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57 Chev, Small-block 5-speed
'57 Chev - driver Roger Young - 331 c.i. Edwards & Young Engine
Chris Young in background


'71 Chevelle Wagon
'71 Chevelle - driver Chris Young - 406 c.i. Shafiroff - Edwards & Young Engine


'66 Pontiac Tempest
'66 Pontiac Tempest - drivers Paul & Torri Young - 400 c.i. Pontiac Engine


In Loving Memory of Tom Edwards
1951 - 2000


Tom. jpg
Tom at Mission Raceway Park -- August 1999


In Loving Memory of Kathie Young
1947 - 1994





Pam & Roger.Gif

Your webpage hosts, Pam & Roger Young at Seattle International Raceway 1997
(Pam's the good looking one!)

Edwards & Young Crew

"The '57's Crew" (from left to right)
Sons Chris & Paul, "Bear" and the late Tom Edwards

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The '57 Chev:

Our '57 was originally a business coupe which was produced without a rear seat. It was powered by a 235 c.i. in-line six which was coupled to a "three on the tree" manual transmission.

Today it is powered by our own prepared 331 (327 +.030 bore) which has pushed the 3580# car (w/driver) to quarter-mile e.t.'s of 10.50's at 126 mph. The car was purchased as a G/Stocker from Jim Green in 1970 by "Bear" while he was in Vietnam serving with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav and has since undergone extensive changes.

We originally raced the '57 in E/MP & F/MP (Modified Production) with a 292 c.i. engine (+.060" bore 283) before performance improvements made the aerodynamics of a "shoe-box" - or rather lack of any aerodynamics - obsolete in the Modified Production category. To continue racing the car we made the switch to bracket racing and have since made improvements to the rear suspension replacing the stock leaf-springs with a coil-over rear suspension, and replacing our original Olds/Pontiac rear-end with a stronger 9" Ford. Except for the rear suspension & fiberglass front bumper, the '57 is basically still an MP car with carpeting, headliner, door panels, factory dash & firewall - a true blast from the past.

This is also a home-built car. The rear suspension, wheelie bars, wheel tubs, and roll cage were installed by the family in our garage. Chris welded, fabricated the wheel tubs and installed the components. We build our own engines and maintain the '57's entire running gear. We're very proud of this stick-shift car which is a "hard leaver."


* 327 bored .030" features Milodon 4-bolt splayed main caps, blocked filled to increase strength, 6" Manley aluminum rods and Ross/Probe Industries "ultra-lite" custom pistons [Ross blanks] (featuring .031 pressure-back low-tension ring assembly - for racing applications only!). A Lunati roller camshaft with Manley or K-Motion valve springs, fully-ported Dart Sportsman II heads with 5/16" valve stems, old Weiand Pro tunnel-ram intake with dual 660 Holleys modified by us. Engine produces in the neighborhood of 650 horsepower on racing gas. No nitrous is used!

In 2015 our reliable but dated 327 was replaced by our new 350 bored .060" with Wiseco coated pistons with the .043/.043/3mm ring package, 6" Manley aluminum rods and Scat crank. We used the heads, cam & intake from our 327 and saw impressive performance increases with the new engine!

.031 Pressure-back rings
.031 Pressure-back ring graphic courtesy of Speed-Pro ®
Rings not suitable for street-strip use! Not recommended for above
150 horsepower nitrous-oxide applications due to thin upper ring land!
.031 rings are light and provide substantially reduced ring friction!


* Camshaft Specs:

Lunati #50128 roller RRA-288-294 (small base-circle cam for rod clearance)
Intake: .690" lift - 288 deg. @ .050" with 1.5 rockers
Exhaust: .704" lift - 294 deg @ .050" with 1.6 rockers (.660" with 1.5's) - 108 deg. lobe separation. This is the camshaft we prefer for the '57.


Lunati #50132 roller RRA-317-334 (small base-circle cam for rod clearance)
Intake: .680" lift - 283 deg @ .050" with 1.5 rockers
Exhaust: 673" lift - 291 deg. @ .050 with 1.6 rockers (.632" with 1.5's) - 106 lobe separation

* Ram provides the paddle clutch and long-style adjustable pressure-plate mounted to a 25# Hays flywheel

* Richmond-Gear five-speed [Doug Nash 4+1] with 9310 high-nickel gears is used featuring a 3.11 first gear and Long shifter.

* 9" Ford reinforced Chassis Engineering housing featuring Strange center-section and 35-spline axles with 5.83 gears {5.67 with 350] takes the engine to 8,200 to 8,500 rpm at the finish line. Coil-over rear shocks and ladder bars make up the rear suspension.

* A reliable MSD-7AL-2 ignition ignites the fuel.


Ram long-style adjustable pressure plate
Ram long-style adjustable pressure plate
[Photo courtesy of Ram ]


Ram paddle disc
Ram paddle-type clutch disc
Clutch pressure & friction material used is the key component in any manually-shifted race car!
Too much pressure and you can't hook it or the car becomes too violent on the gear changes which slows you down.
Too little pressure and you smoke the clutch!

Visit the Ram Clutch University


Richmond Gear Pro-shifted 5-speed
Richmond Gear [Doug-Nash] pro-shifted 5-speed was originally produced as Doug Nash 4+1
Pro-shifted transmissions do not have synchronizers
and were often called a "crash box" which are NOT FOR STREET USE!
Liberty Gears services our shift-rings and provides new sliders.
The new G-Force 5-speed looks like a similar case

Assembled transmission
Assembled transmission


POW Plate

Never far from our hearts, the POW message (above) is seen by all at the tracks

'57 Runner-up at 2001 Mission Raceway's Loafers Race



Engine Work

Degreeing Cam.Gif

Chris Young degreeing Jesel belt camshaft drive for 331

Fresh Heads.Gif
Dart iron Sportsman II heads get a valve grind and new 1.625" dia. valve springs over the winter.

