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Guest Book

A guest book for Spurs, family members and friends. If you have just recently found us and served with the Spurs, I recommend you check in with Charles Stutzman, Spur 13,  our Membership Committee Chair to be included on our Spur e-mail newsletters and roster at:



Roger “Bear” Young – Spur Scout C.E. & Webmaster

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1st Guest Book to 9 Jun 2010

2nd Guest Book from 9 Jun 2010 – 17 Jun 2011

45 Responses to Guest Book

  1. avatar Arthur C. Bonevich 1970 says:

    What is the status of the OH-6 Tee-Shirts.
    Artie, Scout’s Out

  2. avatar John Brennan says:

    Gentlemen of A Troop 3/17 Cav,

    My name is John Brennan, and I am the author of, “U.S. Army Helicopter Names In Vietnam” book from Hellgate Press. The listed price is $31.95, however, you may obtain a signed copy for $29.95, shipping included, by sending a check or money order to: John Brennan, 17355 Via Annette, San Lorenzo, CA 94580

    P.S. Listed in the book are 35 copter names attributed to A/3/17
    P.P.S You are welcome to preview the first 20 pages by accessing the publisher’s website at http://www.hellgatepress.com and clicking on the .pdf hyperlink

    Just a reminder, this is a two book series, this first one lists all of the named Army helos in Nam. The next one will feature beautiful nose art mostly, and several dozen anecdotes. They are a tandem set that go hand-in-hand and compliment each other.

  3. avatar Michael Prochnow says:

    C Trp 3/17 1968-69 Rilfe Platoon

  4. avatar Ray Wilton says:

    I am looking for anyone that was in B-Troop 3/17th from July 1970 -- Sep 1971 -- also anyone that was in Headquarters Troop during that same period.
    I walked point in the rifle platoon and later became the Legal Clerk for Headquarters Platoon.

  5. avatar Glen Neal says:

    Just earlier this year one of your members Randall Dalton “Specialist Four”
    Army of the United States
    07 December 1950 -- 24 July 1971
    Collinsville, IL
    Panel 03W Line 113 ”
    was finally repatriated here in Collinsville Illinois. After being missing for so many years.
    Here is one of our local articles>> http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/illinois/article_9513a77e-aec3-52ee-b3a1-2427eb3a5eb2.html

    Here is an obituary page> http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/stltoday/guestbook.aspx?n=randall-dalton&pid=152626241

    God Bless

  6. avatar Arthur C. Bonevich says:

    I like what you have done with the web-site. Look’s Great.
    Artie, Scout’s Out
    Scout Plt Sgt. 1970 Di An.

  7. avatar Arthur C. Bonevich says:

    Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year to everyone of you.
    C & A Trp 3/17 Air Cav, Di An 1969/70
    Charliehorse & Silverspur Scout’s.

    • avatar larry pudney says:

      Arthur, i was in Dian 68- June 69 Scouts A troop 3rd 17th, came over with the 575th TC Det. as a wrench turner, went into Scouts as observer/crewchief maybe #642 LOACH, memory has C.R.S.

  8. avatar Mike (mouse1) Burgess says:

    Welcome home all Cav. members I was stationed with HHT. 1971-72. Was radio mechanic. Planning on attending reuion 2012.

  9. avatar Edward T. Glatz says:

    I was a UH-1H crew chief at LAI-KHE in 1971, A CAV 3/17 SILVER SPUR.

  10. avatar Arthur Velasquez says:

    I went to Ft Knox Ky in 1967 and Nam with HHB 3/17 on the USS Walker I was a cook in Headquaters Troop

  11. avatar Arthur Velasquez says:

    I work as a head hunter for a aviation staffing company right now I am looking for sheetmetal fabricators for Sikorsky Helicopters anybody out there looking for a job

  12. avatar SP5 James E. Armstrong, says:

    I was the aircraft powertran reparman 71-72 until we retired the colors. Then I was reassigined to B Troop until we moved to Hawaii and B and D Troops became 3/4 Air Cavalry.

  13. avatar Glenn Knight says:

    I was with B Troop 3/17 71-72. I was at Phu Loi worked out of Tay Nhin in to Cambodia on Pink Team. I was Crewchief on 66-16041. She is now on a stick in Michigan at a National Guard post. I left when B Troop stood down and went to Hawaii. There I got Lucky and hooked up with 68th Med. Det. Great Duty. ” Just Too Many Parties” One thing that stuck with me is Sargent Nelson in Nam. I think every time he past me it was ” Keep On Smilling Knight Wars Hell!” The little things I remember. The names are gone but the faces are still famillar. Bad case of CRS. Anyway Guys Welcome Home and Keep On Smilling. SP.4 Knight.

  14. avatar robert meister says:

    I have lost my old email addy. May I please be aded back to the email list. Thank you Clayton Marsh

  15. avatar Jonny Fair says:

    As a former soldier I served in D Troop, 3/17 Air Cav. I was a Blue Tiger, not a Spur, but I remember when C Company 110 Aviation was reorganized as A Troop 3/17 (early 2005). As a civillian I find it challenging to meet people that understand the way of life. I cling dearly to the Brothers that I’ve kept in touch with, especialy the ones I served with in Iraq (Nov 2003 -- Dec 2004). This site has been a breath of fresh air and has brought back many memories for me. Maybe a different generation, but every bit as real. Thanks, Bear, for doing what you do, and keep up the awesome job! OUT FRONT!!

