slideshow!

Video slideshow of pictures I received from fellow Spurs from our last reunion in April 2014. My thanks to all who furnished pictures. Best watched in HD resolution (* in YouTube frame on lower right). - Bear


Reunion Election results:

Al LaGrange - President
Tom Hennessy - Vice President
Clayton Marsh - Communications Coordinator
Bill McCalister - Treasurer
Bill McCalister - Reunion Chairman
Chuck Oualline - Reunion Co-Chairman
John Earwood - Reunion Committee Member





2012 Logo
Graphic created by John "Waldo" Pepper



April 19, 20 and 21, 2012


2012 Spur Reunion Memorial Service
Produced by John "Waldo" Pepper


Display in Radisson Opryland Hotel lobby honoring our fallen Spurs by Waldo Pepper & Chuck Oualline


Original A Troop Guidon was presented to Nathan Pulliam by Sgt. Steve Tedder, '70-'71 Spur Scout Observer.
Steve "rescued" the original Guidon from storage at Quan Loi, and kept it all these years!


Steve Tedder presenting Nathan Pulliam with his original Guidon. LTC Thomas von Eschenbach photo


Spur Missing Man Table


Lt. Col. Thomas von Eschenbach, former Commander, 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry in Afghanistan
was one of the keynote speakers on Saturday, April 21st 2012


Hugh Mills was a featured keynote speaker on Saturday, April 21st 2012
Author of Low Level Hell
Bob Scurzi photo


2 May 2012:

For those of you who did not attend, you missed the biggest reunion yet. The After Action Report will be on the website shortly. [Posted below]

For planning purposes in the future, please email me and let me know what, if anything, we could have done differently that might have caused you to reconsider not attending. Thanks and I hope we will see you in 2014.

John C. Briggs
2012 Reunion Coordinator


2012 Silver Spur Reunion Nashville, TN. After Action Report
by John Briggs
[Posted 8 May 2012]


2012 Silver Spur Reunion Video
[Posted 11 May 2012]


Video from our 2012 Silver Spur reunion in Nashville, TN. Video provided by fellow Spur, John Briggs, still images courtesy of fellow Spur, John "Waldo" Pepper.

The video features Spur John Briggs, Spur 6 John Jenks, Spur 6 Nathan Pulliam, Spur Scout/Observer Steve Tedder and kenote speaker Darkhorse 16 Hugh Mills. Run time is approximately 35 minutes, the longest video I've uploaded to YouTube. - Bear


2012 Silver Spur Reunion Pics
[Posted 21 May 2012]





2010 Silver Spur Logo
2010 Silver Spur Reunion graphic created by John "Waldo" Pepper




2010 Spur After-Action Report
Posted 18 May 2010

2010 Reunion Pictures
Updated 30 June 2010


2010 Reunion Group Photo
2010 Spur Reunion Group Photo at Enchanted Springs Ranch



Subject: God's Own Lunatics
Date: 20 Jan 10

Preface: Joe Galloway was our keynote speaker at our 2008 & 2010 Spur reunions.

Joe Galloway signing books for Spurs
Joe Galloway signing books for Spurs at our 2008 reunion
Pam Young photo


In July of 2000, the VHPA met at The Wall in D.C. during its annual reunion and placed a wreath. I heard Joe Galloway give this short outdoor speech after some Hueys and other Army copters did a flyover.

Pictures courtesy of the Silver Spurs, produced by Roger "Bear" Young

View/add comments on YouTube

Joe Kline's artist rendition of 'God's Own Lunatics'

Proud to be one of these lunatics,

Chuck Oualline
2010 Spur Reunion Committee Chairman



2010 Spur Reunion Contacts:

John "Waldo" Pepper - Spur President

Bill McCalister - Silver Spur 24 - Spur Treasurer

Chuck Oualline - Silver Spur 3 - Reunion Committee Chair

Ed Roffe - Chaplain

Bill Smith - Silver Spur 18

Charles Stutzman - Silver Spur 13 - Membership Committee Chair - Please check in with Charles to be included on our Spur roster!