Engine Valley. Gif

A Lunati roller lifter "rev-kit" can be used with their pop-up roller lifters to increase valve train rpm. The rev-kit (installed between the top of the roller lifters and bottom of the heads) reduces lifter weight seen at the valve springs. Titanium retainers with Competition Cams 10-degree locks and lash-caps are used on 5/16" stem Manley stainless-steel valves.

When completed, the valve-train will consist of our normal combination of 3/8" +.200" long pushrods, 1.5 intake roller rockers (.690" lift) and 1.6 exhaust roller rockers (.704" lift), all capped off by a stud girdle that greatly stabilizes the rocker studs. After long-block assembly the engine is masked and given a fresh coat of paint.

Piston & Rod.Gif
Ross/Probe Industries ® "Ultra-lite" pistons and Manley ® aluminum rods make for low reciprocating weight!
In late 2007, Manley discontinued making aluminum rods
We'll be switching to GRP aluminum rods when replacement is necessary




The '71 Chevelle:

406 Engine, 2009 - :

Currently installed in our Chevelle wagon for 2009.

The 406 short-block was prepared and assembled by Shafiroff but with a lot of our input on what we desired in the block. We also picked the heads, cam, intake, and carburetor for the engine.

The 406 features a Callies crank and Manley H-Beam 6" rods, PN 14054. We've elected to go with the 350 main journal Dart Little "M" block. Wiseco pistons give us 14.0:1 compression. We've installed a set of Comp Cams Pro-Magnum rocker arms and their lash caps with the 406. The Dart Little "M" block requires the tall roller lifters. Shafiroff has recommended using Crane PN 11552.

The new heads are the high-flowing, fully ported, Brodix 227 M2 heads from Shafiroff with a match-ported Motown 4500 intake manifold running a Pro Systems, Pro Series 1100 Dominator carb.

We've installed the 74725LUN Pacaloy valve springs on the new Brodix heads giving us 290# @ 1.984" & 725# @ 1.284." These newer Pacaloy valve springs hold up extremely well!

We are using our Comp Cams #12-970-9 (small base-circle cam for rod clearance) initially with the 406. This cam was designed for the 3.75" stroke. The Jesel belt drive from our 350 drives the cam.

Intake: .679" lift - 279 deg @ .050" with 1.5 rockers
Exhaust: 645" lift - 286 deg. @ .050 with 1.5 rockers - 108 intake lobe center line

We've installed 4.88 Pro gears in the rear for the 406.


406 shortblock
Shafiroff shortblock featuring Wiseco 14.0:1 pistons and Dart Little "M" block

406 being assembled
Brodix 227 M2 heads and valve train installed.
Shafiroff stud girdle tops off the valve train

Completed 406
Completed 406 SBC


350 Engine, 2001 - 2007:

Driven by Chris Young, our Chevelle wagon featured a 357 c.i. engine (350 +.040" bore) built with the same basic combination as our 331 c.i. motor (above) in the '57, also with Ross/Probe pistons and Manley 6" aluminum rods with the following exceptions:

1) Engine featured the early Dart '220' Conquest aluminum heads.

2) Intake: A matching Dart single 4bbl manifold with a Holley 830 cfm single 4bbl carburetor modified by Edwards & Young was used until 2005, when we then installed a Weiand tunnel-ram with two Holley 750s also modified by us.

3) Crankshaft: A SCAT crankshaft is used which put an end to the cracking problems we have encountered with Chev 350 crankshafts.

4) Compression ratio is higher than the 331, due to its increased stroke, at 14.2:1

5) Camshaft Specs:

Single 4bbl:

Lunati #50105 roller RRA-296-306 (small base-circle cam for rod clearance)
Intake: .597" lift - 259 deg. @ .050" with 1.5 rockers
Exhaust: .600" lift - 266 deg @ .050" with 1.5 rockers - 106 deg. lobe separation


Lunati #50132 roller RRA-317-334 (small base-circle cam for rod clearance)
Intake: .680" lift - 283 deg @ .050" with 1.5 rockers
Exhaust: 673" lift - 291 deg. @ .050 with 1.6 rockers (.632" with 1.5's) - 106 lobe separation

We are using a race-prepped, manually-shifted (reverse valve body) TH-400 transmission with a Hughes trans brake and a TCI steel-stator Super Stock torque converter.

The rear end is a 12-bolt Chev featuring Summers Bros components; steel caps, spool & 35-spline axles with C-clip eliminator with 5.38 Richmond Gear Pro gears assembled by us years ago. We've also reinforced the stock axle tubes and installed a stronger girdle-type cover.

Like our '57, our wagon puts the power to the ground with ladder bars and rear coil-overs installed by us. Steve Glenn installed the chrome-moly roll cage for driver protection and to stiffen the chassis.

No nitrous is used!

Vehicle weight w/driver: 3637 lbs.[was 3711 until August '05]

Note: If you want any specs, clearances on the engine assembly, feel free to ask! Since this is a bracket-racing enterprise, we will gladly share our "secrets." Email: Roger Young - Owner




The '66 Pontiac Tempest:

Torri bought this car in 2006 from local racer, Barry Hobson. It now features a 400 c.i. Pontiac motor with a MSD distributor and 6AL ignition, an Edelbrock Performer manifold with a 750 Holley carb, a RamAir IV camshaft, a TH-350 manually-shifted transmission, and a 12-bolt GM rearend equipped with 3.73 gears, Moser 35-spline axles and spool.

Torri and Paul share the driving duties and enjoy competing at our local tracks. It is a true 12-second street/strip ride and Torri can often be seen cruising West Seattle during the summer months in her Tempest.