    • avatar Bear says:

      Jonny, thanks for the post and for serving our country!! Makes no difference when we served, we are all Cav Troopers and Brothers.

      Spread the word to all your 3-17th buddies, you are ALL invited to our Spur reunions. Next one should be in 2014 and hopefully we can hook up with the 3-17th in Savannah if deployment schedules work out.

      OUT FRONT!

  16. avatar JOSHUA BURCH says:


  17. avatar Michael Wade Wright says:

    What a great web site. Friend of mine is at the VHPA convention in New Orleans and told me about this site. I was with A Troop 3/17 for a short time in 71-72. In the scout platoon for an even shorter period of time. The “class of 71” photo album was excellent, and brought back memories I haven’t thought of in years. What an honor for me to have been in the company of such men, if only for a brief time. Thank you for all the work that was put into this.
    Kind regards,

  18. avatar vince carlo says:

    I served with A troop 3/17th aircav form 14may71-till 10-71…(I think…old timers disease) from Quan-Loi to Lai-Khe.flew as a UH1H crewchief Hunter-Killer.worked An-Loc…Tay Ninh…Parrorts Beak..she stood down….sent me to DaNang……became permanent bunker guard last two months in country……loved the mad minutes tho’….vince carlo

    • avatar Allan La Grange says:


      Welcome Home!! Hope to see you at our next reunion.
      Al La Grange, Rifles Squad Leader, 1968 -- 1970

  19. avatar wayne jennings says:


    • avatar Allan La Grange says:

      Wayne, Glad to hear from you.. Hope you will attend our next reunion in April 2014. Please check in with membership committee, Charles Stutzman. If you have contact with any other Spurs please tell them to contact Charles and start planning for the next reunion. Welcome Home!! Al La Grange, Rifles Squad Leader, 68-70

    • avatar Bear says:


      It has been many years since we last talked. Glad you found us and hope you are doing well !

    • avatar Charles Stutzman says:


      Thanks for your Service,

      Charles Stutzman
      Silver Spur 13
      Class of ’69

  20. avatar Bill Skelton says:

    This is one great web site it will take a while to go through it all

  21. avatar Allan La Grange says:

    Bill, Sorry I took so long to say welcome home !! Please contact Charles Stutzman to get on our e mail list. Our next reunion is comming up in April 2014. Hope you will come and please if you have contact with other Spurs let them know and have them tell their contacts. All the contact links on this site are still active… Welcome Home !!
    Al La Grange , Rifles Squad Leader, 68-70

  22. avatar James D. Taylor says:

    Told about this website today. God Bless you guys and thank you for your service to our country. Thank you Steve Teddy.
    I had a good friend named,”Ozro Stutzman,” he is now deceased, however he did have two sons. I do not know if they were a part of your great outfit.

  23. avatar Alexandere Moore says:

    Looking for any one who was with C Troop 3/17 out from Knox specially aero scouts

    Thank You

  24. avatar Guy Musice says:

    I was at the Nashville reunion. It was hard on me not seeing anyone from the ARPs there.
    All I heard was how the pilots and their crew won the war. I didn’t hear anything about what the ARPs did. It was like we wasn’t there. That’s the big reason I haven’t been to another reunion. Its rough not being remembered.

    • avatar Roger says:

      Guy, Al LaGrange was there that served with the Aero-Rifle platoon, I missed that reunion and apologize for so much focus on the Scouts. I’ve attempted to include the ARPs in our videos throughout the years, you were all a VERY IMPORTANT part of the Spurs! And many from the Rifle Platoon served as Scout Observers and Door Gunners throughout the years, not to mention getting us out of very tough situations when our air crews were shot down.

      Please also scroll down to the bottom of this page, there are photos dedicated to our Silver Spur ARPs. I’ve also sent your valuable feedback to our current Spur Reunion Committee for review.



  25. avatar Dan Rhodes says:


  26. avatar Otis Louther Southerland says:

    a troop 3/17 cav scout plt crew chief oh.58 69-70 quan loi taile no 103 pure hell

    • avatar Otis Louther Southerland says:

      scout plt quan loi 69-70 lost photo alumn cooming im on my last days would like to faiallnde something for me and my family tail no 103 pure hell loved my job god bless all of you

  27. avatar Julio Mojica says:

    Good to see Guy Musice’s name, I tried to get in touch with him a while back thru FB but never got a reply. I was the original medic for A troop 3/71 67 to 68.

    I’m still in touch with some of the original “Air Devils” but would like to hear from others, scouts, door gunners. I will try to make the next reunion.

  28. avatar Arthur C. Bonevich says:

    Dec 22 2017…On Board checking out the site. As always, Lookin’ Good.
    Artie, Scout’s Out……..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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