2008 Silver Spur Reunion
2008 Silver Spur Reunion graphic created by John "Waldo" Pepper



Silver Spur reunions are open to all who have served with
or attached to the 3/17th, past & present, and their families as our guests




Joe Galloway at A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry Reunion in April 2008

We were honored to have Joe Galloway be our guest speaker at our Silver Spur reunion in April 2008 in San Antonio, TX. Our own Spur 3, Chuck Oualline, gives the introduction. Video by Pam Young.

Roger "Bear" Young


Spur 2008 Reunion group picture at the Riverwalk in San Antonio
Spur 2008 Reunion group picture at the Riverwalk in San Antonio



2006 Silver Spur Reunion
22 - 25 June 2006

2006 Silver Spur Reunion
2006 Silver Spur Reunion graphic created by John "Waldo" Pepper


June 2006, Dothan [Ft. Rucker], Alabama - This was Homecoming for most everyone. A Troop Aircraft (962) is located at Fort Rucker Museum.

Bill Barber working closely with Dennis Leffingwell have done a masterful job organizing the 2002, 2004 & 2006 Spur reunions. We are forever grateful to Bill & Dennis for their personal dedication, sacrifice and countless hours spent to bring us together!

A Cav Salute to MAJ McNamara (Spur 6 while the Spurs served in Iraq in 2004) who played a major role organizing the reunion events held at Ft. Rucker and our many thanks to the young men of the local ROTC that did a great job as our Honor Guard !

It was also a real pleasure to meet the fine, young 3-17th Troopers that joined us from Ft. Drum. Our legacy is in good hands!

John "Waldo" Pepper will spearhead our 2008 Spur reunion efforts assisted by Chuck Oualline.

Roger "Bear" Young
Spur webmaster


2006 Spur Reunion Keynote Address
by Roger "Bear" Young


2006 Silver Spur 'Welcome Home' Reunion Poster
"Welcome Home" reunion poster in lobby of Holiday Inn-South, Dothan, Al. - 2006


Congratulations to MG Timothy (Tim) Wright

BG Tim Wright and the other attending Silver Spurs received a welcome surprise at the recent reunion in Dothan, Alabama. During the reunion, Tim received word that he has received Senate confirmation for the second star of a Major General. We are very proud of him, and he bestows honor on all of us Silver Spurs. We claim him and his promotion. Thank you for your service, MG Wright, and congratulations. We like to think that we trained you.

MG Wright is one of seven general officers to emerge from our 3d Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry. He and three others and an ambassador are from A Troop.

Chuck Oualline, Spur 3


Silver Spur Bronze Plaque dedicated at Ft. Rucker - 24 Jun 2006
This plaque will become a permanent part of the Army Aviation Museum at Ft. Rucker, Alabama.
[Plaque measures 24" x 30" and weighs 78 lbs]

Silver Spur Bronze Plaque dedicated at Ft. Rucker - 2006
Photo courtesy of David Bonello

Update 16 Dec 08:

Photo taken on 9 December 2008 of our mounted plaque. Mounted just beyond and right of the entrance, Army Aviation Museum at Ft. Rucker, on a large central pillar. Other (smaller) unit plaques to right and left.

Chuck Oualline

Silver Spur Plaque mounted at Ft. Rucker, AL.
Photo courtesy of Spur 3, Chuck Oualline


Silver Spur A Troop 3/17 Air Cav 2006 Reunion Memorial Service

Produced by fellow Spur, John "Waldo" Pepper for our 2006 Silver Spur reunion at Ft. Rucker, Alabama to honor all our fallen Silver Spurs from the Vietnam war from 1967-1972 who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice. These brave Troopers are not forgotten by their Brothers-In-Arms!

The video also pays tribute to those 3-17th Cav Troopers killed in Iraq during their 2004 deployment.

Roger "Bear" Young


Missing Man Table


Army Aviation Museum Coin
Army Aviation Museum Coin


Missing Soldiers' Table
Missing Soldiers' Table
Photo Courtesy of Jim Higgins

2002 Spur reunion in Louisville


Spur 2000 Reunion at the Wall

More 2000 Reunion Pics



VHPA & VHCMA Reunions




[Combat Helicopter Pilot's Assoc.]

"Membership in CHPA is open to active duty, retired and veteran helicopter aircrew members from all branches of service and all wars in which the US used helicopters..."






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