2013 & Future
Post-Race Reports:

Addition updates as the seasons progress: Edwards & Young blog


July 27th 2013 Post-race Report


Wild West Nostalgia Post-race report - July 13-14, 2013


June 29th Post-race report


June 9th Post-race report


'57 Test & Tune - Pacific Raceways June 5th 2013. Getting ready for the Nostalgia Race on July 13 & 14th at Pacific.


June 1st 2013 Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways


May 18th 2013 Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways


May 4th 2013 Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways




What's New for 2012?


'71 Chevelle:

Since we bent our old Chev 12-bolt housing in late August 2011 at Pacific Raceways, we'll be upgrading to a Ford 9-inch with our spare Strange center section out of the '57 with new 4.71 gears, installing new ladder bars, track locator, etc.

More on this project at Project 9" Ford for our Chevelle

'57 Chev:

November 3, 2011: We may get the '57 back out to the strip in 2012 for a few passes. Much depends on my health situation which pretty much put me on the sidelines for the 2011 season. Only time will tell. - Roger

December 19, 2011 Before taking the '57 back out, we want to upgrade our fuel pump to a Magnafuel MP-4601. I've never been happy with our last BG-280 pump which has been at times seeping from the shaft seal and having cavitation problems on shutdown. Who knows what is happening while going down the strip! The external by-pass should help resolve the cavitation issue.

For additional updates as these projects progress, please see What's New For 2012 on our blog! Let us know what you are doing in the comment section!

I'm slowly moving some of the features here to our blog which allows our viewers to comment on the various subjects we post. See you at the track in 2012! - Roger




Post-Race Reports:

Division 6 2012 E.T. Finals – Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways


August 25th 2012: Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways


August 11th 2012: Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways

Barry Hobson & Chris Young repair nose on Joe Loch's Top Sportsman Cavalier - Paul Young photo


July 21st 2012 Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways

Torri enters data after her qualifying run - Kelly Miller photo


July 14th 2012 Post-race Report & video - Pacific Raceways

Battle of the Shoeboxes - Jim Doyle photo


July 7th 2012 - Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways


June 10th 2012 - Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways


April 7th 2012 – Post-race Report - Pacific Raceways


Test & Tune, March 25th 2012, Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle




What's New for 2011?


'57 Chev:

March 24, 2011: Today I made the decision that the '57 will not race this season. I will continue to help prepare Chris' Chevelle for racing and maintain the database and our racing site, but that will be the extent of my involvement with the racing program this year.

I was very pleased with the 10.602 we ran in 2010 at Pacific Raceways which may be my last time behind the wheel. - Roger Young

'71 Chevelle:

No big changes for the Chevelle. Chris was very happy with the performance and consistency of the car during the 2010 season. We'll check/replace the valve springs and just general maintenance.

Update: After checking the valve springs after 56 hits, we are upgrading them to a Pacaloy® for even increased longevity.

'66 Tempest:

Chris wants to change the old rear control arms that have worn bushings over the winter. We hope this will make the 60-foot times more consistent.

Updated 7 Feb 2011

We have the new valve springs, cap, rotor & plug wires installed in the Chevelle. New rear control arms and bracing installed in the Pontiac waiting for the Spring races!




Post-Race Reports:


1st - 4th September 2011 - Firebird Raceway, Boise, Idaho - '66 Pontiac, Division 6 ET Bracket Finals

Please see our blog report at: Northwest Division Six Team Finals!

Paul had an outstanding weekend at Boise! - Roger


26th- 28th August 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle, NW Summer Bracket Nationals

After the 2nd qualifying hit on Friday, the left slick was rubbing hard against the frame rail. Chris also noticed a crack in the weld of the left axle tube to the center section. We undoubtedly bent the axle tube in our old 12-bolt which ended our weekend. Over the winter we plan to upgrade to a 9-inch Ford using our spare Strange center-section from our '57 with new 4.71 rear gears, a rear-braced Scribner housing with new axles, ladder bars and track locator.

It was a major disappointment but the good news was that we didn't damage the rest of the car and that Chris is safe!


13 August 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle, Pacific Raceways Electonic Shootout

Chris took the Chevelle out this evening and broke a distributor rotor when he shifted into 2nd gear in the 1st round. The rotor came loose and destroyed the distributor cap in the process.

He replaced the cap & rotor and recorded a 10.43 @ 126.6 MPH in the buy-back round but redlighted by -.008 seconds. The good news is that the distributor pickup or engine weren't hurt!! So now it's on to the Northwest Bracket Nationals at Pacific Raceways the weekend of August 26th thru the 28th!

Here's some chassis video of the Chevelle taken today:


30 July 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '66 Tempest - Paul Young Wins Pacific Raceways 2011 Sportsman Championship!

In what can only be described as a very bizarre evening at PR, Paul won the Sportsman Track Championship at Pacific Raceways! Paul won the first round running a 12.55 on a 12.54 dial-in before the race was called due to multiple oil downs that would have pushed the event past the curfew deadline. Points were frozen after the first round and Paul maintained his 3-point lead over Bill Cadle to take the championship.

This is a real 'big deal' for Edwards & Young, Paul being the very first member of the team to win a track championship in any category over our decades of racing! We're extremely proud of Paul winning two events this season driving Torri Young's '66 Pontiac Tempest.

Paul adds; "What was fun also this year was meeting guys like Bill Cadle, Dustin Ward and many others who race in Sportsman that are very sportsmanlike in winning, defeat or just giving general support to one another. That is what racing is all about which seems to disappear at times. Thanks to all for their support and can't wait until the season ending banquet."

Finalized Pacific Raceways Sportsman Points Standings - Courtesy of Pacific Raceways

Pacific Raceways News Article, Aug 1, 2011:

Pawn X-Change ET Bracket Series Concludes

(KENT, Wash) – The chase for the 2011 Pawn X-Change Drag Race Series at Pacific Raceways ended Saturday night in a freaky finale to an odd season that unfortunately featured four rain-outs in the 11-race series. At one point in the season there were three rain-outs in the first four races.

On Saturday night, a couple of massive oil downs led to an aborted conclusion with only one round of Super Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle and two rounds of Pro completed. The decision not to make-up the race on another date was a consistent policy the track followed all year.

Regardless, it was a huge disappointment. With Motorcycle the only class with season points decided heading into the race, Saturday night was shaping up to be a good old fashion shoot-out.

In Super Pro, three drivers had a shot at the season title. Tim Schmitt, who seemed to have an insurmountable lead through much of the season, suffered another first round loss; and this one cost him the championship. Both Al Chinn and Steve Glenn, his two closest rivals, both won their first rounds setting up an epic showdown. Unfortunately, it was a showdown that never happened. After a huge effort to get the track race-ready by the Pacific Raceways drag crew, the 11 p.m. curfew signaled an end to the championship points-chase. Chinn finished in first place with 253 points followed by Schmitt with 248 and Glenn with 246.

Bill Windley took the Pro points honors followed closely by Zach Craig, Brian Gittings, and Todd Kenner. In Sportsman, the Pontiac of Kent’s Paul Young finished just 3 points in front of Bill Cadle with Dustin Ward right behind him. Jacob Havens, who dominated the Motorcycle class this season, finished well ahead of second place Jim Funderburg.


23 July 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '66 Tempest

The track at Pacific Raceways was not very good for most of the day until around 9 or so in the evening which reflected in the 60' times as the best I had all night was 1.733 and a worst of 1.749 without the bog off of the line, that fortunately happened in the 2nd qualifying hit and not in eliminations.

I won the first round as my opponent redlighted but I didn't know until I reached the time booth as the win light was not working in the left lane for some reason. I lost in the 2nd round as my opponent cut a .018 to my tardy like .079 light even though I ran much closer to the dial but just couldn't catch him. I still hold a very slight 3-point lead going into the final points race of the season but either way it is going to be a dogfight next Saturday for the 2011 Sportsman track championship!

Paul Young


16 July 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle & '66 Tempest

Preliminary report:

Pacific Raceways reports; "Paul Young and [Torri's] 1966 Pontiac picked up the Sportsman win over a red lighting Chris Johnston and holds a narrow [13] points lead over Dustin Ward."

This is Paul's second win this season in what has become a very tight points race in Sportsman bracket!

Chris in Super Pro made it again to the 3rd round before being eliminated and cut a perfect light during the 1st round of eliminations and is currently in 15th place in Super Pro after only participating in three points races.

Overall an excellent evening by Paul & Chris!


9 July 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle & '66 Tempest

Chris & Paul both raced on what was a beautiful evening at Pacific Raceways.

In the 1st round Chris won easily coasting to a 10.503 at only 112.66 mph on a 10.42 dial when his competition went to sleep on the starting line. The 2nd round was a close one with Chris running a 10.399 on a 10.39 dial at 126.51 mph and needed and outstanding .007 reaction time to take the win.

In the 3rd round Chris left just a tad early with a -.011 reaction time against the always tough, Dale Green. Chris ran the wagon thru recording a 10.357 @ 127.27 mph in the excellent night air.

Paul did an excellent job this evening in the Torri's Tempest making it to the 4th round before being eliminated and earning some valuable points in the points chase in Sportsman

In the 1st round, Paul ran a 12.452 on a 12.45 dial at 106.840 mph to take the win.

In rounds two & three, he left on his competition and was on the brakes at the finish line for the easy wins.

In round four he left a bit early and ran a 12.404 @ 107.360 mph in the night air. Paul is currently in 5th place only 10 points back of 2nd and 21 points out of 1st in Sportsman after missing one race. He's still in the hunt in Sportsman!


24-26 June 2011 - Bremerton Raceways - '71 Chevelle

Friday Report: Chris got one time run this morning recording a 10.405 @ 127.49 MPH before the heavens opened once again halting racing for the rest of the day. But the weather forecast is for improvement on Saturday & Sunday for this National Open event.

Saturday Report: Chris got one time run this day before going into the 1st round. He dialed-in at a 10.39 and ran 10.407 @ 127.46 with a .016 light to lose by a margin .0127 seconds! UGH !

Sunday Report: Chris got two time runs this day before the 1st round. He dialed a 10.45 and ran 10.440 @ 123.57 (on the brakes) to break-out closing this weekend at Bremerton.

If you been wondering about our lack of reports this season, it is because of mother nature! Four events have been rained out thus far at Pacific Raceways with no sign of Spring or Summer here in the Northwest! But compared to other parts of the country dealing with destructive weather, we've been fortunate! - Roger


14 May 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle & '66 Tempest

This event was cancelled due to rain, but we do have a video and you can take a ride with Chris in our '71 Chevelle during his 2nd qualifying pass:


Paul won the first round before the rains came in Sportsman in the '66 Tempest and still remains undefeated in eliminations thus far this season!

Both cars were off their pace today with sub-par traction on the starting line. Track prep was marginal.


23 April 2011 - Pacific Raceways - Paul Wins Sportsman Opener at Pacific Raceways! - Updated 30 Apr 2011

Just heard the great news from Chris via phone, Paul won the season opener race in Sportsman bracket today at Pacific Raceways in the '66 Tempest. Paul also recorded the perfect light in the 3rd round with a .000 reaction time and was killer on the tree all day!

In the final round his opponent left too early giving the win to Paul who ran it through clicking the timers with a 12.41 on a 12.45 dial-in.

PR reports: "The Sportsman final was won by Paul Young in his 1966 Pontiac Tempest topping Jerry Biscay in the final round 12.414 at 106.52 to Biscay’s 14.690 at 93.29 mph."

We'll have more on the race in the coming days after Paul records all the data. This is an EXCELLENT way to start the year for Paul recording his very first win and the first win for the team in a very LONG time!

Congratulations Paul !!

From Paul on 30 Apr 2011:

Wow, what an exciting day it was! It started out not so great as the battery on the Pontiac croaked on us as my super crew chief had to jump start it to get us on our way to PR. It croaked again after getting some Sunoco racing fuel at PR but the Warnkes saved the day by graciously loaning us an extra battery they had. From there, needless to say it was all great as the old Pontiac ran flawlessly and all of the tips from Dad and Chris along with endless practice on the portable tree paid off!! I cut a perfect light in the 3rd round and .004 in the final after my opponent red lighted so ran it all out to the tune of 12.41 which is just off of our record run of 12.38 from last year. My goal going forward is to just continue what I am doing without trying to be too perfect. I want to finish by saying teamwork has and always will be my #1 priority when it comes to our family racing or anything that we do as there is no disputing that we are most successful that way so thanks to all of you!!

Chris and myself will be back at it next Saturday with both the Wagon and Pontiac, look forward to seeing all of our friends and family at the track!

4-5 June 2011 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle & '66 Pontiac

Saturday the 4th was the National Dragster Challenge which was held on a beautiful weekend. Chris ran in Super Pro & Paul in Sportsman. Paul lost in the 2nd round and Chris in the 3rd round to Jason Beggerly. Sunday would be a regular bracket points race at PR.

On Sunday during the points race, both were 1st round ducks, so they both entered the "2nd Chance Race" - a new feature on a limited basis at PR. Paul lost in the 1st round when he turned the tree red, and Chris lost in the semis to Dallas Glenn when Chris admittedly cut a "snoozer" light giving the race to Dallas. In the "2nd Chance Race" it was "run what you brung" pitting dragsters, bikes & Sportsman in one category. In the 2nd round Chris ran a 10.470 on a 10.47 dial-in with a .011 reaction time.

The good news; both cars are running very well and Paul still leads the points in Sportsman by a narrow 10-point margin!





Post-Race Reports:



17-18 April 2010 - Pacific Raceways - '57 Chev & '71 Chevelle Wagon

On Saturday we took the '57 out with a fresh engine, new clutch, new slicks & new rear coil-overs. Between the rain showers we got two hits. The first was a 10.802 @ 126.01 MPH bouncing down the track on the gear changes. We lowered the wheelie bars and raised the slick pressure a 1/2 lb. but it was even worse on the 2nd pass slowing to a 10.852 @ 125.76 MPH when it skated to the right on the 1-2 shift. We need to snub the front end more to tighten up the car to improve the E.T.s. but we're happy with the improved MPH!

Here's the video of our first pass taken by my wife, Pam:


On Sunday we took the Chevelle out but had problems making the air shifter work on the 1-2 shift off the RPM trigger. We learned that the delay box must see a 200 rpm drop before activating the driver for the shift solenoid, which will not happen in most cars with a high stall converter in first gear. Therefore we will need to change the delay box to trigger the shift points off of time. We need to make one pass with Chris shifting the car and get the time intervals of the shift points from the play-back tach and plug those in to the delay box! This should solve the problem! Our best pass with touching the rev limiter on the 1-2 shift was a 10.465 @ 126.73 MPH.

25 April 2010 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle Wagon

This was the first points race at Pacific this season. On Sunday we made our first pass with Chris manually shifting the car to get the shift times from our play-back tach for the air shifter. He ran a strong 10.389 @ 127.79 MPH. We then plugged in the time sequence in the delay box and went out for our 2nd pass. Chris had to manually shift it into 2nd and the air shifter immediately put the transmission in high. It only got better from there heading into the 1st round.

When he was moving forward in the staging lanes the air shifter blocked the shifter and he noticed the delay box was in some default mode. Out of time rolling into the water box, Chris quickly disconnected the air solenoid and knew he would need to foot brake the car because the delay to the transbrake would not be accurate and manually shifted the transmission. Somehow we won the first round running a 10.459 @ 126.93 MPH on a 10.43 dial-in.

Back to the pits and we plugged the delay box numbers for the transbrake back in the box and left the air shifter disconnected. We lost in the 2nd round running a 10.416 @ 126.28 MPH on a 10.39 dial-in with a .024 reaction time. The problems we're having getting the correct numbers plugged into the delay box to properly activate the air shifter is exasperating at best! We had hoped to have this sorted out during a test & tune but the lack of testing days on Pacific's schedule and limited runs available for testing this spring has really hurt us.


8 May 2010 - Pacific Raceways - '57 Chev

This was the first race for the '57 in a long time. Before heading out we tightened the chassis considerably to tone down the car, snubbing the front end, tightening the front shocks, raising the slick pressure, lowering the wheelie bars and raising the launch chip to 8,000 RPM.

Off the trailer bucking a 15 mph head wind the car ran a solid 10.637 @ 125.11 MPH. Our 2nd time run was a 10.672 @ 125.58 MPH when we hit the tires a bit too hard on the starting line.

For the first round the head wind dropped and we dialed a 10.63. After cutting good lights the two previous runs, the old man here went to sleep on the starting line and gave the round away but the car flew trying to catch up running a 10.602 @ 125.90 MPH. The was our quickest pass ever for the '57 at Pacific and the 2nd quickest pass ever for our '57.

Pam took this video of the 10.60 pass for all of us!


Fresh 331 in our '57
Fresh 331 in our '57


15 May 2010 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle

I'm very happy to report we feel like we made excellent progress this evening. The air shifter is working properly and life is good again! Chris did a excellent job in the first round leaving the starting line with an outstanding .010 light and running a 10.491 @ 122.22 MPH [on the brakes] on a 10.47 dial-in to take the win light. On to the 2nd round where we lost breaking out with a 10.424 on a 10.44 dial-in. Again Chris did his job and left on our competition but our opponent ran a 8.863 on a 8.86 dial-in to take the win light. There's great races here in Super Pro!

Top Sportsman cars were also out this evening at Pacific. Here's a video Paul took of Barry Hobson (far lane) & Joe Loch [near lane] on a qualifying hit. Hobson runs a 705 Sonny Leonard engine in his GrandAm. Loch runs a 800+ Sonny Leonard wedge in his Cavalier - both normally aspirated.



6 July 2010 - Congratulations to Chris & Torri !

It has been some time since we've been racing, but there is a simple explanation! We put our racing on hold and on June 9th we were rewarded with another granddaughter, Peyten Lynn Young, a healthy, bouncing baby girl to Chris & Torri ! We hope to be back out to the track in July & August on a limited schedule!

Proud Grandpa Roger


17 July 2010 - Pacific Raceways - '57 Chev

It was a beautiful night at Pacific Raceways a week after the Northwest Nationals. On our first time hit we rattled the tires on the starting line and I missed 2nd gear. We tightened the rear shocks a couple of clicks and lowered our launch RPM to 7800 following this aborted run.

On our second time hit the track was still greasy and we only ran a 10.870 @ 123.72 MPH. We were turning the tires all the way down the track and noticed others were having a difficult time getting off the starting line. That brought us to the first round of eliminations.

Prior to the first round we raised the wheelie bars 1/2 turn and increased the front end travel 1/2 turn to increase the weight transfer on the initial hit. However we could only take a shot at the dial-in which didn't matter when I turned the tree red with a -.039 reaction time but we stepped the car up with a 10.736 @ 125.33 MPH which was a pretty strong pass considering the poor 60' times and 67% humidity. Congratulations to my opponent who cut an uncanny .001 reaction time which is unusual in Pro Bracket.


Next car out will be Chris driving our Chevelle in Super Pro. I'm hoping the track will be in better shape!


14 July 2010 - Pacific Raceways - '71 Chevelle

This was another beautiful but hot evening at Pacific Raceways. The track had been scraped prior to the time runs and the traction improved as the evening progressed. We went out this evening with some good data from the previous passes we made with the new air shifter and it paid off! On our first time run the track temp was 115 degrees but markedly improved by eliminations.

In the first round, Chris ran a 10.498 @ 125.75 MPH on a 10.48 dial with a outstanding .010 reaction time. In the 2nd round against a dragster Chris recorded a 10.483 @ 126.10 MPH on a 10.47 dial with a solid .024 reaction time. The dragster broke out by .022 running a 8.448 on a 8.47 dial.


In the third round Chris ran a 10.472 @ 126.15 MPH on a 10.46 dial but narrowly turned the tree red with an aggressive -.002 reaction time. Our competition in the 1/4 finals went on to win the race this evening.

We were very pleased this evening with the results and finally having enough data for Paul to get back in the groove with the dial-ins. I'm very proud of the results this evening and we're looking forward to the Sportsman Nationals at Pacific in August!


31 July 2010 - Pacific Raceways - '66 Pontiac Tempest

This weekend was Paul's first time out for the year with his sister-in-law's '66 Pontiac Tempest and wow, what a weekend it was! It was a long but very exciting night for Paul and his crew (Chris, Jeff Warnke & Barry Hobson) who were at the track until almost midnight due to the late start and 5 exciting rounds of eliminations that were contested in the Sportsman bracket. He didn't get his first qualifying pass until just past 6:30 and it was a pretty decent pass considering the long layoff of no racing for the Pontiac as it went 12.666 @ 104.42 mph with corrected altitude 1600+ feet.

The car went progressively quicker and faster each of the subsequent passes as by the end of the night it ran a 12.478 @ 106.11 mph which was a mere .03 off of the record ET with Paul driving. He lost in the 5th round due to a slight red light but doesn't feel too bad since the guy in the other lane carded an almost perfect reaction time of .012 which is outstanding for any non-electronic class. This was his first time in the money round and can't wait to get back at it as he will be racing the Pontiac at the upcoming Sportsman Nationals along with Chris who will be racing the Chevelle Wagon. We have high hopes of a very successful event for both since they are coming off of confidence boosting races.

Thank you everyone for your help and see you at the track! - Paul Young, Edwards & Young Racing


27, 28, 29 August 2010 - Pacific Raceways Sportsman Nationals - '71 Chevelle & '66 Pontiac Tempest

This annual BIG race at Pacific has turned into an absolute slugfest of outstanding racers! Chris had the Chevelle entered in the "electronics" category and Paul had the Tempest entered in "non electronics."

To give you an indication of how tough the competition was, Chris averaged a 0.008 reaction time throughout the weekend of eliminations and averaged to run within .005 of his dial-in, and he only won 25% of his races! That's how crazy the competition was as the guys and gals were cutting it very fine for the daily big-buck payouts! (5K, 10K & 5K respectfully). One would think each round was the final round of eliminations at the U.S. Nationals in Indy!

For example; on Friday Chris ran a 10.450 on a 10.45 dial with a .014 reaction time, and he lost by .0095-seconds! On Sunday it took the nearly "perfect package" for Chris to win another round recording a 10.429 on a 10.42 dial with a perfect .000 reaction time to defeat Dale Green! Last year we were frankly embarrassed at this race but this year we were truly in the hunt!

Chris defeats Dale Green
Near Pefect Package

Paul drove very well throughout the weekend but had a tough time competing with the many Pro cars in the non-electronics category only winning one round but he cut solid lights throughout the weekend for foot braking a car. He also set a new E.T. record for the Pontiac recording a 12.388 @ 107.010 MPH on Friday!

This was a valuable learning experience for both my sons and I'm very proud of the progress they have both made this season! You only get as good as you competition and they did a fine job under a lot of pressue each and every round running against some of the very best racers in the country! - Roger Young


1998 - 2009 Post Race Reports/Video Archives and Special Features







Blasts From the Past!

Our friends, Jim McKelvey & Terry Kelly, raced for years in Division 6 in Modified Production, starting with their hard-charging '56 Chev.

Kelly & McKelvey '56 Chev at SIR - Courtesy of Jim McKelvey


Terry has been very supportive of our family thru the years. One of his last rides was the Kelly & McKelvey 287 c.i. Chevy Nova which was well respected and defeated the then Modified Production champion, Cotton Perry, at the Fall Nationals years ago. The engine was a Dick St. Peter prepped 287 c.i. (destroked and bored 283) which ran consistent low 10.50's in its final two seasons! Terry not only drove but also maintained this hard-charging Nova. This is for you guys!

On a sad and more serious note, we learned that Jim McKelvey after battling major health issues passed away Friday, 30 May 2003. Our sincere condolences to his wife, Gail and his son Paul.

Rest in Peace Jim...

Kelly & McKelvey


Kelly Shuts down Perry from behind
Photo from actual race at S.I.R.
Cotton Perry ran a 301 c.i. straight-six in H/MP


Update on Cotton Perry


I was doing a search for Cotton Perry and came across this site.

I traveled with Cotton and (Jim) Headrick for a season in '76. (We did the South Eastern circuit.)

Jim was killed a few years ago in a traffic accident. (He could really make that 6 cylinder fly.)

I haven't talked with Cotton in years.

I've attached a pic of Cotton off the cover of May 1978 "Super Stock & Drag Illustrated"


Perry-Headrick H/MP National Record Holding Chevy II
Perry-Headrick H/MP National Record Holding Chevy II


Take care.

Phil Lea - Tribute to Jim Headrick and Cotton Perry

We thank Phil for the pic and sharing his memories of good times past. May Jim Rest in Peace...


Modified Eliminator Videos - 1976 NHRA Sportsnationals


Another ride which Terry drove to runner-up in an early Northwest Bracket Nationals, was Ronnie Wong's Corvette which was also powered by a Dick St. Peter 277 c.i. engine. Tom Turner also drove this hard-charging Corvette.

Ronnie Wong's '62 Corvette


Dick St. Peter's Nova
Dick St. Peter's 277 c.i. Nova ruled Modified Production here in the Northwest
Photo courtesy of Tom Warnke


Al Andrews' '57 Sedan Delivery in K/SA trim
Al Andrews' '57 Sedan Delivery "Hydrophobia" in K/SA trim
Al races in Division 1 and is based out of Pennsylvania.
He races at Atco, Englishtown, Maple Grove and the REALLY old track called "Island" in Middle New Jersey.


Bill Sager's B/Gas Corvette
Bill Sager's B/Gas Corvette circa 1973
Bill and I served together in Vietnam in the Scout Platoon with A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav
His big-block 427 'Vette was named "RatPack," the nickname of our Scout Platoon

Ratpack Patch
Scout Platoon "Ratpack" Patch -- 1969-1970
Courtesy of Walter Adams, Scout C.E.


Roger Young -- Edwards & Young Racing



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Local Tracks:

Bremerton Raceway
Phone: (360) 674-2280

Mission Raceway Park's Website
Elevation: 24 feet

Pacific Raceways
[Formerly S.I.R]
Elevation: 280 feet
Phone: (253) 639-5927


NHRA Online

NHRA Division 6's Home Page

Complete Listing of NHRA Division 6 Member Tracks

Rich Carlson
Div. 6 Photographer

Favorite Links:

Basics of Drag Racing: E.T. Racing Explained - NHRA

Joint Venture Racing
by Jim & Ryan Warter

Speed Zone Magazine.com

Test and Tune.com

Competition Plus.com

1970s Hemi Pro Stock Cars by prostockhemi.com

Drag Racing Online

Bracket Racing Northwest

BNB Racing by Butch Moffatt





Articles of Interest

Relocated to our blog here on January 12, 2012. Updated several times a week during the racing season!





Edwards & Young Videos on YouTube
©Edwards & Young Racing


NHRA Division Six 2011 Team Finals - Boise, Idaho - Posted 6 September 2011

Jeff & Tom Warnke's '69 Nova by Edwards & Young Racing - Posted 2 July 2011

'Start Me Up' by Edwards & Young - Posted 9 June 2011

Burnouts at Pacific Raceways - Posted 17 May 2011


'57 at Pacific Raceways on August 17, 2008 - Posted 15 Apr 09

Torri's '66 Pontiac Tempest driven by Paul at Pacific Raceways on August 16, 2008 - Posted 15 Apr 09

Edwards & Young Windows Media Player clip - Posted 15 Apr 09. Photos taken from Mission, PR (SIR) & Bremerton.

'57 at Pacific Raceways - 31 May 2008 - This was taken at Pacific Raceways in May 2008. This was my first time out in 2008 and I did NOT intend to deep stage! Thank goodness it was only a time run!

'66 Tempest at Pacific Raceways Sportsman Nationals - 16 Aug 2008 - Paul beating the dragster in Torri's Tempest!

'57 Personal Record Run at Mission - 19 Jun 1999 - 10.545 @ 126.84 MPH - Fresh 331 & new slicks!

'71 Chevelle at Bremerton - 25 Apr 2009 - 10.308 @ 127.49 MPH - Fresh 406 & new slicks! - Chris Young behind the wheel !

'71 Chevelle at Pacific Raceways - 9 May 2009 - 10.446 @ 125.37 MPH

Jeff & Tom Warnke's '69 Nova at Pacific Raceways - 9 May 2009

Considering using radial slicks? You might want to discuss this with Jeff & Tom Warnke. Their hard-charging Nova usually runs 10.28-10.30's @ 128 MPH. Here with their new radial slicks the car buzzes the tires on the starting line and Jeff has to pedal the car.

UPDATE: The Warnke's increased the tire pressure the next weekend and the new radials responded very well !

'71 Chevelle at Pacific Raceways - 30 May 2009 - 10.480 @ 125.81 MPH

'66 Tempest at Pacific Raceways - 13 June 2009 - 12.67 @ 105.45 MPH - Torri driving

Jeff & Tom Warnke's '69 Nova at Pacific Raceways - 21 August 2009 - 10.189 @ 128.01 MPH

This is the same '69 Nova with the very same radial slicks of the video taken on May 9th, 2009 above. An increase in tire pressure and an adjustment in the CalTracs rear suspension brought these impressive results!!! Congratulations Jeff & Tom, this is for you !

Here's a picture of their Nova taken at the Pink's All Out a week earlier at Pacific Raceways:

Warnke's Nova standing up at <i>Pinks All Out</i><
Wheelie bars will be installed for 2010 !

'71 Chevelle at Pacific Raceways on August 21st, 2009

We ran a 10.37 @ 126.61 MPH on this time run, and broke the reverse band after the launch requiring a transmission change to continue racing on Aug 22nd at the Pacific Sportsman Nationals at Pacific Raceways. Our thanks to Jeff & Tom Warnke who helped pull the broken unit from the car, and thanks to Kirk Hobson who drove Chris back to our garage to pick up the spare transmission so we could continue racing on Saturday! The new transmission ran a 10.35 the next morning, a new E.T. record for us at Pacific.

FEATURED VIDEO: '57 at Mission, BC, 2003 - Langley Loafers race

Professional video taken by Larry Pfister of Horsepower Heaven for us at Mission, B.C. in 2003 at the Langley Loafers race.

We were in "Street Classic" at this event and this video will show you how chassis adjustments alone can pick up your car. We rattled the tires in the first run and only recorded a 10.93. We had to increase the front suspension travel, raise the wheelie bars and lower the launch RPMs.

On the 2nd qualifying run, you'll see the car was pulling to the right and we adjusted the ladder bar preload following that run to make it go straight down the track.

By the opening round on Sunday we ran a 10.78 on a 10.78 but unfortunately, I left the starting line a bit early!

This Horsepower Heaven video was paid for by us, Edwards & Young Racing, which we want to share with our viewers!


Note: This was with the 50132 Lunati cam and Hoosier slicks. It was a difficult combination to hook up!


'57 at Pacific Raceways on May 8th, 2010. 10.602 @ 125.90 MPH. Density altitude: 793 feet.

Pam took this video of our '57 on a 10.60 pass on 8 May 2010 at Pacific Raceways for all of us! This is our quickest run to date with the '57 at Pacific, our second-quickest pass for the '57 in its history thus far.


Fresh 331 in our '57
Fresh 331 in our '57


Top Sportman at Pacific Raceways on May 15th, 2010

Here's a video Paul took of Barry Hobson (far lane) & Joe Loch [near lane] on a qualifying hit. Hobson runs a 705 Sonny Leonard engine in his GrandAm. Loch runs a 800+ Sonny Leonard wedge in his Cavalier - both normally aspirated.


'57 Chev at Pacific Raceways on July 17th, 2010

'71 Chevelle at Pacific Raceways on July 24th, 2010

In the 2nd round against a dragster Chris recorded a 10.483 @ 126.10 MPH on a 10.47 dial with a solid .024 reaction time. The dragster broke out by .022 running a 8.448 on a 8.47 dial to give Chris the win light!


Click here to go to our YouTube page!





Edwards & Young
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Chassis Engineering

Much of the rear suspension in our '57 was provided by Chassis Engineering including
ladder bars, rear-end housing, coil-over shocks and springs, shock mounts, wheelie bars, etc.


Liberty Gears

Liberty services our shift rings and provides new sliders for our 5-speed!


Manley Performance Products, Inc.


MSD Ignition Performance Products

The undisputed leader in high-performance ignition products!


ProSystems Carburetors
Provided our 1100 Dominator for our 406!


Ram Clutches

Of all the clutches we have used over the years, Ram, by far,
has been the most consistent and longest lasting!

See their website for tech notes, catalog, and part numbers!
Visit Ram Clutch University


Shafiroff Racing Engines
Our sincere thanks for their help and assistance with our 406!
They assembled the short-block less cam


Stahl Headers

Quality in workmanship!


Strange Engineering

35-spline axles, 9" nodule center & spool used in our '57


Summers Brothers Racing Products

35 spline spool, axles and C-clip eliminator used in our Chevelle


TCI Converters

We've had excellent service and support from TCI® with their converters in our Chevelle, Pontiac & tow truck!


Village Transmission

Built a very reliable TH-400 for our '71 Chevelle





Edwards & Young Early Years Photos
©Edwards & Young Racing

Chris at 21 months
Chris Young at 21 months inspecting our 292 (283 +.060") - Dec '73


Bremerton 1983
Bremerton 1983. Chris 11 years-old on fender, Paul holding valve cover, 8-1/2 years-old.
We were Rafferty & Young in those years, with the 4-speed and Pontiac rearend.
Back then car was ground towed with tow hubs and tow bar.


Bremerton 1983
Bremerton 1983 with both our cars in the staging lanes. '57 was running in the 11's, Chevelle in the low 13's
as a street-strip ride. Tom Edwards in the foreground near his Chevelle. .


7-Up Willys at SIR
I loved this Super Comp Willys taken in the early 80's at SIR!

'57 at Mission in the 70's
Taken at the original Mission Raceways in the early 70's when Dan Rafferty was my partner.
We ground-towed back then! UGH!





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